Cardigans, The - Please Sister Lyrics

With a sampled heartbeat and a stolen soul
I sold my songs to have my fortune told
And it said
You should know that love will never die
But see how it kills you in the blink of an eye

I know love is a hot white light
It knocks you down and then leaves you dry
Oh how can it be sweet mama tell me why
Why all loves disciples have to wither and die

Please sister, help me come on do what you should
Please give me something I’m not doing so good
I’m gone, done wrong is there nothing you can say
Please sister help me I’m not feeling ok

Give me believe that my time will come
And a toll free helpline if I find someone
But she said
You gave away what you never really had
And now your purse is empty I can see why you’re sad

Please sister, help me come on do what you should
Please give me something I’m not doing so good
I’m gone, done wrong is there nothing you can say
Please sister help me
Can you make me feel ok

So if it’s true, that love will never die
Then why do the lovers work so hard
To stay alive

Please sister, help me
Please give me something oh
Please sister, you know I do what I can
Oh sweet mama, please descent me a man
Cause I’m gone, gone
Is there nothing you can get
Please sister help me I just need some love
To live
Just a little love to live

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Cardigans, The Please Sister Comments
  1. tedd avinidigh

    This song resonates. Sweet melancholy!

  2. Dea T.

    So many reasons to cry! But I am strong.

  3. Bjørn-Sondre Svensen

    I really love The Cardigans because they're my absolute favorite group ever and this is a really really beautiful song because its one of my favorite songs from the Long Gone Before Dayligth album and it's one of the best songs i've ever heard in my life. And the lyrics that Nina Persson has written for this song are really genious and beautiful. And what a beautiful voice Nina has she's amazing and a very talented singer.

  4. Fatih k

    ı fuck the replay buttton but ı still fucking....what a great song....these words, this melody.... most underrated group of all time....honestly i don t complain...because it shows the quality of cardigans...

    Bjørn-Sondre Svensen

    Yes and the quality of The Cardigans are really the best rock band EVER and all they're songs are really really really good because The Cardigans has a unique style on they're music that are REALLY REALLY AWESOME.

    And The Cardigans has made a lot of good songs since Nina wrote Lovefool as her first REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL song in 1996 and Nina Persson has written good music all the time since then on albums like Gran Turismo in 1998 and Long Gone Before Dayligth in 2003 and Super Extra Gravity in 2005 and all of these albums are REALLY REALLY BRILLIANT and AWESOME because its my absolute favorite albums of all times and the best music i've heard in my life EVER.

    I love The Cardigans because they're REALLY REALLY AWESOME and they're also my absolute favorite rock band of all times.

  5. Shaun Mattice

    10 years, since their last record. I love A Camp, and new Cardigans new music would nice as well.

  6. nina1983215

    I love this song for many years !!!
    Too many memories and sorrow when listen it every time ...
    please sister 

  7. Asko V

    Love it=)

  8. ChannelArm

    Folks, AWESOME

  9. smartalek180

    Is it just me who finds this sounds like an homage to the great Marianne Faithfull / Stones track, "Sister Morphine"?

  10. geiles gesicht

    Thorunn Egilsdottir :)

  11. Amy Hodkisson

    If there is a voice which makes me cry - Nina has got it! I cant remember a life without her music..

    Bjørn-Sondre Svensen

    Amy Hodkisson i'm so agree with you on that one because i'm start to cry every time i hear her voice because Nina's voice are so beautiful and unique and i couldnt have lived a life whitout her music and The Cardigans at all. Because they're music are really beautiful and it's my absolute favorite music of all times and Nina's lyrics are genious. And i listen to The Cardigans all the time every day because they're songs are really good and beautiful and they're songs always makes me feel happy.

  12. Alacant84

    "Con un latido de corazón sampleado y un alma robada,
    vendí mis canciones para que me adivinen la suerte,
    Y ésta decía: Deberías saber que el amor nunca muere,
    pero mira como te mata en un abrir y cerrar de ojos"

  13. djibril84

    "Please sister help me I just need some love
    To live
    Just a little love to live"

  14. Filip Galetic


    it sucks it's so underrated! it's definitely in top 5 albums I've ever heard

  15. Filip Galetic

    @555dju poor child :)

  16. Sebastián Encina

    TEMAZOOOOO !!!!!

  17. anacamella522

    xukyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy don't u remember me?? miss uuuuu

  18. José Carlos Vega Mendoza

    simplemente los mejores, un encantador recuerdo de esta banda sueca

  19. Djurdja Vukicevic

    i assume that 99 is the year of year of your birth... So, you should wait a little bit more and you'll figure it out all by yourself! ;)

  20. Riam Mirah

    i just realized that basically the whole long gone before daylight album, is brilliant. every single song on the album!

    Bjørn-Sondre Svensen

    Riam Mirah i'm totally agree with you on that one because the Gran Turismo, Long Gone Before Dayligth, and Super Extra Gravity, album are full of really really good songs and they're the best albums that The Cardigans have released ever and those albums are my absolute favorite albums ever because they're so damn good.

  21. Krasnijmercedes18

    Amazing song,deep meaning.Thank you!

  22. tartredarrow


    I don't know about sad, but definitely experienced and true.

  23. starlightz7

    searching the picture @ 2.48 "the idea of perfect pop is so boring"

  24. Carolina S.

    love this song!

  25. galanorodriguez

    gracias xuky1982 por tu comentario. tendriamos que hacer una propuesta a las emisoras de radio para que dejaran de poner como única canción de los cardigans el tema lovefool. salu2.