Cardigans, The - Losing A Friend Lyrics

You're losing a friend
You got it all wrong
I'ts not about revenge
But you're losing a friend
I didn't see it coming
With my head stuck in the sand
But now I'm loosing a friend
And it's keeping me up
It's the ribbons I tied
I would rather just die
Go to hell and crawl back
Than let you go
You're losing a friend
You jeopardise me
Bad bad blood on your hands
And see, you're losing a friend
I'm fickle and I'm vain
And you trick me over and over again
And now I'm losing you
And it's killing me
It's the strings that I tie
I would rather just die
Go to hell and crawl back
Then let it all go
My mistake
To lose you
Oh no, oh no!
So this the end now
I'm losing you
Oh, look at you!
Look what you're wasting
You're losing a friend
Oh no, oh no!
I'm losing a friend
Oh, oh oh no

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Cardigans, The Losing A Friend Comments
  1. Roman KFM

    I love this song, this record, this band.

  2. Jéssica

    Always gives me chills

  3. Irwing Gonçalves

    I juat lost a friend tonight, he decide to not talk to me anymore, for a really miataken reason.
    Then i remembered this song.

  4. Diego Marrubia


  5. Mcramos68


  6. S. Emmanuel Casas


  7. Maceo Sikes

    There's just something about when you half suspect it's lip synching, unit there's just one tiny mistake that shows they're playing it live. 

  8. Antonio Igartua

    wow i love the cardigans sublime song thank you

  9. Letztes Biest

    it's the ribbons i tied
    i'd rather just die

  10. understandard

    drummer needs work

  11. Steve


  12. Roberto Sena

    This song could be a number 1 in every country.. Why didnt they release as a single?!!

  13. MistyLove7

    WHOA! Yes she does!

  14. E. Valenzuela

    s it me or nina looks a lot like kirsten dust?

  15. Ojel Sansan Yusandi

    she can be a cute girl, she can be a mature lady, and i love both.

  16. Tatum Esterline

    I lost one of my best friends over stupid fights and lies..

  17. Lindsay Shore

    @1990Dini i know how you feel :'(

  18. Lindsay Shore

    i lost my best friend at the end of grade 10. we were best friends since we were in grade 5. i'll never know the real reason why she left, she claims our friendship grew apart. She basically threw away her past and hurt alot of friends. I still miss you Katie :(

  19. wajdi slama

    why ? why ? ...... why ???? ..... hmm ...

  20. cheetangos

    I lost my best friend. FUCK

  21. Pari Kumar

    Omg...... I couldn't listen to 20 seconds of the song without crying! I reallymiss my best friend but she told me that she does not want to be my friend 4 times! I think I get it out now youu B!!!!!!!!!!but I really miss her :(

  22. sx7888

    can't get this song out of my head... I wonder why.

  23. Bojana Pantovic

    i lost my friend and i miss her very much, even though she`s a bitch!...

  24. Nadine Kahl

    I'm missing my old best friend :( we're not friends anymore since last year, but I'm missing her like hell :'(

  25. abortionrock

    this song is ultimate redemption for anyone who ever had a friend who tried to break down your door and beat the living fuck out of you...AND FAILED!! hahaha

  26. Åke Nordebrand

    Hell of a good song:)

  27. Marija Tomasovic

    the Cardigans !!!!!!

  28. jbohler33

    @codyelir their new shit mostly isn't very great, but their old shit is great

  29. Sabrina English

    @garfreeek i lost him. i haven't talked to him in a while, but i'm actually better off without him.

  30. garfreeek

    @posionousfire sorry i can't help but's it going?!
    did you get him back, or did you lose him?

  31. Drew James

    I can relate to this song

  32. dsimms9

    un. der. rate. ed. ....

  33. lilya546

    it sounds terrific!!! these guys are genious!!!

  34. KyuubiReign

    @posionousfire normally i wouldnt care about other peoples issues but ive been there haha.

