Cardona, Trinidad - SOLO Lyrics

Jump out the store with designer
Look at your girl like I might just
In the summer months we gonna act up
What you think I got these bands for?
Just to feel like I'm apart of
Something beyond where I started
I'm on the road with my bag bros
I'm on the run to a bad hoe
I know
Every move that they gone throw
Yes and I know
That your bros ain't always bros
So I move
In the silence of my thoughts (Yeah, yeah)

S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)

Tinder profile
We can do a island
When I'm out, I'm drunk
I just want a bed for my Friday
Oh yeah
Come with me tonight
Follow, follow
Follow me off
I been on a wave
Are you coming for these rides?
All the bitches sitting low
I don't think you know
How I make it end of day
I'm solo

S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)

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Cardona, Trinidad SOLO Comments
  1. Martinaa


  2. Stealth Reflex

    Why did u cut the curls🤧🤧🤧

  3. Pickle Rick

    Cutting his hair was the worst thing he could of done to his image

  4. Hazel Rodriguez


  5. YRN xcvi

    Nigguh ugly asl lmao

  6. Maniac Mind

    Worst decision u made was cutting the hair ..... the afro made u stand out

  7. Marcus Games

    Where this nigga hair go

  8. Memes Be like

    I love his music so much!

  9. Rafael Santos

    Era mais gostosa com o cabelin grande 😔💔

  10. Smart Kids

    Ohhhh lord not a hair cut 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😩

  11. Wisdom Alaffia

    You can't please nobody. Ppl called him a girl with the hair then RIP - in when he cut it off. Smh

  12. Isaac Valenzuela

    Wat school did u go too I like this it goes hard in the paint but yeah keep on inspiring people dats how we do in da O n people from Chicago i like the flow n beat cool song

  13. Toomuchsauce513 s

    The world is sleeping on Trinidad cardona 💔😠 keep it up bro love all youre songs ima big fan homie 💯💯💯💯

  14. milabh1

    Omg what lips😋😘🥰


    Cute man cut his hair off not that cute anymr

  16. Hamisi Femi Valentina

    Aww that cute lil smile and thumbs up at the end 😂

  17. FuckLilSavage

    Where are the new songs

  18. Pooh Babes

    Nooo not the hair🥺

  19. Stacey Brinker

    I love Trinidad cardona New song solo album because you doing that 💋💋💋💋💋Tracey

  20. Aalaina Tuan

    I miss his hair so much

  21. Bonita Chaquita

    Okay cardona I see you switching it up in more ways than one i see

  22. Joe.B.

    Rip hair❤️

  23. AnaLiese Salisbury

    Wtf this actually bops

  24. Rose Berry


  25. Ajithkumar M

    This is lit

  26. Huấn

    wtf with his hair

  27. Shirlene Gaines

    Yes 🔥🎤🎼🎧😁

  28. Shirlene Gaines

    I love like it 🔥🎤🎧🎼😁

  29. Sasah


  30. Isys Webster

    Brooo I can’t believe you cut your hair you was sooooo fine wit it but you fine now still don’t worry 😉 😍😍😍😘

  31. Tamara Cotto

    I miss your hair :( but you’re still attractive 😭

  32. Dave Saville

    I used to think he was going to become something but he taking too long and his songs changing he used to be cool

  33. Christina Martinez

    wow wow wow

  34. Christina Martinez

    he is still hot period.

  35. Keira Akuar

    Well the hair was my favourite feature of him but ig not.

  36. Summer Guidry

    Hmmm...I wonder what jennifer will think about this.

  37. dablackmike

    this is my JOINT! Love the lofi type vibez, definitely a warm feel!
    been a fan since "Jennifer"


    I'm triggered he cut his fucking hair

    But honestly he did look like a girl when he had hair

  39. ʚɨɵɾ ɰɑʅʞɛɾ

    I gasped. WHERES YOUR HAIR?!

  40. N11 Music

    "only foreign women no americanas"

  41. Andrea Rodriguez Herrero

    I’m in love with the song!😍

  42. Rubs

    eres un durooooo loco

  43. Mxlique


  44. Kyui

    what type of hair style is tryna grow?

  45. Ahjah Hill

    Play at speed 1.25

  46. Syntazer G

    Rip I miss the hair.

