Cardigans, The - Carnival Lyrics

I will never know
Cause you will never show
Come on and love me now
Come on and love me now

Carnival came by my town today
Bright lights from giant wheels
Fall on the alleyways
And I'm here
By my door
Waiting for you

I will never know
Cause you will never show
Come on and love me now
Come on and love me now

I hear sounds of lovers
Barrel organs, mothers
I would like to take you
Down there
Just to make you mine
In a merry-go-round

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Cardigans, The Carnival Comments
  1. Arkham Tuncer

    Mmmmhm.. my morning Melancholy!!

    Yeah baby!! Yeah!! ;)

  2. cj hepburn

    Luv This! Wish I had it on CD!

  3. ÁUß Code II

    I want to play Super Mario 64 with Nina

  4. Mortadela

    prettiest songs 💕

  5. ÁUß Code II

    Nina Persson feet

  6. はるはる


  7. meesterrain

    I LOVE they had a vinyl copy of Free Design in the dressing room!

  8. Johnny Donny Cage

    The man whom greets you is the entirety including my story of the assassination attempt in a signal that the threat was real. clad in well dressed winter charm! Yes Yes Yes.

  9. Aditya Pratama

    This song is literally immortal.

  10. くんズゥム





    やるきなきお 裏ぱるの動画に出てるゲイの人がカラオケでこれ歌ってた。


    @くんズゥム ありがとうございます

  11. Celtic Crusader

    Austin Powers had an awesome soundtrack

  12. Terry Matson

    I read that some time ago Nina had some bouts with cancer. Did she make a full recovery?

  13. おだじ


  14. Frankie

    They're just so smooth and cool. I love them.

  15. Izzat Hakimi

    Yuna bring me here

  16. Italia


  17. Strawberry Night

    カーディガンズ なんかわからんけど好き

  18. Lili Monster


  19. IrelandVonVicious

    This was the Cardigans at their very best. Each album just got slightly worse than the previous.
    I was such a huge fan but it just kept fading. Wish they would have kept with the magic.

  20. C White

    2:08 That wink was kinda sexy

  21. Emmanuel Fernandez

    Argentina loves this band!

  22. jackson ding

    Hope everyone always in a good health.🙏

  23. Indo with Bad english

    Only 2 million? That's a gem

  24. Mat Sob

    Came here bcoz of yuna just to recall which song.. ooo lagu ni 😂

  25. Asaki Gurk

    I came here because of Drummania 4rd mix.

  26. Topper Hardcore

    is it good for christmas songs playlist? it sounds like one of them.

  27. Croy Blonk

    moustaches.. damn moustaches! God.

  28. Budi Yono

    been loving the songs 20ish year ago, but just now that i realized how i love the way her look :D weird 90's trip

  29. Jessica Margot Choque

    eternal love for 0:59 😍

  30. Muhammad Ridwan

    2:47 hahh

  31. Δlfa_ Hiroto


  32. Adi Putra

    The cardigans was one of greatest pop art band in early 90" carnival greatest song from the cardigans of all time i think ***

  33. Maritess Burgos

    I love how much fun they are having being cheezy and not so serious

  34. Fak_1_p1

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. nightofshanghai

    This is an example of a “perfect song” that exists slightly in the world.

  36. Glober816

    I want to hear Gwen Stefani cover this song

  37. Glober816


  38. Igor Miovski

    - Would you like to dance with me,madam?
    - Oh, i thought you'd never ask, sir!

  39. vincenzo

    i love this song :D

  40. ニシニシ



    Dimples and Legs!

  42. Kobi Tzarfati

    This song aged really well

  43. Abi dzar al ghifari al ghifari

    i realy loved this song !!!

