Cardigans, The - Fine Lyrics

Upon a roof below the moon
nearby a park-bench in the sun
upon the stairway to your room
Why won't you wrap your life around
those certain words I just found

I wear your golden ring inside
suits me very fine
I wear your golden heart in mine
suits me very fine

A backseat sofa in the dark
upon a viewpoint in our town
nearby a fountain in a park
Why won't you wrap your life around
those certain words I just found

I wear your golden ring inside
suits me very fine
I wear your golden heart in mine
suits me very fine
I wear your golden heart in mine
and life is very fine

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Cardigans, The Fine Comments
  1. Dimas Rahadian

    Im here

  2. remington anding

    2019 👆🤘

  3. Laleina Chaung

    預計500年後 再playing

  4. Laleina Chaung


  5. Laleina Chaung

    我小學制服是蒂諾 有 Daddy’s car 出門晃晃 吃東西 跟爸爸媽媽
    在小時候的台中 好閒

  6. Andrew Flood

    LUV THIS SONG !!!!

  7. Lisa Sayers

    Deffo there best Album. God I love this song

  8. destien

    this was my wallpaper back in 90's , i had a huge crush on you Nina

  9. Shane V

    We are a group of music snobs nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Everything’s Fine”.

  10. doctorzelda75

    god bless you

  11. Caroline Pinky

    love this album

  12. michi veritas

    Why do apostrophes come out as a jumble of letters, numbers, etc.?

  13. michi veritas

    Saw them live years ago in Glasgow... Class! Nina is a honey too. Pretty sure ,,'Emmerdale' was their debut in Sweden and 'Life' was their UK/International release?? Sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong:-)


    2006? I was at that one too :) was at the time when super extra gravity had just come out.

  14. Marcio Fellipe

    one of my fav albums!

  15. JPao11

    Found this song shopping in Old Navy... Changed my life

  16. criticallyashamed2

    All the people giving the poster of this crap because they know that emmerdale (have it, love it) came out first are hilarious. It came out like a year and change before Life, and it overlaps most of the tracks. Life is essentially emmerdale plus (yes I know like 3 tracks are missing, to my dismay, so I gladly bought both), and is basically their debut album, definitely the more popular one. First Band on the Moon, and Life are my jams. "After All" is the only one I'd have to take from Emmerdale that isn't also on Life. It's so sad, simple, and lovely.

  17. Camden Nicole

    the drums on this track are exceptional

    Teethgrinder 83

    This album is punk-it may not be technically punk but in the context of what else was coming out at the time and the level of subversion they achieved with this particular album I think it's very punk, wonderful album


    Teethgrinder 83 It’s kinda like, jazz punk lol

  18. sara ali

    Yo tenía el disco y se lo preste a mi novio y me lo rompió

    Tony Ska Jack

    Mal ese muchacho

  19. chiangui24

    Yeah like the other commentator said (6 years ago), their debut album is actually "Emmerdale" (1994). A better album IMO. Still LOVE Life though!

  20. maoaflo

    nice song! one of my favorites. thanks!

  21. Jorey ODell

    love Nina, and the Cardigans, one of my favorite songs here

  22. chingodemotaxxx

    best song ever mofos

  23. adolfo Add

    love this album

  24. Miisterious doom satanas ramirez

    Life...nina i lov u ...

  25. Anjie777

    love this album

  26. Miisterious doom satanas ramirez

    Please all the cd!!!! Life

  27. Korn1holio

    I discovered it just yesterday

  28. Гитаркин

    This is my favorite album from this amazing band. This song being a big reason why.

    Lisa Sayers

    Гитаркин And me

  29. Ezgi Melody

    CUTE & FANTASTIC :-)))

  30. garagerockermadrid

    oh my, already 15 years since this came out? Anyhow, it is timeless (unlike our youth)!

  31. FlyDCJets

    So Great I miss The Cardigans so much...!!!

  32. matthew villanueva

    great song, thx for the upload!

  33. RingleaderOfTheLeos

    Ehmm, youre right actually : ) ...but that was their internetional breakthrough ; )