Cardigans, The - Overload Lyrics

Overload, oh what a match we are!
As we romance along
Towards the firescape
Open fire
Forever in your arms
Splendid time we have
Doing what i dread
Oh my lord
Can i buy some time
I'm learning to dance
I'm dancing, ok?

Overload, lord of the underworld
As we twist and twirl
Hot and dry
High in my cloven heels
This is how real love feels
As we prance and die
Oh my lord
Such a fancy fire
As we dance
You sure can dance
Dance dance
You i will never forget
I hope you'll remember me later
We're swimming in a puddle of sweat
I'm hot baby, don't burn your fingers
I'm tenderly served on your plate
The band must continue to play
So we can dance
I love to dance, baby dance with me
Yeah, i can dance
To love is to dance
Now dance me home

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Cardigans, The Overload Comments
  1. Andrew Flood


  2. Reni C

    Samantha Young

  3. Axl Rose

    I am such a bad dancer. But I will dance his with Nina

  4. Bobby Martinez

    Such a beautiful classic song :) I just want to sing this in front of millioms of people with a cowboy hat on lol

  5. Pedro Grau

    Baby dance... with... me...