Carey, Mariah - Long Ago Lyrics

Once upon a time you whispered softly in my ear
Loving words and fairy tales that I longed to hear
I gave you my body and soul and you took control
As you slowly swept me up and carried me away

You told me pretty lies
As I held onto you tight
You knew how to get your way
Ignorance was bliss in your warm embrace

Long ago
You used to want me
Now it's all so far away
But you still haunt me
And take me back to yesterday

Every now and then I drown in thoughts of yesterday
And the fool's paradise that you blew away
I feel you beside me again and remember when
You came to my window on a dark and stormy day

Baby I need you now
'Cause tonight I'm crumbling down
Sinking in the memories
Shadows of you keep washing over me

[Chorus 2x]

Baby I need you now
'Cause tonight I'm crumbling down
Sinking in the memories
Shadows of you keep washing over me


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Carey, Mariah Long Ago Comments
  1. Baby Face

    Yeah!!! My Favorite Song ❤

  2. Shane Inkster

    Who will hear this in 2020?

  3. Shane Inkster

    Love that bass guitar


    First time hearing this in 2019

  5. Love Me Some Soul

    Yaaasss Dahling💯✨✨🦋

  6. Nykole Jenkins

    My favorite track on this whole album💗💗💗

  7. Truth Hurts

    Luvs Me some Mariah💜❤❤💜🌹🌹💞💓💕

  8. erick ruiz

    Definitely didn’t get the praise it deserved🔥🔥🤯... #Day1Lamb til FOREVER😍😍😍

  9. Gilbert kipkoech

    Long ago you you still want me

  10. justalamb

    This song still holds up to today's music, especially the verse before the chorus, you can still hear songs sounding just like that, queen has been dictating the music industry 20+ years now.

  11. Randon Lambert

    This should've been a single

  12. Green Rocket

    The background music sound so much like The Roof. This is like The Roof + Slipping away 💯💯

  13. Frankie Repalda

    This would have been her 12th #1 single/platinum single

  14. dwight milliner

    I smell Tommy Motolla all over this song.. She dedicated this album to him.. He was too dumb to realize she was actually singing about him.. They divorced not long after this dropped..

    Angel Johnson

    dwight milliner yeah

  15. The Supremes Archive

    Man, Mariah should perform a "Long Ago/The Roof" Medley in her shows!!


    Thats why M.C is one of best legends bc she's able to make 2 different songs but with same vibe

  16. ben curaza

    Back in the Day in the Beginning I became an INSTANT FAN CRAVING for ANYTHING ICON LIVING LEGEND that I Personally Discovered M’s HIDDEN GEMS called the B-Side. Before there was Lambily, you know who WE are

  17. stanley Uris

    Reminds me of Brandy's baby

    Angel Johnson

    sugey gonzalez baby baby baby baby dont you know that you're so fine

  18. bryando

    These days I've listening to this playlist on repeat while working on my graduate thesis, this will remind me of my thesis in the next million years.

  19. Cait Muse

    Anyone else wish she did a song with Michael Jackson, that woulda been lit

  20. Elephant In The Room

    Reminds me of summer days in the mid 90s in elementary school

  21. Cedric 12345

    2019 and still a bop!

  22. songbirdmc

    Underrated gem. I can’t believe some some people don’t like Long Ago. 😔 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Cody Walsh

    Tbh, at first I'd always skip this song but not anymore, absolutely love this song

  23. 한별


  24. LJ !

    Beat is giving me...
    Case Of The Fake People - TLC Legends.
    Daydream = Perfection


    LJ ! Daydream was an excellent album.

    LJ !

    @Pants sure was!

  25. Linh Dan Tran

    Has she ever sung this live?

  26. Chrishawn Mendevans

    i think we can all agree that this song invented bubblegum pop in the 90s

  27. Hashem Haza

    2019 and still fresh

  28. Wes Mitsubishi

    2019 anyone?

  29. Glauber Do Couto Farias

    Esse cd é incrível....

  30. kamaldeen iyanda

    2019 darling !!!

  31. Erica B

    2019 still bopping to this piece of New York!

