Cardona, Trinidad - Even If Lyrics

Even if they don't
Tell me that they love me
I did it by myself with no one else above me

Even if they don't
Throw me all my money
They had me on the side and keep me looking bummy

Even if they don't
Show me like an id
They keep me pressed up in their wallets like a house key

Even if they don't
Show me all the ways
I got one question
Will you be there for me babe?

Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?

Uh, even if I don't
Mix in with your family
They talking to your auntie about my nationality
Even if I don't
Get us in an audi
Would you still whip it with me when I'm on a outing
Even if I don't make it through the struggle
Would you still hustle with me when I'm working double
Even if they don't
Show me all the ways
I got one question
Will you be there for me babe?

Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?

All of mine
I tried too hard to give you all of mine
I want one girl your my concubine
See me rolling over with my darker mind
You could throw a bone or I could give you mine
I'm not a player, I wanna give you time
You could spend it with me I could break his spine
You're a pretty penny
You're a perfect dime
Now she rock Giuseppe just how shes supposed to
My face is coastal, rock a cinder pose
She's too emotional
Pro I could go cold soldier
If I go cold soldier
Military mogul
The weapons local
Push and I reload it
Back the dough
Just get the mental over
Threw it back
Got the dough on her shoulder
She touch her hand to push and bend it over

Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?
I'm riding up
Will you be there for me?

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Cardona, Trinidad Even If Comments
  1. Umat Lucu


  2. Equipe Funk Mix

    Fã clube brasileiro dele é muito foda creio que é maior do que o de lá de fora

  3. JR Nakanuku

    This is an amazing song... It touched me very deeply

  4. Oscar MC

  5. Papi Heimi

    Noviembre? 2019

  6. HiSoKA

    Qoryqore bring me here...

  7. Matthew Katu

    employ some sunnies

  8. Bonita Chaquita

    I do like this song but the part that made me laugh a little was him saying

    "I love you girl, you my concupine" which literally means a mistress lol

  9. Tristen Crump

    He is handsome

  10. Young Crazy


  11. Brit Browning

    Why u sweeping baloons hahahahah pick em up bwaha tht was funny 2 me

  12. Hafiza

    Was he singing in the toilet

  13. Hafiza

    Was he sweeping the balloons

  14. Christina Chambers

    Who else misses his hair ?

  15. Mercedes Washington

    Trinidad Cardona hair is always on fleek but he cut all of it off and it still looks good

  16. Esther Brevil

    omggg i love your songs so much😭😭😍😍😍

  17. Flat/Jack Flat's

    Yo they just yawned in my ears 0:06 😂

  18. Gideon Silva

    Brazil loves you. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  19. Ta'aja Gates

    He going to change the whole r&b scene he needa to blow already

  20. HA HA

    missin' ur long hair :<

  21. Trimo Wahyu Prasongko


  22. oay sz

    Eu olhei p ele e gritei: ARTISTAAAAAAAAAAA

  23. Antoinette Dorsey

    I like your hair and your song

  24. Odi X L. Jackson

    2019 e contínua um musicão da porra. 🔥✊💯

  25. muhamad jordan

    Qory membawaku kelagu ini

  26. kiya k

    My man's gonna blow up for real keep it going Trinidad

  27. Keisha Warren

    One my favs😍

  28. Tammy Harper

    I Love to hear him sing. The beat is so different.

  29. Asia Nicole

    Will youuuu be thereee forrrr meeeeeee???? 😩💕🙌🏾 2019 anybody?

  30. emily

    sum bout this song bruh 😭😍😍😩

  31. Kamariyia Butcher

    Dis girl tryna run turds him she thought

  32. Shanyla Mims

    Yesssssss ❤❤❤❤

  33. Benz Espinosa

    I can't believe this didn't get million views yet

  34. Daynna Wilson

    Team Brazil

  35. Daynna Wilson


  36. Daynna Wilson

    That’s my daughter celebrity crush ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. tamira dotson

    march 2019....any body else miss this trinidad cardona?

  38. Tajhia Vlogzz

    MJ Vibes??

