Cardona, Trinidad - Tired Lyrics

She said sex on the beach is all that she wants
And so I gave it to her
There's no shame at all, we just hanging out
Every day we get higher than most
But I never said she's mine
Find me at your back door
Call me when they're all gone

Tired of being lonely
Tired of all the long days
Sick of all the homies
Call me when you want it
Tired of being fucked up
Tired of caring too much
Tired of my surroundings
Call me when you want it

So if I caught up on the way
You just working and getting paid
If I'm taking it other day
Would you think that you mean to me
I got people around my corner
But if shawty will make it fun
Fuck me like you love me
Good thing on your birthday

Tired of being lonely
Tired of all the long days
Sick of all the homies
Call me when you want it
Tired of being fucked up
Tired of caring too much
Tired of my surroundings
Call me when you want it
Tired of being lonely
Tired of all the long days
Sick of all the homies
Call me when you want it
Tired of being fucked up
Tired of caring too much
Tired of my surroundings
Call me when you want it

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Cardona, Trinidad Tired Comments
  1. jake miller

    Iam still wondering why didn't this blow up

  2. Dajooo FromDa504

    Hey bae😍😍😩

  3. Baby Doll Princess

    This song is so relatable ♠️

  4. Mz. Ambition

    Wait, he cut his hair fr fr???

  5. Howard Mack

    Love your songs

  6. infam0us jennie

    Boi you better stop all that smoking

  7. Mikayla Dawn

    okay but when you cut your hair 😭

  8. Marie-Antoinette Schexnayder

    I remember being obsessed with your song jennifer, then listening to everything else and being obsessed with them too😂 and that song was posted on my b-day! July 13!!!

  9. vibez msp

    he look like a younger version a will smith w that trim tho fr

  10. Xxx Jair’s

    Why tf is he so underrated

  11. Lindsey Nobles

    I love this shit

  12. Z'kyra Banks

    On the real, we need to collab

  13. Hommi Angeles

    I miss your hair💔

  14. Amiya Bishop

    I love you so much Trinidad Cardona I relate so much to your music!! I listen to it everyday your way too underrated and Istg if I could marry you rn I would 😍 keep doing what your doing

  15. Jinxx Korrin

    That’s krazy I went from Jennifer to now his style is still amazing but wow

  16. Mouja Bell


  17. nicholas ercius

    This mans lit hes so talented

  18. Vlogging_ Studios

    his ❤️ WHYYYY

  19. Carolina Sant'Ana da S. Dias

    Afff amei! Ja era apaixonada na voz desse mlk agr no beat de trap meu deus escorreu ate a lagrima....

  20. Bri Wa

    Noooooo.....YOU CUT YOUR HAIR😫

  21. Hafiza

    *new content every Thursday* 🤥

  22. Cock.headasian

    I miss yo old screaming music like nice r&b

  23. JB Maurills

    You are lit 🔥🔥🔥

    Give some like for support√

  24. Natt Kiing

    Why are you so underrated like all ya music is fire 😭🔥 this one, Dinero, Jennifer, you most definitely need more clout and attention, ya voice is fye 💗

  25. Jenni Ramirez

    What happened to your curls?!?? 😭

  26. DaeFN

    This Poppin forsho

  27. FaZeJaY X

    I fucks w all yo songs , your voice makes everything sound better😍!! ,

  28. Katice Allen

    Why you cut your hair baby

  29. Nícole Pedriquez.

    creo que me enamoré:(

  30. Mike Dee

    Just quick question the song is called Tired but my guy Trinidad hype asf

  31. Kemilly Isabela

    O maluco é brabo😻😻😻😻

  32. Layia Mt

    I’ve only heard two song and I’m hooked 🤩✨💙

  33. Fernando Souza

    Ele parou de fazer som ?

  34. Daniaylis Mejias



    In love with this man idccc💙💙

  36. Szabina Czesznak

    Young Usher?🤔🥰

  37. lauren

    this is sooo good i can't

  38. Gaby Reyes

    Trinidad, you really shouldn’t use auto tune. Your voice is so amazing and it just ruins it

  39. Nickayla Murphy

    What happened to the video for Damelo😔

  40. Dafne Selene

    Amo tu voz ❤
    I love your voice ❤

  41. Alvin Williams

    Already stuck on this

  42. Diamond Ross

    Yoooooo i loveeee youuuu ☺🖤

  43. Fernanda Silva


  44. Kaleb Toliver

    Old verison is better

  45. broke ass Army

    Why did my dumbass just hear this???

  46. Andrea JustAndrea

    Song is good but too much bass

    Trinidad Cardona

    Andrea JustAndrea no such thing

  47. The sound of death

    Ur voice so amazing it inspires me Love you ❤️

  48. The sound of death

    C’mon let’s get @Trinidad Cardona to 1M + he deserves it🙌🏼

  49. Wiki Chibi

    Ur hair😭😭😭

  50. Mary Lewis

    Hey Trini are you okay? I'm concerned about you sweetheart. 😳 I'm not hearing from you lately, I miss your vibe man. I hope you are ok,I guess,I love you bro😘💛💛💛

  51. Jenna xox

    Wow just discovered youu !your voice n vibe is amazing 💖

    Desiree Cordova

    Yes us fan are trying to get him out there.. share share share..

