Carey, Mariah - Just Be Good To Me Lyrics

Friends tell me I am crazy
And that I'm wasting time with you
You'll never be mine
But that's not the way I see it
'Cause I feel you're already mine
Whenever you're with me

People always talk about reputation
I don't care about the other girls
Just be good to me
Friends are always telling me you're a user
But I don't care what you do to them
Just be good to me

And you may have many others
But I know when you're with me
You are all mine
Friends seem to always listen
To the bad things that you do
You never do them to me


Just be good to me
Just be good to me in the morning
Just be good to me in the afternoon or evening
Be good to me

I'm not the jealous type
I won't tie you down in the evening
I'll be around
I'll be good to you
You'll be good to me
And we'll be together
Be together

Just be good to me
Just be good to me in the morning
Just be good to me in the afternoon or evening
Be good to me

Be nice to me
Be sweet to me
Just be good to me

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Carey, Mariah Just Be Good To Me Comments
  1. Dwight Love

    She did justice to the song SOS BAND&JIMMY JAM AND TERRY LEWIS would have been proud.

  2. Michelle

    PS dancers were awesome taken me back in the days!

  3. Michelle

    One of my fav SOS Band jams Mariah did it justice

  4. Destiny Swopes

    Okay Ms. Mimi. She did that and I'm here for it. Love her so much.

  5. Mr. Blue

    Mariah from the hood!

  6. boxe thaii

    Love 😍 😍 😍

  7. Aaron Davidson

    2:14 omg rainbow era for a second!!!!!

  8. David E. Collins

  9. David E. Collins

  10. Blake Smith

    That beat hard

  11. Zaldy San Pedro


  12. Vee Kay

    Love it!!

  13. Carolyn Howell

    Richard Pryor theme music....

  14. Dominic M

    Petition for Mariah to sing this song in 2019


    Dominic M for sure. I feel like she’d kill it, too. It’s not that vocally demanding


    This is a great song by sos and Mariahs is awesome

  16. Wholooo Tangerine

    Friends tell me I am crazy
    And I'm wasting time with you
    You'll never be mine
    It's not the way I see it
    'Cause I feel you're already mine
    Whenever you're with me (oh, oh, oh)
    People always talkin' â??bout
    Your reputation
    I don't care about your other girls
    Just be good to me (oh, oh, oh)
    Friends are always tellin' me
    You're a user
    I don't care what you do to them
    Just be good to me (oh, oh, oh)
    You may have many others
    But I know when you're with me
    You are all mine
    Friends always seem to listen
    To the bad things that you do
    You never do them to me (oh, oh, oh)
    People always talkin' â??bout
    Your reputation
    I don't care about your other girls
    Just be good to me (Oh, oh, oh)
    Friends are always tellin' me
    You're a user
    I don't care what you do to them
    Just be good to me (oh, oh, oh)
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
    Just be good to me
    Life is a game of chances
    So I'll take my chance with you
    And you, I won't try to change
    We talk about it and I
    Never had a piece of you
    And to have all of nothing (oh, oh, oh)

  17. Maston Chada

    a classic

  18. Korynne Lyles

    This was so damn good!

  19. Angelica Savage

    Gangsta Mimi is too cute

  20. Joe Juan Jr.

    Still listening

  21. Roger B

    its funny all these fucking Japanese mfkers trying to move to R&B ...get the fuck outta here

  22. Del Lunzaga

    I Belong To You by Whitney Houston brought me here

    Alle TATA

    Del Lunzaga
    I love both the queens 👸🏾👸🏼❤️❤️❤️

  23. Byron Lee

    Mariah going S.O.S. old school,COOL

  24. oswaldo Sanchez

    They mussc

  25. LeeAnn Serio

    The background singers are the ones who really carried this song

  26. Claud Bing

    Would’ve been even better if it wasn’t so late in the set list. Her poor voice singing all those damn songs lol

  27. dominika seelaff

    Aries queen

  28. J P

    It was decent no she didn't sound better than the original vocalist stop it already

  29. Kathleen Platt

    I love you

  30. Alegriaa

    Her swag. Ugh.

