Cardigans, The - I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer Lyrics

Sit, good dog, stay, bad dog, down, roll over
Well here's a good man and a pretty young girl
Trying to play together somehow,
I'm wasting my life, you're changing the world,
I get drunk and watch your head grow

It's the good times that we share
and the bad times that we'll have
It's the good times
and the bad times that we had

Well it's been a long slow collision,
I'm a pitbull, you're a dog,
Baby you're foul in clear conditions
But you're handsome in the fog

So I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer
For the good times and the bad times
That we'll have

Sometimes we talk over dinner like old friends
Till I go and kill the bottle,
I go off over any old thing,
Break your heart
and raise a glass or ten

To the good times that we shared and the bad times that we'll have
To the good times
and the bad time that we've had

Well it's been a long slow collision,
I'm a pitbull, you're a dog,
Baby you're foul in clear conditions
But you're handsome in the fog

So I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer
For the good times
and the bad times we know will come
I need some fine wine
and you, you need to be nicer
you need to be nicer
you need

For the good times
and the bad time that we had

Good times, bad times
Sweet wine, bad wine
Good cop, bad cop,
Lapdog, bad dog

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Cardigans, The I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer Comments
  1. Sally TV 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Dmitriy Kotov

    тыт- супердевочка! и суперкрасивая dixi

  3. Servant to Be

    feminism is $#!t on society

  4. Timothy Farrand

    She's singing about a woman

  5. Derek Hille

    An iconic voice from the 90’s, one of the greats!

  6. Unbroken Flower


  7. Chris Zablocki

    I'd like to explain a couple of issues with "you need to be nicer".
    A. You assume that I'm so hard up for ass that I'll get walked like your lap dog, willingly.
    B. Making demands almost immediately makes me not nice.

    You can't just take the good with the bad? You need to feel like you've fundamentally changed me?

  8. Luiz Berg

    a melhor coisa dos últimos tempos . . . *

  9. Luiz Berg

    Já vi umas 💯 vezes . *

  10. Bill Carmona

    Good shoegazing vibes.

  11. Max Pasko

    i am nicer than ever

  12. СТРАННИК Это нормально!

    Абалденный голос

  13. Unbroken Flower

    😀😁😃😄😆😇💕💕💕👌👌👌 ever since

  14. my-tbeats

    What an amazing band I'm yet to hear a song I don't like

  15. Kanada Lite

    Good boy is a star of this video 😂

  16. Aleksey Kulyash

    I like her

  17. Виталий Шиковец

    👍👍фром Раша

  18. Michael Castillo

    I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to be a dog more in my life until now.

  19. Swoooze

    The Cardigans became less popular the better they became sadly.


    They are probably still huge in their own country. All they ever wanted probably.


    @222Lightning Not anymore. Nothing new on there homepage the last four years either.

    Robert Ågren


  20. blueberrybabyful

    Definely possibly worth getting to be bestest friends with these really nice folks:)


    college rocks sucks. it's the same all teh time.

  22. Phillip Swisher

    Oh yeah
    the spinning around
    like a tornado
    BUT HEY, dont worry,
    Your Country is bein destroyed, and mine is NOT.
    When People do Me wrong, I want them to suffer
    before You get all indignant, remember one thing;
    Ya´ll would never have felt My CHECKMATE
    My current Love interest looks like an American Indian Version of Miss Person
    I WIN
    its because YOU CHOOSE TO LOSE
    wanna do some music?
    wanna heal a broken heart?
    wanna be a decent Human Being, or would You rather continue wallowing in self-hatred.
    YA´ll painted Yerselves into a corner
    I will NOT be joining you there
    i win
    yay its all kinda sad and deeply unnecesary
    i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once again
    PLAY DUMB in 3 2 1


  23. Phillip Swisher

    Allways LOVED this band.
    What I also LOVE is when a pretty lady acts as if I do not exist, then goes to a recording studio where My Sister works, and acts as if I do not exist.
    You see, all You ever would have had to do is be honest
    I am in Zofingen until December 9th
    thats in the other neutral sw country
    BUT yall allready know this
    I WIN
    death to my enemies
    all who judge me harshly are spoiled shits compared to ME
    yay I win
    wanna play some music together?
    i know that you know i be a musician
    i win
    NOW, play dumb in 3 2 1 GO
    i win again

    wanna bang?
    i am hetero
    ladies only

  24. Atleti

    ooooh! what a jazz bass!!!!!!!!!!

  25. peter sjovall

    -Oh Im sitting!

  26. Survivalist

    she looks like Pippi Långstrump ))) cool clip

  27. lonorising

    Sounds like Garbage!

    And I mean that in the best possible way ! Gonna take another listen to the Cardigans archive.