  52. aliah Plays

    He sounds like the weekend and the weekend is awesome! Wait wait no he sounds better ❤🙏💜

  53. Kerry Washington

    Dilip on the BEAT... I see you.. Danny Wolfe sent me...

  54. Arisa Francisco

    I love this already ❤❤🖤🖤🖤

  55. SymoneOn TheSide

    This camera movement on some crackhead shit ngl 👌🏽 It’s lit tho

  56. SymoneOn TheSide

    Dang I just listened to ‘Jennifer’ today and automatically subbed..... checking out your other songs, aint none of the talent been lost....😩

  57. Dimond Mark.

    This song is fire!🔥 But bro whatchu did with your hair bro. Plus it dont matter to me you still cute☺😅😂

  58. Ta'aja Gates

    I becoming sucked into his somgs and I like it

  59. Jada Driver

    I can't stop putting this on repeat 😍😍

  60. Ajayah Byrd

    lol I liked his long afro better

  61. xyuno

    cheguei do baile embrazadão
    ouvi essa e fiquei suave

  62. Rachel Godoy

    Man stop making music you too good at this! Love you

  63. The_ Peterpan

    Cadê teu cabelo porra?

  64. Sierra Cantres

    Omg you smoke?? PLZ don't

  65. Aireona.

    I love his whole style, so unique 🔥❤️💯.

  66. ヅrOseyjahnayy

    idc if he shaved it off that better grow back by the end of 2019 shooo 😩🤤🤤

  67. Beatriz Franco

    Trinidad, me possua!

  68. Nina Apodaca

    I fucking LOVE YOU some much! You're great, keep going ❤!

  69. Stoney Smokes

    I needa learn how to sing man

  70. Amayu Mohipath

    When you're from trinidad and see this nigga nammed trinidad cardona, bruh YOU SLAP FR FR, I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO YOUUUUUUU

  71. Roseann Lagurin


  72. fuck u bitch

    I love this song so much I'm I've been obessed since it came out

  73. Donny Rivera

    Love this song 🔥💯

  74. Roger Muh

    Trinidad merece todo o sucesso do MUNDO!
    Quem concorda curti.

  75. Kiki Harris

    Every song he makes😍😍🔥

  76. sasha 13

    *omggggg y did he cut his hairrrr😭but it’s fine cuz he’s FINNNE🤤 with big AND short hair*
    *to: the FINEST BOY aka TRINIDAD CARDONAAA❤️❤️❤️*
    *PLSSSSSS NOTICCCCE THISSSS cuz I LOVVVE U❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤and boy* *u FINE as HELLLL❤️❤️🤤🤤🤤🤤*

  77. Trey Ninho

    Não acredito q cortou o cabelo

  78. famous zack

    This dude so underrated 🔥🔥✌🏽👊🏾

  79. Jacquya Curry

    tired of caring too much 😩 swear man te quiero mi amor ❤️❤️ nun but facts in your songs 😌

  80. Rubén Martínez

    Man why did you cut your hair ? 😣 anyway what a song !

  81. iara asmr

    You're cute, I like your nape Jeniffer and send a hello to me, my name is Janine, I live in Brazil !!!

  82. Jason

    Dudeee you got depth 👌🏾

  83. Angel Marin

    Why hasn’t he blown up yet? Wtf, so talented dude 🔥👌🏽


    My new favorite❤❤🌈

  85. True_T Jo

    Tired is my shi 😍🔥🔥🔥

  86. True_T Jo

    I listen to Jennifer 20/4/7 but I decided to listen to dinero, ready, walk, tired, even if , alone part 1 and 2 and

  87. Seriaa Anders

    1 second into the song and already love it te amo ❤️

  88. J&J's World

    I love this song and can’t stop listening to it

  89. Real Advantage Productions

    I like it! Trinidad Cardona, "Tired." It's a hot track. That's all folks!

  90. ϟ ϟ

    I was eating as I began listening to this song and almost choked because i didn't expect the beat drop to be so lit 😂😂

  91. ϟ ϟ

    HA! here before it blows up

  92. Luis Allcca Ramirez

    this shit needs more views

  93. jbthadon8

    This song is fire

  94. gab


  95. Jab Dy

    i really lovee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu omggg T_T

  96. Briony Drysdale

    follow me on Soundcloud! Briony J - I have this vibe!!!! <3 xoxo mwaaah

  97. Nics Soriano

    This is so sick babe😍😍😋😋

  98. Trinidad Cardona

    Instagram : Trinidad

    Kailey Is fruity

    You’re making my year better thank you for inheriting the talent you have bless your Mexican/ black family for blessing us with your existence!

    London Campbell

    Am sorry if I sound wired but u is cute ❤️

    Ta'aja Gates

    Omg that's so sweet

    Justice Barnaby

    good you needed to cut the meat pie of

    andrea martinez