Carey, Mariah - Save The Day Lyrics

Forty days and forty dreams
Darkened visions, incline the reason
Philosophy cannot soothe your soul
But in the mirror the truth will be known
I will show you your fears
Just look in the mirror
You can conquer your fears
Look in deep
See unobtrusive, through the lies
No longer afraid, afraid to die

Standing alone
And on the day after
All hell breaks loose
The battle will be fought
With stick and stone
The beast has our backs
Against the wall
And the power to devour
One and all

Save The Day
Save The Day
Save The Day

Bring a day of reckoning
The bowels of the Earth
Spit up the flame and fire
To burn away every foul and evil thing
No path will be left for
The heartless liar
Who will be left to claim
This land and to be king

Save The Day
Save The Day
Save The Day

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Carey, Mariah Save The Day Comments
  1. Sou uma Bruxa

    The queen😍😍

  2. Robert W.

    Look at those fake plastic tits...hahahaha

  3. Daphney Cortez

    Who's the guy?

    Надежда Голубева

    Trey Lorenz?

  4. Pavel Benš

    This is everything ❤️

  5. Brandon Pia Bibat

    Shes really amazing

  6. Sina Maluleka

    Love u mariah😘

  7. Metro424

    Mariah does such a beautiful job with this classic.

  8. guima freita

    Nesse dia mariah arrazou cantou demais.

  9. reymond siahaan

    She force and sacrifice her voice to give outstanding performance. Bless u mimi

  10. Robert Nuyda Jr.

    So in love with their voices 😍😍😍

  11. Rafael Cavalcanti

    Mariah eterna musa

  12. Joy

    Pity Trey Lorenz never got big. He’s voice is smooth as butter

  13. Michael D. Williams III

    Timeless song.....💫🎧👏🏾 A great duet and lovely live performance you go Mariah & Trey!

  14. i hate trump

    Sounds so different from when theyre young

  15. Jucileide Marinho


  16. michael mkhize

    Loving her always 2019 🤸🤸🤸

  17. ★ShiningStarz★

    WHEW that growl at 2:04 almost knocked me right tf out 😍

  18. DLY

    damn the vocal abuse and nodules destroyed her ability to belt out high notes and it always end up off tune or crack. compare this with the 1995 madison garden version, in just a span of 10 years her vocals deteriorated so much.


    The nodules aint her fault. Her vocal abuse is.

  19. Family Bloopers

    Their friendship is forever, I am sure.

  20. Luong Tran Duc

    She sings "Just call my name" instead of "whenever you need me" as the way to remind people that she is a forgettable person 😂

  21. Rio Gon

    She’s Perfect!!!✨

  22. dawgie3000

    i love how he had to sing her back for a second... so much stage presence

  23. Nemo and his lucky fin

    R.I.P to The King Michael Jackson.

  24. Daniel Willian

    Essa batalha de melismas e apogiatura no fim da canção é o melhor kkk ❤❤❤❤

  25. Thunder Mendoza

    Im from in phillipines is more good artist.but mariah carey is goddest of music honestly she very great great great artist

  26. Innocent killer

    i like that

  27. mt4ds

    Trey Lorenz though 👌👌👌

  28. Majee Ty

    I love how Mariah gives spotlight to others. And that's how she truly respects someone who is a true singer. She never outshines them. I will always adore her.

  29. Katheryne Vega

    MY D I V A

  30. Wadjet

    *she sang the shyt outta this song*

    Vincent L'heureux

    yeah she killed it! A-mazing!


    @Vincent L'heureux *yes!😍*

  31. Luther P. Smith Jr.

    Trey Lorenz is my cousin on my Dad's side of the family the late Luther P. Smith Senior of Florence, SC born 1920 homecoming 2005 Buffalo , N.Y.

  32. Veronica Martinez

    Me encanta ,mi favorita👌🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  33. LOVEEN Azadi


  34. Jaky Brown

    Just call my name and I'll be there

  35. jiezel91

    Am I the only one who hear the magnificent Rainbowriah tone here? I mean, this sounds like Rainbowriah and Charmbraceletriah combined. Love it 😍

    mauro gentile

    jiezel91 too light for Rainbow and too raspy for Charmbracelet. This is her ultimate 2005 tone

  36. Octavio Zaracho

    Queen of saving the music!! 👑

  37. Paul Sarmiento

    Trey Lorenz very underatted a great vocalist.

  38. 7422

    Mariah shes so fuckin h0t!!!

  39. Tri - SS

    living for the growl

  40. Kenneth Sebastian

    Mariah Tokyo Dome concert 1996 is all the way better than Ariana whole career.