    Sappho Pique

    I thought the same thing instantly ;)

  28. Survivalist

    a cool team, cool clip, play always, such groups all less

  29. Ghost

    when I was 15 years old I thought she was perfect, but now if she called me and offered me sex, I would just hang up

  30. Zombie Fairy

    The Cardigans saved me from depression once

  31. mementoVIDEOS

    vevo loaded straight away, no ads. WTF!

  32. mvyper

    In my early 20s I played bass in a band and we had a rehearsal room that looked just like that one.


    no shit

    Joel Springman

    You need to be nicer.


    you need some wine

  33. MrMishal03

    Nina is rockstar girlfriend I never had

  34. Osc1llate W1ldly

    i like The Smiths artwork there

  35. Emanuele Davide Bulotti

    Adoradile come sempre baci 😘😘😘

  36. Kajun Shaman

    Bands like the Cardigans are our living link to that great era that was the nineties...long life!

  37. Timur Rahmatulin

    But, it can be more wine )

  38. thatdapperfellow

    Is anyone else super turned on right now?

  39. Oranges and Salt

    Gonna make an Honest Wedding Songs playlist. This will be at the top

  40. Артем Грехунов

    Клевая группа!!!

  41. sirdot24

    I've only just realised that it's implied that Nina isn't wearing any underwear under the blue dress.
    (And after studying the dress, I'm inclined to believe that may be the case).

  42. t1000v20

    She still sounds just as awesome, wow!

  43. Darlenys Tolentino

    Came for the cardigans, stayed for the cardigans


    i've heard Peter's original demo and his singing, so he had most of it Nina rewrote lyrics and compared to the original lyric draft she did very well! especially that intro and outro SIT! but to come up with the opening guitar riff/chord sequence some lyrical ideas makes Peter VERY clever, clever Swede no points yet for Magnus! maybe next time :)

  45. Richard Quirk

    I come back to this track weekly (for about a dozen replays). I"d love this on a 45 in the jukebox in my local if I had one.

    Mark Samios

    Richard Quirk get a Bluetooth enabled jukebox like I have and you don't need the 45

  46. thunderberg

    That room is so rock and roll!! Pass the bong.

  47. Szabolcs Kiss

    Reminds me of our rehearshal room, too bad we don't have it anymore :(

  48. luis alberto Garcia Rodriguez


  49. luis alberto Garcia Rodriguez

    Bravo !!!!

  50. Windu Sy

    Can't imagine how the smell in that room

  51. MrRocknrolla4u

    Is she is still single and available? I'd had planned that when grew are up, i'd find her and marry her... Trouble is I've grown older but haven't quite managed to grow up... hmm Great track, great lyrics!

    James Kid

    She has been married since 2001. Sorry man, but best of luck finding someone else.

  52. Emillio Ganzales

    Одна из самых любимых песен!!!


    Nina is lush

  54. juutuub mine perse

    I love the song and album, but the lyrics are as "cool wine aunt" as they can get. Delusional post-wall woman, who thinks that she's a "pretty young girl", who can boss a man around like a dog, all the while sinking in the misty swamps of alcoholism.


    That's one view. The other is a woman who likes the finer things, is fond of a bit of rough, but only if he's nicer to her. There's no delusion, she admits her drinking. There's a softness to the spiky lyrics, like in their other one 'And Then You Kissed Me'.

    juutuub mine perse

    @thepro747 I don't know the authors original intent, but here's what I get from the lyrics. It's about a couple and their long-term dysfunctional relationship, which is characterized by constantly interchanging good and bad times. Everything is being told from the perspective of the female, who describes herself as a pretty young girl. The male is introduced by her as a good man, but it seems that she has no respect for him, as she constantly refers to the man as a dog who's being trained. The woman is clearly not happy in the relationship and feels that she is wasting her life - seeing her mans success only deepens her contempt for him. There is a repeating cycle of her trying to hide or numb those emotions with alcohol, temporarily managing to drink her partner attractive and talk with him over dinner like old friends again, but she will soon drink too much and lose control. This is followed by her picking a fight over any old thing and attacking her man psychologically, after which she'll keep drinking. The only point where she shows possible signs of self reflection is when she compares herself to a bit bull and her man to simply a dog. But it's more likely that this is just her boasting her aggressiveness, not a confession of her own shortcomings. This is supported by her insisting till the end of the song that the man is the one who needs to be more nicer and she just needs more fine wine while she's training her man.


    @juutuub mine perse Yeah, I'm really not geting that reading. There's a lot of candour. 'You need to be nicer. You and Me.' It's a playful, reflective song.