  47. aitana Mateo

    Sus chinossssssssss nooooóooooooooo😣😣😣😣😣

  48. Alexandria Barnett

    I wish this was longer

  49. Lujain Reahy

    He doesn’t look 20 anymore

  50. Z'kyra Banks

    Falsetto on Fleek

  51. Nylease Yzagere

    I love your voice and I know your sisters

  52. Thaynara Teixeira


  53. Beast Mode 2215

    WHERE DID YOUR HAIR GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. FaZeJaY X

    His voiceee bro😍❤, but nah be really cut his hair 💔, BROKE ME HEART


    I'm mad he cut his hair

  56. Ahnysha Lowery

    Noooo you cut your hair

  57. P a s t e l a s t h e t I c s Payne

    He looking 13 with his hair gone

  58. Queen Marie

    The songs 🔥 and that hair🥴🥴

  59. Jacob Lo

    This song deserves more recognition

  60. Luisenciado :D

    you should do more music in Spanish bro I just heard your song dinero and I really liked it

  61. Niya Marie


  62. Lovely. Nyia

    Wow I can finally see his egg plant head now😂👏🏼I'm a lil mad but he look sharp😘🔥🔥

  63. PeriodSis_Niya

    Am I the only one that’s still mad about him cutting his hair😑😭😤

  64. lemon squeeze

    This is actually good

    Desiree Cordova

    Keep lostening to gets better every time

  65. Fernanda Silva


  66. scr cloutboi

    s o l o

  67. vDripzy

    Nooo the hair foo

  68. Basketball Mixtapes

    He remind me of the weekend

  69. Chianti Lewis

    Whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy you cut your hair off

  70. Liyah Kim

    he needs to make more music he‘s so talented!!

  71. Aniyah Harris

    I LOVED all the poofy hair🥴 but u cut it but I like it how it is now❤️ and I luv the song too this is some thing I would listen to when I’m relaxing or sum

  72. Joe.B.

    Your fro where it gone

  73. Official B-O-E XD

    I still can’t believe His hair is gone nooooo😭😭😭

    Desiree Cordova

    His growing it back.. check out his ig @trinidad

  74. Jesen Little Mustache

    Classic Chris Brown/Classic The Weeknd/Classic Lloyd/K.Forest/Che Ecru/Tyus are all the flows I'm hearing! And they all learned it from Ginuwine! The influence is real!

    Jesen Little Mustache

    Dope track! On repeat!

  75. The sound of death

    I love you Trinidad 🥴 your voice is soooo precious ❤️ I know load’s of pple are saying this but I loved your hair before it was so cute 😍 but that don’t change anything your my fave!!!

  76. AwkwardAna

    I love you !!! I’ve missed your music

  77. king wayne

    y he cut his hair

  78. ZayJahKing

    U have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard keep up the great work 👊🏽🔥❤️

  79. Isael Souza

    This song is fucking awesome, you reach the south ouf Bahia, Brazil. Man i gotta tell u, ure BIG!!!

  80. tea jfan

    jenni, jenni, jenni, Jennifer

  81. Cartier Bombbody

    Omg he cut his hair 😞

  82. Loraine Alesna

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  83. Stacey Brinker

    I love Trinidad cardona his music so solo album 😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍Tracey

  84. Annaka Carpenter


  85. Jenesis Caffee

    Bro why his hair😢😢 plzz grow it back💗 honestly I think he looks better with the fro😊😂

  86. aliah Plays

    Solo cowardice 💜🙏❤

  87. Carmen Quinn

    I miss Jennifer

  88. Jada Tupou


  89. Jada Tupou


  90. Jhenny Vieira

    Me lembra o ICONE Frank Ocean 💕💕

  91. Ta'aja Gates

    I love it

    Ta'aja Gates

    Omg hes lloks good asf even with his hair cut

  92. Darrel Lemonius

    all u need is that beard now ma boy

  93. 100 Subscribers Without Any Content Challenge

    I miss ur hair🤧🤧but u still that fine boy😍

  94. allison REED

    why he cut his hair!!!!!!! he still fine asf tho💙

  95. Cheryl Blossom

    Mas é um moço muito bonito formoso apetitoso.

  96. Tiyahhh

    im so mad because this song is so underrated

  97. Lena Valeros


  98. Trinidad Cardona

    LIKE AND COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK 🖤 instagram - @trinidad

    Ludmila S.

    Um deus❤❤❤

    KitkatQueen 123

    I love everything but your hair

    Eleana Suárez Reimundi


    Justice Barnaby