  31. Solo12313

    It's weird how raspy she sounds here. She sounds like 2005 or 2001.

  32. Danny FriasA

    This could be a b-side moment

  33. Leigh Miller

    I got Mariah sauce in my bag ...SWAG...

  34. TheIrishrogue68

    She nails this!!


    One of the most unbelievable covers of this song..........she..... "kill's" it, bring it to the highest level!!!!!!!.....are you agreed all of you Mariah Carey fans...... out there?????..................

  36. Michelle E. Wilson

    Ladies and Gentlemen The Queen just SLAYED this song !! in Baggy pants and Locs lol mic drop..

  37. athina tsolaki

    Woooooow,[email protected] brilliant!!!!


    I love this song.

  39. maryam mure

    Look at them clothes and those shades 😍😍😍

  40. maryam mure

    Omg she is so cute here and look at her wearing shoes and not heels holy shit. She killed it and omg girl got rythym in her body sway. She know how to move her body. Go ahead mariah

  41. Tyler Faith

    someone mandate that this video be shown to every Mariah hater under age 30.  it presents an engaged, active artist who not only has respect for her craft, but more importantly, has respect for the audience that paid lots of money to watch her perform. such nice memories

  42. robert stanley


  43. The LG

    I love SOS Band but Mariah did that !

  44. Susan Graham


  45. Ric Eisenhart

    all mariah is . is a golddigger

    Alle TATA

    Ric Eisenhart
    She have her own diamonds that she bought with her own 500 million dollars net worth

  46. Justice Blackwolf

    obsessed with her version, i miss the old mariah

  47. Alyssa Vasquez

    Sos way better

  48. Dee Dee

    Love this!

  49. Ms. E

    She was a bit of a dancer in the 90s. lowkey

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  51. Manuel Pereira


  52. WeliveforMariahCarey *


  53. MusicBlue22

    90s hoodriah swag on point lol

  54. Pavel Benš

    Im at 1:40 reading comments, smiling already cant wait for what is waiting for me these minutes aheaad :))))

    Pavel Benš

    Sighs. I love her so much

  55. Ian Halford

    The one and only💖💖💖
    Tabby girl xxx

  56. Mjmatthews

    i didn't know this existed
    and i'm happy it did exist.

  57. Anna Ou

    3:31 the daydream jumped out

    Daniella Rose Archives

    Jess Miller lmao

  58. Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    Her voice was hoarse here

  59. Oscar Myers

    Mariah in her prime 💜ghetto swag diva 😎

  60. King Kami

    She looks kinda cool. This is a great cover.

  61. Chris Coyne

    I wish she recorded this song and 'No Ones Gonna Love You' maybe for the Glitter album. She should've done a medley here, because S.O.S Band is dope and I can hear their influence in her music

  62. Lessandra r

    The drummer @ 6.21

  63. Oscar Myers

    This cover and Gangsta mimi is lit af 💜

  64. Jasmine Quiñones

    Aw love it ❤👍

  65. cutesexysoft

    She did that

  66. qwertyuiopz123

    Those oakley glasses lmao

  67. Anthony Roberts

    I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with this performance wow MC

  68. Graham Sherlock

    I don't think she needs so much backing singers, here voice is strong on it's own.

  69. V May

    Miss this Mariah natural and care free beautiful

  70. bobby del rey

    It would be good to have a women, love you like that, but not fair to her...

  71. t1mytun

    Best thing she ever did

  72. Tamara Natasha


  73. bobby del rey

    I luv SOS, but Mariah nailed this song and i'm not really a fan, credit where credit's due

  74. Sergio Lovos

    00:26 That's how you drop bass !!!

  75. ventende

    Mariah's really an 80's buff but she's reluctant to admit it.

