Carey, Mariah - Just To Hold You Once Again Lyrics

Do you know
How it feels
Lying here without you baby
You could never understand what's happening to me
So alone
Nothing's real
I just dream about you baby
And forever wonder why you had
To break free

Even though you're not my lover
Even though you're not my friend
I would give my all
To have you here
Just to hold you once again

It's so hard
To believe
I don't have you right beside me
As I long to touch you
But you're out of my reach
And my heart doesn't feel
It's so very cold inside of me
Just a shadow of someone that I used to be


You were the only one (only one)
That I allowed inside my heart
Now I'm just holding on
To something so far gone
Where did I go wrong


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Carey, Mariah Just To Hold You Once Again Comments
  1. Elias Pereira

    Canta muito

  2. Patrick Ngawa

    Who is listining in 2019

  3. Kadesha Dunham

    How do people dislike music like this? Smh... Memories 🎶🎵🎤

  4. E.H.K

    clear enunciation of each and every syllable — staying true to the notes and words, MC is a true singer. textbook.

  5. Sandy Naylor

    Even though your not my lover baby even though your not my friend,I'd would give my all 2 have u here just 2 hold u once AGAIN.U were the only 1 i aloud inside my HEART.

  6. Eric Hill

    Why does this sound like Through the Rain

  7. Patricia Daniels

    Although we've never held each other physically here on earth...I know our souls have embraced for many lifetimes & Yes...I would give my all just to hold him once again 🙏

  8. Cristian Patricio Espinoza Mendoza

    2019 ???

  9. Roberto Costa

    I found my warm heart listening to this.

  10. Roberto Costa

    A gente descobre que tem um coração ouvindo isso.

  11. Judas Jose

    2:56 you can put imaginary whistle note here... 😅😬

  12. Jhonny Alexander

    It’s unbelievable that Mariah wrote these type of songs as a teenager , I didn’t understand the meaning until I was in my twenties , oh Mariah you are gifted beyond what anyone can ever imagine

  13. And Now Ladies & Gentlemen Mister Carlton

    " I would give my all to have you here, just to hold you Once again " 😞

  14. Mihail Mihailov

    don't know why,but today is a big Mariah mood,i love listening to her

  15. Count.Chievious Blinker

    Dear Mariah, your vocals are so sweet.

  16. Daniel Sumbayak

    This is her best selling album. Sold 32 million copies worldwide

  17. kenneth stewart

    My artist Mariah favorite album music box

  18. Farid El

    It was a true epiphany when I discovered Mariah. Back in those days, I was twelve, lost gay kid in a small town south of France. I fell in love with all the songs of Music Box instantly.
    All of them represented something of the process when I became a teenager. Gosh ! It was also the time when I really and genuinely fell in love for the first time.... I cried so many tears then and I ve just experienced it all over again tonight, as if I were that shy and very closeted kid again...
    This album also started my craving for learning English and thanks to it I m now an English teacher!
    Listening to Music Box again, especially All I 've ever wanted, Music Box, Just to hold you once again, and the final masterpiece Everythingfades away has made me cry so much tonight, nostalgia having this powerful bittersweet way of making you feeling all those buried feelings.
    When my man and I went to see Mariah in June in Paris, that reminiscence has been working its way to now. And I feel so good, even though the sadness .
    I stopped listening to Mariah like crazy, but I promise myself to let her extraordinary talented voiceand songs be part of my life again.

  19. Daniel Martinez

    This song Is so relaxing

  20. Paula Jordana Conceicaodasilva Nana


  21. Lucas C

    The resonance here is astonishing.

  22. Barb PH

    Qué sutileza

  23. Sharon Joi

    You were the only one that I allowed inside my heart! 💔😥

  24. Helena Guterres

    Beatiful song

  25. Joseph Beasley

    On some of your songs,l would like to believe you're talking to me;like this one since ofcourse we're not lovers (although I would love to consider us friends just like everyone else).Oneday, I hope to just see you in person,Mariah. I probably won't say anything but " Hello,Mariah"..if I think you can hear my voice...

  26. Mariah has 19 #1s

    3:18 I'd give my all, to have just one more night with you.

  27. Dyra Mouy

    APRIL 10TH 2019 AT 3:30am still listening

  28. Fiona Anderson


  29. Andrei Carey

    2019 #1 xD

  30. joeybistoocool

    This is a gorgeous album.

    Stacey Doe

    I know and it absolutely pains me to know that she doesn't make this kind of music anymore. Personally, I think this is one of the best pop albums ever! How I miss these days 😢😢😢

  31. Sarah Kahuha

    March 2019 cnt get tired of listening ...

  32. Jean Victorin

    JUST EVERYTHING...,❤❤💞💞💞💞💌💌💌💘💘💗💗💗💗💙💙💙💝💝❣❣💛💛💖💟💟💖🧡🧡🧡💜💜💜👑👑👑❤❤💘💘💌❤❤❤💕💜💜💜🧡🧡💛💛💛

  33. Barbara Jean

    Timothy James Blanchard my husband 7/18/64-7/29/2017 and us 10/13/1989-7/29/2017 wait for me. Let’s go into our next life together I’ll always love you ❤️

    vexx con

    Im so sorry for your loss,
    may he rest in peace.