  35. Sabrina English

    i lost my two best friends, and then a week ago i told my other best friend that i liked him and now he's just avoiding me. but if you love somone you can let them go,and if it's meant to be,they'll come back. well i hope that happens because i don't know what i could do without him. i would talk to him from 9pm-1am everyday and we would just talk,and he would ask me questions about myself. but that probably won't happen anymore. and i think i just lost him.......

  36. Karloz casas

    he pérdido [email protected] amigos y esta canción realmente me hace recordarlos... so sad.

  37. Jack Martin

    I appreciate that this lady is authentic and not some trained commercial puppet.

  38. Barbue123

    Ok...My friend was right!They are amazing! :P

  39. eralcen

    Please, come back with a new album Cardigans

  40. FlyDCJets

    Missing The Cardigans...

  41. IndiaJosephine Stone

    i hate the fact this came up in recomended for you...cos right now i think i am loosing/lost a firend :'(

  42. matomatique

    they are under rated. all their cds are very good

  43. agustina fiori

    bobbelibob you know why it's the same? BECAUSE THIS GIRL JUST NEVER SINGS IT'S ALLWAYS F..ING PLAYBACK. Try finding a live version of 'I NEED SOME FINE WINE' that's not playback. you won't find it. she sucks.

  44. bobbelibob

    Have you heard the record? It's the same - the drums are very loud. It's supposed to sound like that.

  45. Leonardo Oliveira

    Oh dude... I think it's perfect

  46. ThirdMother

    Yeah, I think so too. Amplification of instruments is usually very loud for rock/pop concerts.

  47. Phangmaster

    piss poor live. barely stays in pitch. I think she just can't be bothered to keep her voice in good condition. Maybe she lost interest in singing years ago, so doesn't practice much.

    Shame really, she's got one of the best natural voices ever.

  48. ThirdMother

    She always sounds great in a studio singing live, and less on a concert stage. Maybe it's to do with acoustics, or she gets nerves before an audience, I have no idea. She can sing perfectly live. Maybe the playback of instruments live often is too loud, her voice is very fragile, so she overstresses.

  49. Danielle Newman

    Wow, I can relate to this. Makes me so sad...

  50. J Rossi

    Actually, if you play the album version along with this version, it does sound like a playback. HOWEVER, it isn't because of the slight tempo changes they make here. Plus, her voice cracks at 3:10 on this video which doesn't happen on the album version.

  51. J Rossi

    wait... WHO IS YOUR MOTHER'S COUSIN??? Is she part of the Cardigans or something?

  52. Cpt Mickmaise

    My mothers cousin :)

  53. Keresh

    Mi to na prawdę obojętne czy ona śpiewa z playbacku czy nie, ale w tym przypadku nie jest to playback. Wydaje Ci się bo video jest rozsynchronizowane. Mam tą płytę i specjalnie jeszcze raz przesłuchałem ten kawałek więc wiem na 100% że to zupełnie inna wersja. Szczególnie, że tutaj brzmi znacznie gorzej niż na płycie (nic dziwnego). Przesłuchaj sobie lepiej jeszcze raz wersji albumowej jeśli mi nie wierzysz.

  54. errr1c

    Don't be so naive. She sounds exactly the same as the album version.
    THIS IS PLAYBACK and even dumb knows it.
    Look how she acts at 3.10. I like The Cardigans, but shows like this are.. shite.
    Koleś, to jest jakiś śniadaniowy program, więc to oczywiste, że jebią z playbacku.
    Pogódź się z tym. Tym bardziej, że tak naprawdę od First Band On The Moon, pomijając kilka solidnych utworów nie nagrali żadnej dobrej płyty.

  55. Keresh

    Whatever, troll...

  56. Cristian

    no , it isnt playbak...its just out of syncro (video and audio).

  57. errr1c

    Yeeee. And pope is black..

  58. Keresh

    It's not playback.

  59. glompix

    Super Extra Gravity. The album.

