Carey, Mariah - Infinity Lyrics

Why you mad? Talkin' 'bout you're mad
Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had?
That’s your bag, yup, that’s too bad
Show is over, you ain’t gotta act
Name hold weight like kilos
Boy, you actin' so corny like Fritos
Wouldn’t have none of that without me though
Ain’t none of my business, it's tea though
Outta ammo, gotta reload
If life was a game you're a free throw
It's nothing that you don’t already know

Close the door, lose the key
Leave my heart on the mat for me
I was yours eternally
There’s an end to infinity
To infinity

How I say this? Fact that you still exist
No disrespect, no second thought it truly, truly is
Truthfully I’m through with this
Why are we still doing this?
Answer the phone like, "Who is this?"
Take your head and knock some sense
Je ne comprends pas
Ain’t no compliments (duh)
Ain’t no being friends (duh)
Ain’t no false pretense (duh)
Ain’t no make amends (duh)
Ain’t no come agains (duh)
That’s the story, ain’t no happy ends


Is it lack of ice got you so cold?
Have you ever felt this on your own?
Why you tryin' to play like you’re so grown?
Everything you own, boy, you still owe


You're leaving, you're leaving, you're out the door
Infinity loving me more and more
You're leaving, you're leaving, you're out the door
Infinity loving me more and more
Cause I believe infinity is more than just a made up dream
I believe infinity is more than just a made up dream

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Carey, Mariah Infinity Comments
  1. Daniel


  2. Leylani Villa

    Love her voice

  3. Violet Gabriella

    Luvvvv this

  4. Dina Walker

    Here Christmas Day 2019 at 1:41am.
    Merry Christmas to the entire Lambily through out the world!!!

  5. Epiphany Mitchell

    my shit

  6. Giovany

    one of her best

  7. Diego Eiael

    This is offensive

  8. impretty whenicry

    Mariah is so savage saying “duh” omg i love herrrr so much

  9. Jay Sapati

    I love mariah Carey she is the GOAT

  10. Barbie Adonia

    Deserve more views

  11. Kaisha Page

    to infinity AND BEYOND!!

  12. Allan Garcia

    October 2019 still im listening.... love u mariah carey ❤❤❤

  13. Acro Dance

    Love how there are clips from honey in here

  14. please enter a name

    The only lyrics video where can read the lyrics and enjoy the video at the same time

  15. lady kpopchu

    This song is so heartbreaking yet i don’t even have a relationship ahhaha🤣

  16. Danni 925

    "Name hold weight like kilos" Yesss Mariah let them know! 😩🙌

  17. Nuhra Wazir

    4 years ago ? No 😕

  18. killer kitten

    I love you Mariah Carey

  19. Mick Hart Calma

    Coming back again this time if the year...

  20. Rashidi Rahim Rick

    The best part of the song "ooh aah ooh aah.."

  21. Nina Alshiekh

    My favorite song at the moment

  22. Theresa Freeman


  23. BigBeautifulBrain

    This lyric video is so beautiful!!

  24. PurpleeCatt

    Why are people arguing in the comment section... Ehem... Listen to the music guys before I come find you.

  25. MemberOfTheLambily

    0:16 is from the honey music video right

  26. Zeynepsinem Kaplan

    Çok başarılı....

  27. oikawaii toru

    This is so underrated fvck! It deserves recognition

  28. Anthony Cantos


  29. kidn play


  30. Clark Kent

    3:14 4:00

  31. Omar Malik

    This song meant so much to me when it was released. I know it's ignored by most Mariah fans, but it was released just before I left high school, which was a pretty horrible time (dealing with being gay and closeted, sexually assaulted, anorexia, depression). It felt like a great closure song to that time.

  32. The New Yorker 180

    She’s a real queen 👑

  33. Moon Sun

    THE BEAT IS SO SICK AND TWISTED (in a good way)

  34. Josalyn Parks

    Thank about heat up talking remember. Have a great key deam make up just.

  35. Josalyn Parks

    Like this song fever music.

  36. Nayeonnie

    I’m sorry but the beginning of this sounds like Honeymoon Avenue.

  37. Luciano Cantilieri

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2019

  38. Quintn Nash

    That hook and that sexy ass laugh at the end. Mariah is the only person I would be cool with to see a 25 year old dating her at 70 frfr

  39. star va va voom


  40. compendious succient

    This is fire 🔥

  41. Angie Cares

    Did Nick actually cheat on her? I still don't exactly understand why she divorced him.

  42. Butterfly12

    Happy Anniversary to "Infinity". Released 4 years ago today (April 27). ς੭¸.•"´ `"•.¸ʚïɞ

  43. Romika Roberts

    Tbh people are saying Mariah is too old to sing,TF? she been singing before y’all haters was even born and she made money look how such a legend she is

  44. Ahiezer Kyle Chan

    I miss this song tbh. :(

  45. whitney source

    this would of been HUGE in the 2000's

  46. Claudio Marques

    Your love no as forget calma my heart 🆓 vacancy OKAY🙏

  47. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    I hate that this and its preceding single "Thirsty" (2014) failed to snag mega chart success. Both songs were catchy & hot as hell. Definitely deserved more love & recognition from the press. Mariah is so damn underrated these days right along with my other modern day faves Jazmine Sullivan, Tweet, Nicole Wray & my baby Missy Elliott.