    Not to be personal, but phrases like 'delusional post wall woman' may cause others to assume a bias in you. It's not a wonderful phrase. Some see this song as a ranty feminist anthem to poke at men, or a guy in particular, but Persson's self-aware lyrics sidestep this. She talks of both their problems. The dog stuff is just a framing device.

    juutuub mine perse

    @thepro747 It's not a wonderful phrase, but how wonderful can a phrase describing someone being in denial be. Everyone has their own biases and blind spots. Lots of people would have a bias against the "dog stuff" and how it frames the relationship if the song would be from a male perspective.

  55. María Txc

    I need a "No animals were hurt during the shooting of this video" disclaimer

  56. Matthew Smith

    Does she just not age, at all????

  57. Lindsey Anderson

    SO GREAT. What a voice. She could sing me the phone book.

  58. Phil Bemji

    Still drinking and singing about booze 25 years later... zzzz

  59. BigAl69666

    Yes ma'am!

  60. tomkat69pc

    pretty natural for 57 year old woman ..

  61. Antonios Koutsoyiannis

    An unexpected great band, they became. Tony, 2019, in August heatwave, Thessaloniki, Greece.

  62. kokos zpalmy

    Who fell in love with Nina?



  64. Miron Aranovich

    what a voice she has, love the band

  65. Piss Kakk

    Nice asiat girl

  66. Not Relevant

    Please keep making music

  67. AlexWerwolf21

    шикарный голос!

  68. Babbbuin

    вы были охуенные!

  69. ReRepsycling 2014

    I might be old, but I will never be ashamed to show this to my kids as a model. Tnx!

  70. Frantzen79

    Nina Persson is badass.

  71. P wie Pepe

    The panties are not used, don't fool us please

  72. Cak Redi

    *i need the cardigans back and you, you need them too.*

  73. Oldysrv

    most underrated of alltime???not in my heart!Just awesome...Sweet awesome!

  74. Jay Dee

    Awesome band

  75. Javier Barahona

    La amo!!!!!!!!

  76. Jonathan De Campos

    naughty look 0:22 i dream about one day Nina aproach to me with that look on her face

  77. karla mondragon

    Great song , great video... just please stay away from using traditional garments in such a white frivolous way, cultural appropriation is not fun or trendy... thank you

    Keith Staley


  78. WarkingII

    Awesome !
    But what the hell is happening in this video ?

  79. Dimanuga

    I ♥️ Nina Persson

  80. celia ayneto

    yes! love the video as much as you.

  81. Maniacal

    Still alternative pop-rock. Still like it! Since "My favorit game". And especially "Hanging around" which was really alternative rock without pop.

  82. Alexander Arnold

    "Nice" can't truly exist where I am from. All thinking isn't allowed nor possible.

  83. Dani Noa

    I want a revival of frosty blue eyeshadow.

  84. Mikhail Efimenko

    why do I consider that intro to be one of the hottest things I have ever heard?

    Ali Caramba

    You simply have heard too little.

    Mikhail Efimenko

    @Ali Caramba Or maybe it is more in the kind of having a kink for a hot woman comparing me to a never know. ;-)

  85. KensoulEu

    It's the first time I'm listening to this song and it makes me feel ABSOLUTELY nostalgic for the mid 2000s... wow

  86. sabrina brown

    What you talking about Willis!!??! And I thought I was nicer no cussing but someone had me on a bus with the whole cast from Boyz in the Hood and why was this??? Was it for protection or because folks one to be on one, just curious????!!!?

  87. aknopf

    Somehow I missread "The Cardigans" as "The Carpenters". Boy, was I surprised when the music started :D

  88. Michael Hopwood

    Incredible drumming here. Rarely heard mixture of cowbell and snare triplet rolls...

  89. Colin McMahon

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    Hold on

  90. Colin McMahon

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    Denim.... bloody Blue stuff!

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    And her

    Abortion if the Becjers and Canada ai(his too, trust me)

    Your epitaph, “Trust me”.

    Asocial Canine

    I don't understand this at all. Are you alright?

  91. Colin McMahon

    Up Chlenger, Roger with a throttle”

    Haha, hey Erica.. staff meeting rerun with Sharkey haha

  92. Colin McMahon

    You know ebonics THEN, Mr President and aecret soup Sevice. You launched and lost. Recall? I killed the Playground afterwards for my own reasons, NY lerogstive within my piwers

  93. Colin McMahon

    Eat smegma

  94. Colin McMahon

    There is t a Press rep.

    Hit it a little harder ‘insider jobbed’ that time, huh, simpletons from which there is no escape IN death?

  95. Sander Kroonsberg


  96. Buddha Bunny

    Her voice couldn't be sweeter

  97. whiteribbonman1

    Thumbs Up #12K-PLUS here, Friday 17 May 2019! This was made QUITE the while ago and I am just now learning of it! 😩 Sorry! I swear I did not know you existed! I subscribed and energized the bell!