Carey, Mariah - Never Too Far / Hero Medley Lyrics

You're with me
Till the bitter end
What we had transcends
This experience
Too painful to
Talk about
So I'll hold it in
Till my heart can mend
And be brave enough
To love again

A place in time
Still belongs to us
Stays reserved in my mind
In the memories there is solace

Oh, never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
Cause I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
Though we can never be
I'll keep you close to me
Always remember

(You're never too far away)

There's a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are
And There's an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away, yes

And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
Cause you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

See lord knows (lord knows)
Dreams are hard to follow
But don't you let anyone
Tear them away
(You've got to, you've got to)
(You've got to, you've got to)
You've got to hold on
And there will be tomorrow
And in time you'll find the way
(You'll find the way)
Then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And then you cast your fears aside
Because you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And then you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

That a hero lies in you

Nobody can take your place (ah)
Never too far

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Carey, Mariah Never Too Far / Hero Medley Comments
  1. MemberOfTheLambily

    This sounds so similar to glitter soundtrack

  2. Tulus Pardamean Nababan

    Along with If It's Over in Grammy 1992, this is the most flawless vocal performance ever.

  3. Thundr Wolf

    Still crying, I mean listening, to this in 2020. This was the best version of this song.

  4. Syafiqah Jacchim

    Even her speaking voice is impeccable..So soothing

  5. Edward Lee

    This was a moment where she got so much bad publicity and I think she really needed the songs to carry her in those times.

  6. Farhan Basarah

    The best whistle ever

  7. prettysweettraveller

    She is so creative of what she has composed and performed.

  8. cluelesscheese1

    The acoustics here are better than the movie. Dont hear the air on her low notes.

  9. Chris McCormick

    Is this the best vocal performance of all time?

  10. Vavilona Amaya

    Should I ever wonder why she's called Songbird Supreme, after hearing those chest belts and whistle tones?

  11. ilokAna Ms.AnonymOus

    Professional ....😍😍😍

  12. Gary Manuel

    3:42 THAT HAIR FLIP, she knew she was about to kill it 😂

  13. Kenneth Dimaano

    Your idol would never.

  14. Ismael Angue

    We can hear the tone of daydream era on hero😭♥️

  15. Mariah Carey

    2nd Prime end of the year of 2001 2002-2003 Charmbracelet era.

  16. Jerome Saura

    Labyuuu queen mc

  17. Rosany Baker

    This lady is everything, unbelievable! The greatest voice of all times.

  18. i am wonderstruck

    I hope people stop saying she lip sync.. like duh

  19. MR ARV

    There's a lot of people can sing and whistle, but only MARIAH CAREY can sound so good on low, middle, high, whistle, whisper! On all her range!! I have no idea why she's so perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Vinz Mumar

    This is one I say of her magical performance

  21. Family Bloopers

    This performance slays ALL other singers present past future, 😁

  22. Dante E

    I cried so much all through out this brilliant authentic performance.

  23. Brandon Pia Bibat

    The transition is heavenly been watching this since then until now when im feeling low

  24. Lobo Lobo

    Note was so high my phone cracked

  25. A lexa Mcbride

    At 3:43 can someone tell me if they are whistle notes?

    she'll never be mc

    they are

  26. John Martin Dizon

    Such a beautiful voice...A real God-given talent.. Blessed Mariah Carey 😊

  27. fernando meliani

    Hero sounds so good in this key

  28. Matt Keys

    I musta given 100k views to this video so far. I C O N I C ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #L4L

  29. joey thefoxs

    I will always love her. Even though I have witnessed, maybe not her best times, but Damn! It’s a privilege still to be able to hear her angelic voice. ❤️

  30. Sam T.

    Wow. Just wow.

  31. Eric Tandog

    5 years ago i listened to this version. till now, am still listening to it and it just never gets old!!!!

  32. tremble

    No one has ever been able to sing like that.

  33. Matt Keys

    3.42 I love her face when she puts her finger in her ear, like saying "Bitch, I'm gonna slay this whistle" QUEEEEEEN!!!!! 😍👸👑

  34. Norielle Serrano


  35. Sophia Fantage

    What an amazing performance. It makes me so sad knowing that she will probably never sing like this again. Age and years and years of vocal exhaustion will undoubtedly change and potentially damage the voice forever. I have the utmost admiration for her and am so glad that she still continues to sing today, even though I believe she should touch up w a vocal coach and rest her voice a lot more so she can come back as strong as she potentially can. Even if she’ll never sing like this again, we have this legendary performance of hers to listen to forever.

  36. Jason Francisco Joven

    I love the way she sings the low note in 3:38, then jump to whistle Register.

  37. dani yau santos

    Amazing ! The best live ever

  38. Kis.

    She was lip syncing the chorus in the recent concerts. Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming her. The chorus for me just not like a human sound, it was way too beautiful.

