Carey, Mariah - I've Been Thinking About You Lyrics

We've known each other
For a long long time But I never really noticed
All the magic in your eyes
I've been around you
A thousand times before
And you've always been a friend to me
But now I'm wanting more
I must have been so blind
I never realized
You're the one that's right for me
All the while I couldn't see
And now I feel so strange
I'll never be the same
Going 'round and 'round in circles
And I don't know what to do
'Cause baby

I've been thinking about you
In the most peculiar ways
I've been thinking about you
It's unbelievable to me
But suddenly I think
I'm falling in love with you

There's no explaining how I feel inside
I'm going thru a transformation
That's so hard for me to hide
I had a revelation that
Finally opened up my eyes
The one I spent a lifetime searching for
Was right here all the time
I was oblivious so very out of touch
All the while I couldn't see
You're the one that's right for me
And now my world has changed
I'll never be the same
Going 'round and 'round in circles
And it's all because of you
Sweet baby



Don't you know
That you're blowing my mind
What you do to me
I can't describe
Baby I can't hold back anymore
I just can't conceal it
You're the one I really adore

I've been thinking about you
In the most peculiar ways

I've been thinking about you
In the most peculiar ways

[Chorus (x3)]

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Carey, Mariah I've Been Thinking About You Comments
  1. Cent

    “I go around around in circles” hmmmm

  2. Diimyn Jones

    I ALWAYS loved this album cover. I remember having this huge door poster of it...

  3. lulaby lulaby


  4. Alonso Schneider

    I need a music box tour!!!

  5. bridget casseaux

    This one of her best songs seriously

  6. Meme Doctor

    I have feeling that this song was meant for 1st or 2nd album. Vocal timbre is very debut'ish also. Does someone knows when exactly it was written?

  7. Randon Lambert

    I still love this song

  8. Mariah Szypryt

    The belts and the way she did 'em sounds lile you're so cold

  9. mskernow


  10. TheFamilitchiChannel

    Her music is addictive

  11. mskernow


  12. Jayli Marie

    She needs to preform this at least once 😩

  13. Andrew 'Aiwen' Robson

    Absolutely the underrated of all underrateds, this song is classic.

  14. mskernow


  15. L Moreno

    SING GIRL!!!! <3

    Angel Johnson

    L Moreno yes

  16. mskernow


  17. Brandon Lambert

    Mariah Carey is an icon. Twenty 29 years into her career and she's still relevant and still releasing amazing music. Mariah is to be revered and respected not ridiculed.

    Angel Johnson

    Brandon Lambert amen

  18. Hore Store

    tbh this song, ATYNAF and Now That I Know are the only songs i can tolerate off of Music Box, it really is her most boring and least creative album

    Angel Johnson

    Hore Store are you serious? some people think its her best i loved this album emotions and charmbracelent my top 3 favorites by her!!!

    Hore Store

    Angel Johnson too many adult contemporary ballads, I think Butterfly and Charmbracelet are really good though

    Angel Johnson

    Hore Store oh ok

    Hec Sol

    Matter of opinion for sure. From your previous comment, charmbracelet is probably the most boring album lol

  19. mskernow


  20. WinterGirl

    Who's listening in 1995?

  21. Di Ei


    Krystal H

    Lol right

  22. Mrs. Pitt

    Who is here from Amina Buddafly IG post?

  23. frostysnow w


  24. Renee's Land

    The bridge is everything!

    Angel Johnson

    Renee Loney- Francis what is the bridge and hook of a song?

  25. yassinova

    From @2:50 unbelievable.

    Angel Johnson

    yassinova yes miss mariah riff and runs are crazy lord this woman can sang!!!

  26. What Marooners Do

    Ariana Grande's "Too Close" take me here

    Ariel O

    You don't know shit about Music


    @Ariel O hes saying how originality can be copied by outsiders. Ariana built a career of mariah

    You’reA _Drag

    BronchitisYT Ariana is in her own lane 😂

    ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii

    @You’reA _Drag of course

  27. Kanaan ite


  28. Just Tester_99

    Mottola seriously slept on this one. I could imagine a better video in the vein of Whitney's Dance with somebody.

    Angel Johnson

    Just Tester_99 agreed

  29. L M

    2018 and still bumpin🎵

  30. anderson clark

    Have someone heard ariana grande song that sounds the same.

  31. star va va voom

    💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

    Angel Johnson

    star va va voom yes queen mariah

  32. mimi fair


  33. Kayleigh Lozito

    mc has been my idol since 7yrs old im 32 my girl always

  34. Maria Xeno

    Ariana Grande totally copied this song, fake diva bitch

    Zach Small

    mimi I’ve been denying Ariana copying this song but now listening to it she definitely did😞🤷🏽‍♂️

    Krystal H

    Which song? I don't know ari music that much.

  35. Never Forget You

    Idk why but I really like the vocal break @3:56 lol

    Mr. Fantastic

    Never Forget You maybe because it reminds you a bit of emancipation of Mimi vocal break? Or butterfly? Or something? Hahah

  36. One Dollar Bleach

    I LOVE HOW THIS SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!! NO wonder musicbox is her *BEST* selling album! <3<3<3<3

    Aleksa Mrkela

    This is the quintessential '90s sound in terms of arrangement. :)


    @The Vocal Trinity where do you get these numbers from?

    The Vocal Trinity

    I don't know, i just know these numbers by memory. I guess it's on wikipedia or smth


    @The Vocal Trinity On wikipedia it says music sold 28million ww and daydream more than 20 million >_>

    The Vocal Trinity

    @Adrian yes but that's only studio album sales, if you count singles and streaming, the total album sales are bigger. As it says here: (MB studio album: 26M, DDstudio album: 19M. MB full sales: 34M, DD full sales: 31M)

  37. Trista Love

    first album I learned cover to cover

    Mountain Prairie West

    Trista Love Same here!

  38. Brian Foster

    Still Jammin' along with the album...One of my fav's!

  39. Nisha Sorryihavetotellyah!

    love this song i used to sing and dance to this when i was about 12

  40. Jose Lopez

    This could've been #1

    Angle Johnson

    +CassieJazz96 and mariah was around 19 here right? this is her second album from 1994!!!

    Theo DePina

    +Angle Johnson Actually she was 23 and the album came out in 1993

    Angel Johnson

    Theo DePina oh ok

    Jayli Marie

    Angle Johnson and it was her 3rd album not second

  41. ThatsClassic714

    Love this song, and the chorus even more, i cant tell she had alota fun singing this.