Cardigans, The - Junk Of The Hearts Lyrics

We never chose to part
in this stupid play
I never felt by heart
that I could behave
the way the roles were made

I know that I've done you wrong
but you're hard to please
When your faith is gone
and when you can't believe
I'm on my hands and knees

The junk of the hearts

I've given all of me
and you crave for more
Weird how this makes us feel
that's what friends are for

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Cardigans, The Junk Of The Hearts Comments
  1. weather geek

    The Cardigans Band is Still a Thing Just They Don't Post YT Videos anymore Idk Why. I Just Wanted To Clear That Up.

  2. Nick Trousers

    I'm so sad that they are never going to work on a new album...

  3. 4th4life 4th4life

    2:50 "I'm gonna need you to fill out those TPS Reports".

  4. Soulfuc

    the ugly side of an Office Job...

  5. Zayne

    don’t know how i found this but it’s sad that their music is done

    Иван Иванов

    Yeah. That's very bad, but true.

  6. Hiram Yair Gallardo Carrera


  7. Jose Rumbos Aguilar

    the office

  8. The Freaky

    Love It. Totally different from the album's version

  9. Lord Barron

    And then he blasted the thot away with his wamyn respekk pewpew

  10. Mangoheart♡

    Damn miss the cardigans

  11. Fluox Trix

    Viajando neste som

  12. Low Key Sound System

    Did you see the memo about the TPS reports?

  13. Bjørn-Sondre Svensen

    This version of Junk Of The Hearts by The Cardigans sounds exactly like a 90's remix should sound like because i feel like i'm back in the late 90's again when i'm listening to this song and it's a REALLY REALLY good feeling and i REALLY miss the 90's. And i REALLY REALLY LOVE The Cardigans because they're the best rock band EVER existed in this world and Nina Persson is a REALLY REALLY REALLY TALENTED and AMAZING singer songwriter she's the best in the world EVER and i really love her and The Cardigans.

  14. Rian A

    That 90s internet!

  15. lenovo blanca

    que lokooooo

  16. Franco Bernabei



  17. Ciorchinele Suprem

    And this button-down, Oxford-cloth psycho might just snap, and then stalk from office to office with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers. This might be someone you've known for years. Someone very, very close to you.

  18. İsmail Şahin

    Cardigans.. Where are you :(


    İsmail Şahin i hope they are not dead ;/;


    I thought they disbanded.

    Cool Dad

    They still tour occasionally minus their original guitarist/songwriter, but have no plans for any new music.

  19. Pleasant Simmer

    I loved this song when I was like 5

  20. Daniel Vargas

    i can taste the 90s, this is a gem

  21. opalander

    Nicu Nicu very Nicu cardigans

  22. Pedro Alves

    I have this cd

  23. Christian Kudos

    This is new

  24. Albert Meyer

    love this type of video i call it realistic. music is also great and it supported atmosphere of the video.

  25. Carlos Foliaco

    Saludos desde Venezuela. Increíble su música y este tema en especial es muy bueno. esperamos mas nuevas canciones

  26. Wilhem Monetti

    Exelente cancion.
    Como todas las canciones.
    Mucho exito por mucho años the cardigans.

  27. Василий Филатов

    I like it so much