  32. AngelHeadedHipster MashUpz

    This song has a haunting vibe sonically similar to "The Roof"

  33. Alegriaa

    3:39 tho. Btw Happy new year!


    F#5 I think.

  34. da a

    this jam was ahead of its time. we see a peek of butterfly-ish tone here.



  35. Daphne Mynhardt


  36. tremaine861

    Hater: Mariah always sound the same. Me: Long ago.

    You have a say when you just a No1 singles fan. This Supreme's talent and discography runs deep.

    Cody Walsh

    They always try that shit with the " all her music sounds the same" 🤦 yeah because hero totally sounds like touch my body, this sounds like GTFO, etc...

  37. donya mohammedi

    Oh my, i love singing this song while putting my make up on in the bathroom

  38. Riastrad

    Worst song Mariah ever wrote pre-Butterfly. It just has this desolate sound. That hip hop beat is depressing and was a harbinger of her decline as an artist.


    still outsold your favorite


    i could tell you are a celine fan. please go back to watching your boring adult pop celine dion videos. only time people talk about her is when he husband died. that's what happens when your music is stuck in 1994. celine makes old people music for people over the age of 60. i know you are one of those people.. lol mariah was more smarter than celine and got with the times. get over it.


    @Skeleton I'm not a Celine fan.


    It’s called versatility.

    Cody Walsh

    @Pants exactly.

  39. Ryan Clason

    This album was the pinnacle of her work and success. It was all downhill from here.

    Corey Lawson

    Ryan Clason this is an ABSOLUTE lie. Her ‘97 album Butterfly is considered her magnum opus, and her ‘comeback’ album The Emancipation of Mimi are notable gems, but even still her lowest selling albums are doing better than some of the highest selling albums of today, so this is all the way false 😂


    @Corey Lawson ^^ this. Even her commercial flops are okay albums at worst.


    butterfly was her best album


    Skeleton I loved it too but I would say it’s a toss up between Mariah Carey and Music Box.

  40. PsychicMediumRay

    2018 and still jamming to this! Sony should have released this as a single.

  41. Mariah Carey Fan For Life

    There are so many beautiful song by Mariah that is so underrated and should be #1 including this song #LongAgo #LongAgoMariahCarey #MariahCarey

  42. CyprusHot

    Underrated gem

  43. kiril Veljanoski

    Probably the most underrated song of hers. And when i think those delusional fans opt for other mediocre pisses me off

    Fly Like A Lamb

    Fly like a bird is better

    Mr. Game & Watch

    Fly Like A Lamb

    Mr. Game & Watch

    kiril Veljanoski
    This is my first time listening and I love it

  44. jairo tovah

    I kinda put this up there with "Fourth of July" as being one of her more underrated tracks...

    Juan Castillo

    it's sad because fourth of July is one of the most beautiful songs in her discography

  45. Richie

    ahahhaha those clown rainbow eyebrows ahahahahahahahahahah When she was younger like in this pic i always found that her lower part of ehr face looked like a rabbit!

  46. Lifewiththewild

    Forgot how I love this song until I heard fantasy again. A definite fav song out of daydream it just sounds smooth fine and sexy lol

  47. Christopher

    2018 still listening!!!!

  48. Eduardo Oliveira

    Álbum Do século! <3

  49. m anderson

    who still jamming to this in the new 2018?! am I the only one w/it on repeat?!

    izad Azmi

    m anderson me!!

    FilliLeo 22

    m anderson me too

    Trey B

    You definitely ARE NOT the only one! I've loved this forever! This also has a beat more sexy than any modernized stuff that's come in recent years


    2019!!! 24 years after its release!!! WOW!

    ben curaza

    m anderson Wednesday, May 22nd 2019

  50. Wdalshikh Elgizouli

    Who is passed by. On 2018 crazy song u Mariah Carey

  51. Random Angel

    I forgot about this song but its amazing

  52. Nikol Kara

    Welcome to " Mariah Carey's best sogns that no one knows and each of them have like 5 views" episode 2374 season 27

    Denison Elierico Santos

    Welcome, but if you don't like go cry on your pillow!