  41. christal cephas

    He s is underrated

  42. Kristie Nelson

    Maybe Ariana needs a few lessons from Mariah the queen of divas. Right Karen?

  43. Kristie Nelson

    I agree with Karen Smith, Mariah is way better than Ariana, for reasons you can't argue.

  44. J Carey


  45. Juan Angelo A. Gambayan

    May 2018 anyone? God how I miss this era of good music. <3

  46. andersonsantos dosanjos

    Very good

  47. James Zapanta

    Its 2018 and still watching this amazing performance ✨

  48. minhhoang pham

    This is the best performance of this song even though she dodged those F5

  49. miguel telmo

    Her voice was on fire

  50. hôli rôly

    Mariah voice is a gift. Omg

  51. sean jun

    She is not a human! 😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Fabiano Dias

    Brasil 2018



  54. Christian Castro


  55. roberto almanza

    She predicted... SAVE THE MUSIC lol, Amazing performance

  56. Lil Homie

    Mariah and Trey make a great duet!!! 😍

  57. MCneelified06

    "So glad, Trey" whisper ad lib at 2:30 is lowkey the best vocal moment of the whole event.

  58. Jon Adol

    Imagine if she performed Make It Happen that night 😭 I wish she did!

  59. Natasha pretty Anderson

    Love this song

  60. Randy R

    A fantastic cover of a Michael Jackson classic. Watching or hearing both versions leads me to tears. I have changed the lyrics. Since my dad died in 2014, many songs have changed meanings. It is a song from my Higher Power to myself.


    She's the best in the world.

  62. Meryan Meryan

    Hermosa canción interpretada por Marya

  63. P R

    Mariah needs to do another long tour tbh. Charmbracelet tour was her longest and her vocals got really strong


    With what vocals? Her voice is damaged

    P R

    we can clearly see you never saw a performance  of the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour.  Sit your delusional ass down, when you clearly don't know what you are talking about


    Ummm ok.

  64. P R

    her vocals were on fire that night

  65. Teofil sambas

    so beautiful

  66. encaos

    4:17 those low notes tho

  67. Marc Lee

    The best live of this song since 2000

  68. Michael McNamara

    I mean, this crowd LOVED MARIAH that night! Almost every move, note, and gesture erupted in random screams esp when she came out with john legend. lol This was def her night. And I enjoyed it immensely.

  69. Teresa Osorio

    Belíssimo voz divina tb adorei bjsss. 😘🐬🌸💞🎶🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  70. Omar Martinez

    l love her voice.

  71. Jerome Saura

    Best singer ever! no one can compare mariah! no one!

  72. Fernando Menezes

    Such amazing voices have Mariah And Tray wow wow wow Such a bless to our hears ....❤🇱🇷👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  73. alex

    I love mariah !!

  74. Shogun

    you could say that 2005 was her 2nd prime

    Jace Freeney

    Shogun she lost her voice in 2006


    2nd prime career wise , but her 2nd prime vocally was 2003/2004


    @Jace Freeney Not necessarily 'lost' , but grew to become more and more inconsistent. Her vocals were really great in 2009/2010 , 2013, late 2014 - early 2015

  75. Laki Laki

    God bless you Mariah

  76. Nic Nac

    I love this performance & he can still hit that high note,amazing.

  77. Ashley K

    Trey is amazing

  78. Victoria Baines

    Ah that tone!

  79. Butterfly97 Carey


  80. Umairah diyaanah Evan

    i love mariah tooo but i very love michael so much

  81. cutenessicat

    love you Maraiah ♥︎︎ you my viva !!

  82. willdafoe

    Mariah was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. John Ashley Cea

    The Real definition of DIVA. "Incomparable". Music + God-given talent + Spirit + beauty = MC.

  84. CassieJazz96

    Tre was looking GOOD here!

  85. jamesontse

    You and I must make a pie..??

    Namusisi Hamidah

    pact not pie


    It's toss up between Mtv Unplugged and this


    And after 4 years she is singing this full of sadness. R.I.P Michael Jackson. great performance thoo.

  88. Deliana Alan


  89. Nilxa Lugos

    "l'll be Thereeeeee

  90. Bernt Inge Laupstad

    Amazing song and musican`s...."I`ll Be There For You"... You are a great singer....Great moment inmy life, the first time I heard this song....

  91. cinkey8

    i love 4:00 juuuusst!

  92. Timothy Daniel

    she was feeling her oats that night. lol

  93. Elcharmz You


  94. zenric44

    all seeing eye stage......3:36

  95. alexandre bezerra

    2016 quem rs

  96. Minnom C*

    2:03 💓 2:55 😍Wow ..Highlight

  97. Eleonorapeixoto Teixeira