Carey, Mariah - Circles Lyrics

Ever since you left me
I've been trying to hide the pain
Painting on a smile with lipstick
Putting on a big charade
So difficult to keep pretending
It's getting harder everyday
It's plain to see I'm cold and heartsick
Since you turned and walked away
I just keep going round and round
And round in circles
Keep on tumbling down

Oh boy my world has changed
And I don't think I can make it without you
Nothing's the same
You got me running around in circles over you
(running around in circles over you)

Saturday I saw you
Holding hands with someone new
Somehow I kept my composure
Just like everything was cool
But inside I kept repeating
Don't you let them see you cry
So I casually turned my head
As the tears rolled down my eyes
I just keep going round and round
And round in circles
Keep on tumbling down

Oh boy my world has changed
And I don't think I can make it without you
Nothing's the same
You got me running around in circles over you

Everything is you
How can I pull through
My heart is consumed I'm so confused
Still caught up in can be so cruel
Baby don't know how to turn you loose

Oh boy my world has changed
And I don't think I can make it without you
No, nothing's the same
You got me running around
And running around
And running around
Nothing's the same
Baby baby cause you
Got me running around
In circles over you
(running around in circles over you)

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Carey, Mariah Circles Comments
  1. Samaya Scheler

    Who is still listening in dec 2019!!!!???!!!!

  2. Jien Lung

    does she hit G5 ( belting backsound ) at 2:11 and 2:14 ??

  3. denise viscaya

    gosh this should be a single,,sounds so good

  4. Sherry Workman

    This is REAL Music 🎶

  5. jpanama504

    Still jamming to this album

  6. Marjan Barrett

    I was 17 or 18 when this came out still listen til this day

  7. Nesha Britwood

    Masterpiece album. 👩🏽‍💻💗

  8. Patricio Marquez

    This is my favorite song!! She is gifted like nobody else, there will truly never be another, no competition!! There will forever be one Mariah carey!!

  9. C H R I S

    Yesssss xoxoxo just for laughs ❤💕💘

  10. Mr G Garcia ATX

    Mane. Thats my beach.

  11. Rachel Brown

    Listening still in 2019!

  12. Nutusia Williams

    2019 in the house!

  13. Lillisa Campps

    🎵🎵Saturday I saw you hold hands with someone new,, but I kept my composure jus like every thing was cool , inside I kept repeating don't u let em see u cry... casually Turned my head as the tear rolled down my eyes, I jus keep goin round n round🎶🎶🎶🎯

  14. Jocelyn Romero

    Here in 2019 ❤️

  15. Bread Winner

    2019 still on of favorites!

  16. Jp Casihan

    September 2019

  17. Armani Weeden

    This was fire

  18. SouLoveLee

    This was her last reaaaally good album.. Like every track a statement

  19. Ebonie Rhone

    I sing this all day at work still to this day 8-21-19. Would love to perform this for her.

  20. Tayonia Ash

    2019 MIMI U SANG THIS !

  21. Victoria Thompson


  22. Victoria Thompson


  23. cylon74



  24. yamamancha

    Not a single lazy song on this album. Every track is fire. Nearly 15 years later, still among the best ever.

  25. Shelly J

    Love the words. All of this time and I really paid attention to ALL of it.

  26. lily kat

    Douglas Davidson bought me here

  27. Oscar Myers

    The emancipation of slaaaayage 👑🦋
    2019 July y’all 💗

  28. Carlos GCM

    TEOM is so epic

  29. Watcher Offools

    Love you girl

  30. yung tazz

    2019 anyone

  31. Amari Hunter

    This is old and new Mariah. The full evolution. There will never be another songwriter or singer like her PERIODT. The magic of her talent to compose the way she does is ugh! The melodies and harmonies and adlibs with the ninja whistles in the background is pure perfection.

  32. Torgo Nudho Raj

    This is like the twin sister of *Mine Again.*

  33. Oscar Allen

    this deserve to be a single... i think this is better than WBT

  34. amber cosby

    Who still listening to this in 2019

  35. 낮밤

    no one can do this yet

  36. Jazmynne Marie

    My daddy bought me this album every song is a hit. I’m still jamming this July 4, 2019!! SANG MARIAH 😍😘


    A legend

    Shelly J

    Me too!

  37. Patrick Stallworth

    She needs to start making love songs again. She's incredible.


    She’s always made love songs and continues to do so till this day.

  38. L Harris

    This song still slaps in 2019!

  39. Justwonder Noneyaaa


  40. Galaxy Universe

    2019 anyone?