    Underneath The Stars

    People are sleeping on her songs that weren't commercially released. They just don't know what they're missing.

    Louka Deshaies

    Denison Elierico Santos That was not a hate comment wtf calm down!

  53. No Thanks

    This is one of the best songs on the Daydream album! It's so underrated.

  54. Cleo Christoforou

    Once apon a time u came along

  55. Enzo

    ignorance was bliss in your warm embrace...

  56. Cleo Christoforou

    once upon a time u came along

    Brown Jawn

    Cleo Christoforou i looove that run

  57. xodiiv

    Wishing she did this song with Aaliyah 😍


    That would have been a hit for sure!

    LJ !

    Definitely has the OIAM vibe, even TLC with CrazySexyCool. But Aaliyah's falsetto with Mariah's low notes and added whistles, on a smooth beat... heaven, heaven.

    LJ !

    Mariah's new album _Caution_ has a track called 8th Grade produced by timbaland the end has a breakdown very reminiscent of '98 Aaliyah and Missy. Aaliyah's influence is very much alive today, both legends. Love being a fan of both 😍😂

    Angel Johnson

    LJ ! Me too

  58. Sandra Stewart


  59. babyface11691

    still in 2017 😍😍😍😍

  60. Soaribb

    That one is about Tommy for sure

    Angel Johnson

    Soaribb i know right

    ani t


  61. Shidoshi Tanaka

    Where can i get the instrumental?

  62. Ian Drews

    Been stuck in my head for the last week!

    moe Shrifeh

    Ian Drews nice to see u here ian , btw why don’t u cover it ? Would like so much to hear it from u 🖤

  63. qbone20

    this song is so dope. im a sucker for a r&b song over a hip hop beat!

    Audri F

    Lambily4Ever I just read this now😂Whatever I subscribed to you as well


    qbone20 Isnt that was r&b is??? a smooth vocal song with hiphop beats

    Ieuan Mae-Rose

    @marykacyy Not really. R&B is the bedroom jams :)

    Brown Jawn

    marykacyy naaahh. There’s a huge difference 😎

    Trichelle Munoz

    @Audri F can't forget Mary J! She's the queen of r&b over hip hop beats

  64. Khadijah Renee

    I gave you my body and soul as you took control. 💕

    Better Late Than Broke

    yes lawd

  65. You know kugan Yeah

    this is my favorite tune of all time. that bass line though.

  66. Brandon S.

    One of her underrated best songs

  67. John F Kennedy

    Without Mariah, you have nothing to fulfill your ears


    There's also Whitney and Celine

    MimiLamb4life MariahtheQueen

    merakli07 They're not as good as Mariah is the best vocalist ever 5 octaves vocal range and a songwriting ability unmatched. That's why

  68. Pame carballo

    I Love This Song!!!!!!

  69. George Golden

    ecstasy! !

  70. Darcy Marie TCB

    One of my favorite Mariah Carey songs!! Brings back so many memories.

  71. Deion Golden

    This is like a good morning cloudy day song 😀

  72. benjamin pablo

    long ago ufffff nice

    I am Kween

    Ufffff jahhh

  73. Gael Boucher

    Magnifique !!!
    Merci !!!

  74. Rafael Centenera

    \\(O)// <3

  75. sleepy dank

    1 of her best songs and I just heard it for the 1st time yest

    sleepy dank

    @***** im 27

    sleepy dank

    @***** nice

  76. Jordan

    So smooth, so sexy and so memorizing...mmm Mariah. Give it to me while I put on my headphones..bass..bass.."you still want me, you still want me...yes you do babe!


    Jordan H she says you used to hold me you still haunt me ". Yes you do baby Then in one of the runs she's like haunt me hold mee eee and take me back to yesterday

  77. Marianne Sandqvist

    Heard it log ago your Albums :) Like it

  78. Donna McRobie

    I Love This Song Cant Believe it don't get much air play!


    It wasn't even released as a single #blowsmymind  

    m anderson

    right! I say the same thing. this is my song !!

  79. Whittney08

    Beautiful song!