  44. YUCHIHITO1015


  45. Julie Tiu

    I still ❤️ the retro vibe

  46. g3b3d75

    #metoo ruined this video now for me

  47. Shakina Walters

    Just passing through in 2019 ♡ lol

  48. E M

    C L A S S I C

  49. Johnny Donny Cage

    how am I looking? "The League"- Mars the Prince of Cats

  50. 217 mph

    Getting a 1950s vibe from this

  51. Johnny Donny Cage

    dancing's back in [Racoon]- Max

  52. Mr. Coin

    She is beautiful

  53. Nerdgeek spider

    I miss those types of females

  54. GMN 012

    Great 👏

  55. Fitriyani Masruroh

    Aug 2019. Love this song... hmmmm


    Canzone che avevo sul lettore MP3

  57. Ridwan Muliadi

    August 17, 2019

  58. K J

    Nina is a fucking goddess goddamn

  59. Simon Bullows

    She's perfect.

  60. Tere Murrieta Callejas

    La acabo de escuchar en la radio y creí que no la encontraría jamás!!! 😍

  61. Renni MS

    Beautiful girl

  62. Lemonebee

    this is still a bop in 2019

  63. TheWinkiz

    3:09 À l'école quand je revenais à ma place et que ma trousse avait disparu

  64. 乞食ママ



    1998... Mexiko Zity...
    I ztill don’t know...
    Karnival 🔥🖤2019...

  66. Hana

    Did Sophie Ellis Bextor get her inspiration for the Murder on the Dance Floor video from this video?!

    mariana cordero

    I literally was thinking about this. She clearly grabs the same concept for her vid.

  67. Adri Mejía

    Qué buena canción, cuántos recuerdos 😍

  68. José Luis Vera Espinoza

    Headphones, play, awesome

  69. 구자일

    한국인 생존자 손

  70. 加藤大樹


  71. Carlos Rivera


  72. J Rossi

    Watched this music video and their Sick and Tired video hundreds of times but just noticed she’s wearing the same earrings in both videos.

  73. Ian Ryder

    I forgot how bloody awesome the Cardigans were...just beautiful music

  74. Flávia Bezerra

    Amo essa música

  75. Karla Trejo

    me encanta

  76. Britt Kemp

    This song. <3


    0:01-0:04 Soviet toy "Vanka vstanka"

  78. rulgarza

    sophie ellis bextor inspiration? woaww

  79. Walid Elsawi


  80. Denise Ramirez

    Lol I was reminded of this song when I watched a 90s fashion show...they just don’t make music like this anymore. Its sad

  81. ニャンチィボーン


  82. nguyen hanh

    Who's still listening in 2019

  83. Sergio Alex Ojeda Reyes

    Debo reconocer que esta canción esta muy bien hecha ,melodía pegajosa ,con buen acompañamiento y arreglo sencillo, pero con muy buen gusto..en pocas palabras buen pop. Se hecha de menos este forma de hacer canciones en hoy en día donde las voces están acompañadas con muchas secuencias ,y prácticamente sin arreglos instrumentales. La cantante es muy bella ,tal vez no tiene un registro vocal tan poderoso,pero le sabe sacar mucho partido a su voz,e interpreta muy bien..

  84. Jing Guo

    Timeless classic

  85. 仲宗根朝一朗

    this is the best,
    perfect band !
    what a nice guys!
    and i love her! lol


    Please meets you hope you guess my name


    @Fak_1_p1  i think i know what you mean, thanks a lot.

  86. Valdir Mariano

    Será que essa artista já virou dragão ou continua linda

  87. Tyreese 259 Joyner

    Austin Powers International man of mystery 1997

  88. Nombirisan


  89. Nishant Machhar

    Magic . .. Magic . .. Magic!

  90. Jacob Gondar

    Can anyone reccomend me more music that sounds like this? Dreamy retro saccharine goodness

    Brian Fantana

    Try Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You, Cults - Go Outside, The entire Amy Winehouse & Duffy schtick is retro-soul goodness,

  91. s2aguilar197


  92. Mustafa Taslim

    I am coming back to this video over and over again. I am so under her spell.

  93. gaming holic TV

    Why didn't I mention this song with love fool? Oh no. This masterpiece.

  94. yudi abdillah

    first band on the moon.............

  95. Eder Rodrigues dos santos Rodrigues dos santos

    Essa música me dá uma nostalgia gostosa... Tempos lúdicos...