  41. Krystal Harris

    I love this WHOLE album!

  42. 傅穎鈞

    When i first heard this song one month ago, I burst into tear. And when i finally realized it's already existed for 13years was like "sh*t how come i call myself a lamb?" XD

  43. maxi ramirez

    It sounds like Mine Again

  44. Music Is LIFE

    Who's here after watching Mariah sampled this song on her caution europe tour?

    Rhon Tibayan

    Music Is LIFE same!

  45. Andrew Garfield

    And now she just did a snippet of this on her caution tour 😍

  46. Jada Durant


  47. viviane lopez

    Swear I know this whole album from start to finish thanks to my mother who would bump the hell out of it in her Cadillac devill she named Ruben 😂

  48. Mishell Verdine


  49. DRAGON

    i love this song

  50. Garth Biggs

    Love this, another MC fave of mine...

  51. Jasmine Orellana

    That secret whistle at 2:29-2:32

  52. Deon Tobias

    I wasn't a big fan until this album... the style of her voice is awesome...u can tell shes been thru a few challenges by then...

  53. Kameron Jones


  54. dollfacekenn84

    authentic and a got damn classic.. whole album she came thru

  55. J Elizabeth

    Checking in for 2019!!

  56. Andrés E

    This sounds like Don't stop the music by Yardbrough & People.

    Shelly J

    Nothing like it and I LOVE that particular song. Two different songs!

  57. Laquinton Wagner

    The folks who disliked this think ariana can pull this off

  58. Marla Monique

    2019 anyone?

  59. lexi yeet

    This is really good Mariah carry 👌

  60. Vinmar Sterlu

    Vinmar Sterlu Car Wash Beverly Hills !

  61. Niesha C

    Here in 2019 😍🎶💯

  62. Vinmar Sterlu

    Vinmar Sterlu Car Wash Beverly Hills !

  63. Amanda Williams

    Love the outfit.

  64. Angel Sheppard

    Mariah Carey music Christmas

  65. Carlos GCM

    I bet her vocal cords were bleeding when she finished recording this masterpiece

  66. jayvee mendoza

    TEOM will always and forever be one of the GREATEST ALBUM made by an ARTIST, I MEAN A LEGEND

  67. jayvee mendoza

    I just had my Google Acc now, but Ive been loving her since I was 11 years old!! I can`t believe I stan A LEGEND!!!

  68. Marie N

    This whole album was a masterpiece 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  69. Aquarian 1

    Here in "2019"

  70. James Read

    Fan favourite!!!

  71. Regina Blocker

    Mariah still got it.

  72. Yo Fine Ass Auntee ******

    One of the best songs on Emancipation which is a crazy cuz that album is full of Classics!!

  73. Simone Rae

    I remember being so young thinking I was going THROUGH IT listening to this song!

  74. Vinmar Sterlu

    Vinmar Sterlu Car Wash Beverly Hills !

  75. Ariana Stacey

    How the heck did U2 beat Mariah Carey for Album of the year at the Grammys? I mean listen to this.... Grammy's are always robbing Mariah Carey.

    Jasmine Olivares

    Tommy motola

    Amari Hunter

    @Jasmine Olivares And that mother fucker too. He was so bitter and still is

    Ilias Salhi

    it makes me so angry

    Goose Pearl

    she won album award for this album

    Dominique Deveraux

    Goose Pearl Yeah but it was for Best Contemporary R&B Album, a genre specific award for black artists, not Album of the Year, THE biggest award of the night!

  76. John Ryan Avillano

    2:44 got me!

  77. John Ryan Avillano

    2019? Anyone?

  78. LiLi_Mocha.88

    Still listening in 2019?

  79. CheNavias Conley

    The best 😘

  80. Vlad Mihai

    Love the fact that at 2:53 you may think it ends, but it continues a bit just cause she wanted to be sure she’s flown your wig away. 😍😍😍

  81. Black Beauty

    Damn, I mean I can belt but I put in around my wrist. not like this

  82. Angie Hayward


  83. Jeff S.

    I so relate to this song right now as far as running around in cirlces over someone.

  84. Listya D

    please bring me backkkkk!!!

  85. Andrew Garfield

    Her voice on this entire album literally sounds like a matured daydream one

  86. Shonna Yilmaz

    You got me running around in circles over you .... Love you Mariah!!!

  87. Bimmerbabe

    still fav album 2019

  88. Ruby anne Fresnoza MAMA

    Godddes in world face pray to god meet picture 😃😐😃😃😃