    Andrea JustAndrea

    Tajhia Vlogzz literally just the hair. He sounds nothing like him

  39. Tajhia Vlogzz

    0:44 - 0:46 😋😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Laura Silvq

    ❤😍💖EU TE AMO💖😍❤💑

  41. jerome thompson

    His voice is awesome

  42. Amari Hall

    i love him bro

  43. jaynia gray

    I thought he was speaking Spanish near the end😭

  44. Sea Gray

    was this a cinderella theme video?

  45. Maribel Valladares

    If this doesn’t become a hit I’m ganna be pissed 🥵

  46. RY SO REAL

    He a dog for this 👌🏽🎶

  47. Felicia Issac

    First I thought you were a girl.

  48. LaBrittany Amu Thomas

    See this video is what "tired" could of gave us 😍 like I know you cut your hair and you don't really be having all them girls in your videos but still this was deep even without all that. #GiveUsMoreOfYou

  49. know

    lembra mt a musica da JENIFER

  50. ANDRAICO76 pipkin

    Listening 2019🎼

  51. Aj Rich

    Trinidad Cardona...what is it?

  52. Sabrina Souza

    maravilhoso demais 💗💗💗💗

  53. keeping up with torii

    trinadad fuck meeeee

  54. Naay Veruska


  55. Bruna Cardoso

    Que voz 😍❤

  56. Stailin Escaño

    😍😍😍amo está canción love Trinidad cardona

  57. Monike Maia

    Brasil ❤ 2019

  58. Donyelle Laforme

    I love your music baby!! 💓

  59. Ra'Niya Sloan

    I like this song but I think it should’ve been called “for me”

  60. Jorge

    my favorite song

  61. Treviana Smalls

    I miss his hair

  62. kamberly jackson

    2019 still bumping✨💛

  63. Devaune Temple

    *King Of R&B* for *THIS* generation

  64. Oliver Saa

    me encataria colaborar con este artista !

  65. laynian 3000



    I know you never will see this but you inspirate too much

  67. Fire Flamez

    Young mike but the the new generation!

  68. Brody King

    Ella Mai and Trinidad Cardona should come together and collab in 2019

  69. may!a

    jennifer and thiiss🤤

  70. Myheadissobigitlookslikeabig CHICKEN NUGET


  71. geyan asd


  72. My Style xd

    Pqp vei coloca esse menino pra fazer sucesso n aguento esse genero de musica depressivo q se chama trap

  73. • smile •


  74. Andrey Oliveira

    Brasil música top...

  75. Shakeem Pierre

    yeaaahhhhh I spot that Alkaline intro !!!! good song tho Madazzz

  76. Gabriel Gonzalez


  77. Ruben Serrano

    can sum1 tell me why Ella mai everywhere and this guy ain't really heard of...this song along gives a deep feeling just a true talented human. God bless him.

  78. Melinda Diaz

    The best 😤💗💞💕💘

  79. amarachi u.

    Yo I see these girls in the comments talking about some planning their lifes with him. . .shoo I'm just tryna be friends he seem chill

  80. The Death List

    Uh... sure ill be there for you fam👍 even though idk u like dat😂

  81. born assassin

    Think I just found my new favorite artist 🙏 shit this is raw 🙏 🔥

  82. skizz boy

    people love u cardona just the way u are

  83. Faith Beserra

    i like some of this song

  84. TICO FF

    Parece O Rei Do Pop..!!

  85. Gaminggirl Girly girl

    I love this song even better

  86. Katelyn _04

    I’ll always be there for you bbyyy 😍💛

  87. Amy

    His hair 😭❤️

  88. S F

    You had a little glow down lol

  89. prpl skll

    _such underrated music produced by this beautiful man_

  90. Kaan Moustafa

    GG Micheal vibes

  91. Lina Osman

    can't stop replaying this song everyday and night I'm so hooked I mean Jennifer was the ishhhh but this is just on a whole other level 😭 ❤️🤯🤑

  92. Solange Afronta

    Brazil love💓💓

  93. Devonte Jenkins

    this is my shit

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    essa música é é fodaaa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🎵