  39. Drew Fontenot

    Whilst transitioning songs, whilst in whistle mode and vocalizing, not singing the melody but singing a HARMONY to the new build up of the new song while STILL staying in key!? #Icon

  40. Agustri Cahyadi

    I love u 3000😊😊😊

  41. Marvin Newbill

    Simply My Girl Mariah!
    Never too far away

  42. Jonathan Bernal

    🗣 “Never Too Far” in Whistle Register ❤️

  43. Seth Jacobs

    Anyone who gives this a thumbs down clearly has zero talent themselves

  44. L T

    Wao Wao Wao 😭😭😍

  45. Ecirroh

    This tone, to me, was the best of any era! It was so rich, creamy, smooth and warm! She was still bright and light with the belts but sounded so full and resonant. Her transitions were so connected and seamless. The whispers were silky, the whistles were ethereal. The low notes were great, the mid belts were strong!

  46. Leonardo Guedes

    2:54 😍😍

  47. Haseeb Hassan

    One of the best performances ever in life 👌🏼

  48. vin91100

    Her speaking voice could narrate my life.

  49. Hannah

    She was made for R&B

  50. joel prince

    What era is this

  51. MimiLamb4life MariahtheQueen

    Mariah Angel. Love you ,best vocalist of all Times . One of your LAMB from Italy,Rome

  52. tofu sanjaya

    the most amazing voice ever

  53. TJ Tolentino

    Her vocal chords was handmade by God!

  54. ณธกฤษ จําปาทิพธ์


  55. James Read

    Her voice is an instrument. The fluidity of the transitions is incredible.

  56. Bato Bato

    Extraordinary voice 😍👌🏻

  57. Harith Hatta

    0:18 when she shows her palm like that, its a sign that she's feelin it and gonna slay the entire human existence

  58. YaphetS

    this video shouldve get at least mil views holyfuck

  59. TJ Tolentino

    Good vocal day for Mariah

  60. Bravo J

    I hope when Mariah is gone.. This is the Mariah that goes down in history. When they discuss the best vocalists of all time. This is Mariah at her best!!! Breathtaking, brilliant, astonishing vocals!!! Her voice is TRULY one in a million! Her toooone omg so indescribable! A VERY RARE AND ANOINTED GIFT FROM GOD!

    James Read

    Bravo J her voice isn’t one in a million, it’s one in six BILLION. It’s utterly unique.

    Jerrold Simson

    every album of her should go number 1 and songs should go number 1 also

  61. Aaron Culp

    i have chills EVERYWHERE

  62. Dante E

    At 1:50 you can tell she was holding back so many tears thats what make that high note so astonishing

  63. Erwan Brin

    My second favourite performance of Mariah. Ever.

  64. Jixster H

    Wow this song gives you goose bumps it’s so touching

  65. Bubba Niedermann

    I like this then daydream

  66. yoshua bryan

    how to make mariah's tone beautiful and perfect: super rest and no alcohol... and there u go the legendary lyric colatura- soprano singing like an angel blessing the earth with somuch ease and relaxing face.

  67. Cairen Ciasico

    Love it

  68. Vanilla Overdose

    Did she lip the whistle in 1:55 cause she didnt sing but a whistle came out then she sang the second one

  69. Me Tonton

    Absolutely amazing and powerful vocals! 👍

  70. Tomislav Trtica

    That's so nice what she did there . Putting kids first for wellbeing of their future !

  71. Alejandro Briglia

    genial Mariah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muchas gracias!

  72. Jixster H

    3:44 actually

  73. Jixster H

    3:34 is like an angel

  74. Whitney Rainha

    Soft and Wonderful😍💖

  75. Jixster H

    whistle note legend ahahah

  76. The Random

    The Reactions from the Children are Priceless. 😍

  77. Fabrício Oliveira

    The greatest!!!!!

  78. Omar Hawari

    1:52 I teared up. That was so heart warming.

  79. triumphant9

    omg I prefer this hero belting

  80. Whitney Rainha

    Soft and wonderful😍💖

  81. Louie vincent

    She did that ❤️

  82. josharyono


  83. Zaldy San Pedro

    No one ever came close to the artistry of Mariah! #Legendary

  84. Arnie Zacarias

    Currently Number 1 album here in the philippines :)

  85. tremaine861

    I can hear God

  86. Andrew Garfield


  87. Andrew Garfield

    100% live! Such a pure and amazing performance. She really is untouchable

  88. Daniel Willian

    03:41 beautyfull Whistles 😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  89. Daniel Willian

    I love this performance

  90. Muhd Daniel Rizki

    18 people dislike really have an earring problem

  91. bread Jinie

    2:03 the colour of her voice is unbelievable!

  92. Songbird Supreme


  93. Songbird Supreme

    #GoddessMariah <3

  94. Songbird Supreme


  95. Songbird Supreme


  96. Songbird Supreme

    Cute, Airy

  97. Songbird Supreme

    3:43 What a blissful whistle

  98. Po dra

    such a legendary performance ugh