  48. Maki Plt

    I can relate to this song there is no such thing as infinity in a relationship its just a matter of understanding giving and patience.

  49. John Doe

    Im a big a mariah fan. N just listened fully to this song. Shes is n always be fire. Ty mariah im born in 91. So it should tell ya.
    Ps. This most likely bout nick lol.
    Even tho they good now

  50. Shukor Mohamad


  51. LeopardLover LeopardLover

    What a well written song

  52. Lucas Silva

    This sound is so beautiful! I love this ooh ahhh, ohh ahh!!

  53. Claudio Marques

    Good morning ♥️

    Giuliana CR

    Good afternoon lol... Here for Mimi too 😁💛

    Claudio Marques


    Claudio Marques

    @Giuliana CR ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  54. Carolyn Lawerence

    mariah Carey speak. truth. how she feel.

  55. Stevyy Jay

    This song is obviously the EU's view of Brexit. Well done, Mariah!

  56. Kyle Williams

    the end of infinity is -1 times the nth degree lol jk xp

  57. Animal finatic


  58. Claudio Marques

    Your love as infinity ♥️ Mariah Carey

    Claudio Marques

    Tanks 🇧🇷

    Claudio Marques

    As me & you infinity y

    Claudio Marques

    I remember last night📻

  59. Karen Smith

    did she add some french in her song?

  60. x애정x Lucid

    Still listening to this in 2019! ❤❤ you will always be my queen! 🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Giuliana CR

    To infinity sis 💖😍😘

  61. UrbanCarnage

    One of my favorite songs by her.

  62. Jullia Gomes

    Nois até tenta afinar cantando a parte final, mas Mariah é única

  63. Jeff Price

    Honestly sorry she mad as hell her heart is broken and she talkin all that s*** her heart is broken

  64. Claudio Marques

    Eternely infinity ♥️

  65. André BLONDELLE

    To, Infinity... The, FRANCE !!!

  66. André BLONDELLE

    Our, Liberator, to come, from the East ... And, it will be, Punctual !!!

  67. Le Monke

    TEA THOUGH 0:35

  68. Drippy Jay

    words come in late a lil but I love it

  69. Millicent Evans

    Mariah carey your on fire. Your in a league of your own. Your so amazing xxx

  70. Alex Naples

    The worst mariah song EVER!

  71. Claudio Marques

    I listen infinity ♥️ beautfull

    Claudio Marques

    I be. Back returno a 🇧🇷 Infinity ♥️

    Claudio Marques

    My love for you as? Infinito🇧🇷

    Claudio Marques

    I don't forget Maria

  72. Ernan Dalcolmo

    "I was yours eternally, but there is an end to infinity." Thats GOLD

  73. Victor Dakota Channel

    Listening to this song feels like I am experiencing first hand INFINITY!!! WOW, MISS MARIAH CAREY. Just, NEver, EVEr, CEASE to AMAZE ME. LOVE YOU and EVERYONE INFINITELY to "INFINITY"!!!

  74. Claudio Marques

    I Luv infinity DReam

    Claudio Marques

    I listen Martha infinity ♥️

  75. Sibella Woodruff

    Is it just me or does this sound like a Disney princess Movie 😍😍
    Thx Mariah😂😎

  76. fr e sh avoca do

    and people compare her to ariana. OH COME ON. ARIANA COULD NEVER REACH THIS LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE.

  77. David Rudolph

    Fux with Ariana Grande, Mariah is the true Queen of Glam, Vocal Abilities, Hights And Depths ...

  78. Shatoria Shanise

    i forgot how much i love this song ugh her mind i stan

  79. Melissa Gorden

    This song was out on my birthday April 27th forgot the year things went fast but I felt like it was my gift love mariah forever

  80. André BLONDELLE

    Open, your eyes, in Paris !!! Welcome, Madam....

  81. Jasmine Fenton

    Still here. Oct 2018

  82. Samuel Gómez Rodríguez

    I was listening this song all day when it dropped..again and it

  83. Allen Jann

    yawa, ang hirap sundan nung mga words hahahaha <3

  84. Tina Louise Harris

    Great song lyrics is so relevent to my ex aswel!

  85. Amanda Teoh

    For some reason i was the only 16 year old i know that listened to this when it came out and i listened to it literally everyday on my way to school lmao


    Amanda Teoh omg sameee

  86. 서미오

    Will always be my favorite song

  87. Ana Paula Machado da Silva Paula

    Amo a Mariah Carey infinity linda.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  88. Ana Paula Machado da Silva Paula

    Amo essa música da Mariah Carey infinity.
    essa música é linda demais mesmo.

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    Mariah Carey infinity linda
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  91. Idalia Machado da Silva Machado da silva

    Mariah Carey infinity linda ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    Mariah Carey é a minha cantora predileta
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  93. Idalia Machado da Silva Machado da silva

    Amo essa música da Mariah Carey infinity
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