  34. Clentney Spears

    Mariah's voice never failed to touch and squeeze my heart and let all my tears drip away.

  35. Jessica Garcia

    I wish things could work out differenty but you know how that goes stay bueatiful

  36. Jessica Garcia

    Merry Christmas the patient and understanding is amazing i just thought you need ed to know i was thinking of u

  37. 10 Sati

    Do you know
    How it feels
    Lying here without you baby?
    You could never understand
    What's happening to me
    So alone
    Nothing's real
    I just dream about you baby
    And forever wonder why you had
    To break free

    Even though you're not my lover
    Even though you're not my friend
    I would give my all
    To have you here
    Just to hold you once again

    It's so hard
    To believe
    I don't have you right beside me
    As I long to touch you
    But you're out of my reach
    And my heart doesn't feel
    It's so very cold inside me
    Just a shadow of someone that I used to be

    Even though you're not my lover
    Even though you're not my friend
    I would give my all
    To have you here
    Just to hold you once again

    You were the only one (only one)
    That I allowed inside my heart
    Now I'm just holding on
    To something so far gone
    Oh where did I go wrong?

    Even though you're not my lover
    And even though you're not my friend
    I would give my all
    To have you here
    Just to hold you once again
    Just to hold you once again

  38. Jessica Garcia

    Happy holiday💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  39. TGK 20711

    My baby girl was 2 yrs, 3 months when she was taken from me. Believe me when I say, I would do ANYTHING to hold her 1 more time

    vexx con

    May she rest in peace

  40. Robert Louie Lozano sr.

    Will u married me

  41. Star J

    Stunning vocals, I can relate to this song

  42. fatty gstar love ya

    R.I.P my boy love ya xx

  43. boima clarke

    My friend Aida Ramos. what is friend? A friend is someone that is there for matter what problem you have in life. someone talk too in the middle of night. some too comfort you.

  44. boima clarke

    my friend that want call you. it was pressure fighting for you. it was woulth all the strength in me fighting for you. our ememy can do nothing to us any more. we have strength of leon that be in the present this giving by the heaven. I am sorry I wasing there for you know I am hear for you know. my friend Aida RAmos l love you with all my heart.

  45. Little junior

    This is Mariah that we you....

    Angel Johnson

    Little junior yes

  46. Kevin Ortiz

    I love it

  47. Matthew Vincent Stevenson

    What a beautiful 90’s Mariah songs! Miss it much my darl ❤️

  48. Nina Deniz Dz

    Music box and Daydream albums are the best in Mariah's career.


    It's not even a question. Agreed.


    Her first 4 albums are untouchable.

    Jennavecia Dizneee Love

    I’ll have to say Debut, Emotions, Music Box and Butterfly are her best albums

    Cloud of reverie

    Jennavecia Dizneee Love Not daydream????????????

    Bavaria Dowling

    Music box, rainbow, and the emancipation of mimi are the best in my opinion. ❤

  49. Margaret Casella


  50. naz li

    this song is just on another level amazing

  51. boima clarke

    your music is good too your heart. thank you for being music box too my heart all these years.

  52. MimiLamb4life MariahtheQueen

    I love this Song. I'm a lamb from Italy but I Can't live Without Mariah's voice

  53. CyprusHot

    Now I’m just holding to something so far gone ! Oh where did I go wrong ! My Lord her voice

  54. CyprusHot

    One of the best selling albums of all time !

  55. Karla Fernandez

    All her albums and songs are on top of any female singer

    MimiLamb4life MariahtheQueen

    So True Mariah is the best vocalist songwriter of all Times.

  56. Angel David

    Lyrics and vocals that make you fall in love!!

  57. Angel David


  58. Joseph M. Sutton

    This is what real music sounds like. Shame we dont have such soul in the industry anymore.

  59. Rihanna Rih

    “I would give my all to have...”
    Inspiration for another of her songs.

    Angel Johnson

    Ariana Gomez amen

  60. helmy tariq othman

    I am hearing to this song now.... 18 dec 2017..i love this song...

  61. azzis92

    December 9th 2017 is realy what i fell about my ex ... i swear i will be the best person for myself first

  62. flower saint

    How could i just listen to this

  63. Phantomgal 5

    What a painful song.

  64. Varnesse

    Just one more time my love!

  65. Monica Moraes

    Lindas músicas faz parti da minha vida esse cd da Mariah Carey canta muito que voz Adoro ela Love you

  66. Lonely幾扣郎

    l'm love 2:11-2:18 so much.

  67. Dorian Bachman

    This is magic

  68. AXD 004

    If Mariah had kept up her 90s pace into the 2000s and 2010s, she'd be the undisputed greatest vocalist of all time.

    Ive Mc Fallen

    AXD 004 it's the pace, plus the drinking, emotional problems, the whispery vocals and nodules that killed her voice. If she had slown down, stopped the drinking, and got some emotional support, and especially stopped with the whispery vocals such as in charm bracelet and butterfly the nodules wouldn't have caused much damage

    Krystal Ha

    She did

  69. Doc Canoro

    I wish I could..