  60. The Blue Brothers

    whats SEG?

  61. errr1c

    Yea, I agree, nice.. But why playback?

  62. prokopii gelan

    The drums are interesting decision :)

  63. Prometheus1st

    VERY few groups such as the 'Cardigans' maintain such a continued presence in the music world as they continue to do.

    I won't try to explain this, as obviously there IS a reason they are still present, and still so popular.

    I don't even particularly like this song {but I adore other Cardigan songs} but I recognize the reason others may like it.

    Take care all,

  64. Jaaakob

    I'd say the quality is varying quite a lot from one live performance to the other. she does however sound pretty strained alot of the time.
    The strange thing is that you can hear she should be able to sing it effortlessly...
    One thing is really great though; she always sounds like herself, and you can tell her style comes naturally to her, not like some singers who have a more 'conciously deliberate' sound.

  65. stepherl

    Thanks for posting this song.

  66. Stapler Chan

    I liked her with the short blonde hair and when she was ever so slightly chubby.

  67. jordimla

    as time goes by, nina persson is beginning to look more and more like katherine hellman from the movie brazil.

  68. Rachel Couix

    great lyricist. The words' fairness and clarity are impressive because the emotions are so intense

  69. Onur Kilincci

    i cant say she impresses me very much when singing live, and i had heared this before.. but 'long gone before daylight' is like the god among my albums.. its so full of life, i feel every line she sings on that album.. my goddd(es)

  70. Karl Arsch

    No, Nina looked best with long black hair. But she always looks great. And Great perfomance. I love it!

  71. goma papel

    Reminds me something that happened me... I´m losing a friend!!!!! when i was a in my teen!!!

  72. El Sebo

    you´re definitely right...."long gone before daylight" is an absolutely brilliant album, mainly because there´s just NO weak song on it! and of course because it includes the best song ever - "lead me into the night" is THE song...genius...

  73. pnnorton

    I like nina but her voice has changed alot since emmerdale and such, it could be just the way she is singing but I think her voice has "deterioated" (in the best possible way) They say your peak singing voice is when your just out of adolescence. Don't get me wrong I love it but just an observation.

  74. PyleanHedgehog

    i love how nina´s voice sounds kinda scratchy. one of their best live performances i have seen so far!

  75. escortz007

    a song to get drunk to. i really like this band and almost all of their work.

  76. Angela Wheeler

    I posted a story about a friend of mine who loved the song "paralyzed"...I got this CD only a few days before I found out she'd overdosed on meth...the album hadn't come out in the US yet, a friend of mine in Germany sent it to me when it came out there. Another eery moment with me and the cardigans....I love them so much!

  77. ChrisDinardo_

    This is one the greatest bands of all time.

    killer version :)

  78. bogdan gradinariu

    jos palaria,bag pula!

  79. Lauu Brunne Morais Devlin


  80. Abyss

    Där fram med!

  81. Diego Silva

    For me she looks like Kirsten Dunst a lot of times. Well, Kirsten looks like her, since Nina is older hehehe
    Great Cardigans!

  82. Theblizzardking

    Nina does funny facial expressions at the end.

  83. Mayo Baluyut

    and i'll never have her

  84. Lilia96

    GORGEOUS song.

  85. Daniel G

    Nina Persson is hot , I love Her .

  86. nursbms

    i thought i was the only one who thought she looks like kirsten dunst. lol

  87. Unemployed Freak

    Well, at least the first band on the moon.

  88. mastamove

    Great, thanks!

  89. Thiago Leite

    beaultiful... what more can I say?

  90. TamTheThird

    Super Extra Gravity is a great, great album... love the Cardigans

  91. garfreeek

    little sarcastic,and great song and lyrics!

  92. Mayo Baluyut

    That took out a chunk out of my soul - powerful song. The Cardigans forever!

  93. Joseph Martinez

    Very powerful!
    I'm really digging Nina's voice. It sounds so sexy with just a little bit of a scratch to it.