  76. sharon anderton

    tommy what is she black or white...please don't take this as criticizing. as it is not.wen she played Tokyo dome she wore mainly Rotterdam it was white.very clever marketing ploy.......

  77. newking70

    it's ok, but please don't say it's better than the original.....she prolly lip sync'd it anyway.


    it's live you can hear her breathing..and everyone has different opinions chill.

    Sonja M

    newking70 the stupidity award goes to you my dear

  78. Marcus Rafael Ferracin

    She could have released this cover, it's so amazing on her voice

  79. bigoz169

    Hey I remember that Mariah Just right before she became a Diva "look at me I'm special" Bitch and I remember when the people I worked for were setting up for her signing of her Best of Mariah CD at virgin records in NYC I had to tell her she was a "bitch" by the way she treated everyone I was sent home but as many famous people I've met in NY I always say we are human beings and should treat each other with respect and that day she respected no one. I love her old stuff hate the new but the person she still is "trust me I know" she can sit on a hard point and sharp as a pencil dildo.

  80. Donnie Willson

    I so loved SOS back in the day but I have to admit that Mariah is excellent in this presentation.

  81. Tricia Perez

    Don't let Mariah sing your own song. It isn't yours after she made a cover. 😂

    Roger B

    great post ...and I agree ..I don't even want to listen to the SOS Version ….lol

    Underneath The Stars

    @Roger B I loved the original version until I found out Mimi covered it. Now I can't stand to listen to it. Lol.

    Keith Ponder

    Tricia Perez she didn’t steal this one. The SOS Band and Deborah Cox both did a better job on this song.

    Heavenly Ken

    Keith Ponder LMAOOOO

  82. lol omg

    Shout out to the S.O.S BAND. Original track. Mariah did rock it though. Dancers were smooth.. I remember listening to this song in the projects . Cook out, a dime bag will get you at least 15" joints" and drinking 40's.

  83. Eric Miranda

    S.O.S. Band, outstanding performance. Great job Maria.

    Jefferson Steelflex

    Eric Miranda lol Maria

  84. VIPER

    ...mariah i think they can sing the phonebook....

  85. Justice Blackwolf

    Gawd i love her version so much😍💖💖💖

  86. faithoffaith

    Mariah was a little rocker back then. Anyone notice she looks like Axl Rose here 😂

  87. Ezekiel Major

    Not as funky as the Original SOS version, but not bad.

  88. encaos

    Mariah knows how to cover a song 😩

  89. TheStrawbeery

    Not even close to being like the original


    TheStrawbeery cause this is better

  90. Kyler Moss

    I think Mariah would KILL this song if she were to perform this song now. Her more raspy voice would make this an AMAZING song.

  91. Syafiq Rahman

    2:18 Wendy's always askin me "How you doin"

  92. Mariah Carey's Archives

    She needs to do a studio version of this and Don't play that song for me too



    Danielle Koran

    I've always been pretty partial to Deborah Cox's take on this song from the mid 90's. The bass line was amazing.


    mariah can sing your song better than you!


    she did excellent on this but nothing sounds better than the OG version SOS Band.... love this song!

  95. heart shaker

    those harmonies at the end tho?? I thought the heavens were about to burst open when they sang "and we'll be together"

  96. Bengt Lindqvist

    Nice try !

  97. Theresa Colton

    I like her earlier styles. More relaxed and she looked more comfortable on stage. Able to move around more easily.

  98. Roberto Coin

    Mariah at 5" 9" killing it .

  99. Roberto Coin

    in the mid 80's and all of the 90's these women did it for me and not necessarily in this order Whitney ,Sade ,Mariah ,Patti , Janet , Angela Winbush ,Stephanie Mills.

  100. Dedric Carey

    BISH!!!!!!!!!!! She ATE this already #Classic joint..... DAMMIT. My DiVa neva eva disappoints. #iCONIC. 😘