  70. demetrius mccullough

    Her Musicality is untouchable!!!

  71. Caleb Minaj

    The BEST song on Music Box is here!

  72. Blue-_Soldier 99

    Her going down the scale is more beautiful than her going up the scale. It's just something about her lower register that gets to me in this song.

  73. João Pedro

    You were the only one (only one)
    That I allowed inside my heart <3

  74. Kram Bacardi

    Mariah's songs back then expressed what she had been through with her life, with her heart. She put everything in songs, beautiful songs. And if we will compare her to the present Mariah you would see how different she is now thats because she had learned a lot from life. And she has the right to be that way.

  75. bcomesfirst s

    Lovely Mariah ♡

  76. Brenda Roberts

    I loved this song years ago .The meaning of it i wasn't sure at the time. I know now and it's a sad song , i can relate to it now .

  77. Lucas Nunes

    Now I understand that Music Box is more than Dreamlover...The Music Box Era is the era of the ballads

    Angel Johnson

    Lucas Nunes dreamlover is her best song

    Anna Rose Halen

    Than Daydream maybe.. Music Box and Butterfly, i think are her best albums, the lyrics are so powerful in both.

    Green Rocket

    Best album goes to music box of course.

  78. Dante Gossett

    this song is for Roger Pratt he made me a better person. it hurts so bad I lost him. I miss him every day. ♡

  79. LEAH Shawn Smith

    Love you so much Mariah 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭Thailand

  80. 34 KINGz

    Anita Jenkins
    - RAJI M.
    #FOREVER ❤️

  81. Andrew James Kimble

    thes song reminds of my girlfriend who broke up with me I was going out with her now she walked out and left me thes song reminds of me of all the love ones that left me hanging and used me for my money and did not even care for me I been through 7 8 reallyashships all of them did not work out now iam crying right now I am alone with nobudy who cares for me I wondered is she coming back and stud there and thinking she will come. back after I realized after three years ago I thought she never came back got a call saying I am with a better man then you are

  82. Lesego Mphefo

    My love for you bring every song life... #MyForever

  83. I Am I

    Mariah Carey is so underrated as a songwriter. She's the real queen. Her diva act is just a facade. I want 90s Mariah back. She sang to my soul 💔

    Joseph M. Sutton

    her career from 1990 to 2000 was pure gold, not a single bad song.


    Don't forget Walter Afanasieff the co-writer and producer on this album.

    Jay West

    @Joseph M. Sutton Did I Do That lol?

    kathy keranen


    celestial vibrationz

    I concur. It's a total facade. The diva, darling, sweetie, sort of ditzy Mariah she created I wanna say after the 2000. She's actually such a smart woman n I wish we all could have 90s Mariah back. Thise were Good Times!

  84. Isabel Alberto Matabele


  85. Mariah Elizabeth

    😭💔my best friend Andy...he will never know how much it hurts....

    Angel Johnson

    Mariah Elizabeth aww and your name is mariah perfect song

  86. The Mariah Empress

    Music Box is much more than just "Dreamlover", "Hero" and "Without You". Amazing Gem!!

    Stand up Straight With Your Shoulders Back

    The Mariah Empress yes and yes

    Mr. Game & Watch

    The Mariah Empress
    The ironic thing is that Dreamlover is so underrated in comparison to Hero and Without You

    Danyelle Hill

    Hey Friends

  87. Marcel Webster

    This song is magical

  88. P Naab

    SING MC!!!

  89. Jennie Seipp

    Love this song.....

  90. William Ludeña

    This song's so soulful

  91. Farzeen Dawood

    I don't want to say this nut here goes... why are people comparing ARiana to Mariah Carey. I just don't understand. Mariahs voice has the ability to take you to that moment ... You just feel every single word she sings. ARiana has a decent voice but she's no songwriter . her lyrics are not timeless and her voice lacks that emotion. it's just my opinion. Mariah is often imitated but can never be duplicted.

    Wonder Woman89

    I agree!

    Terri Bora

    Aspiring Angel Yea. ... maybe they didn't grow up in the 90s. Mariah was the soundtrack to my college years. I remember where I was the first time I heard "Vision of Love" She got me through some rough times. Her voice literally heals..


    Farzeen Dawood exactly


    Thank you lamb. I agree! Comparing anyone to Mariah is an insult, but Ariana especially. I mean she’s ok in her own right, but her voice just doesn’t have the depth and richness that’s Mariah’s does. And why do people even want them to be the same? Also Ariana is up Nicki Minaj’s butt. They are “sisters”. Any lamb knows Nicki Minaj is no friend of Mariah or the lambily.

    rumors are true

    love the fact u kept saying ARiana

  92. Filotus


    Bren Karl

    OMG why LOL i cant unheard this ... WHYYYY

    Patrick Nguyen

    someone call the ambulance pleaseeee

    R. Ann

    Filotus 😂

    AARYN. 24 and Tyquan williams

    Lol no she said something so far gone lmaoooooo

  93. Paull Angelus

    Love u forever Mariah!

  94. CassieJazz96

    Another hidden Mimi gem

  95. Daniel Martinez

    My baby☺☺