Cara, Alessia - Out Of Love Lyrics

I won't tell you I'm lonely
'Cause it may be selfish
I won't ask you to hold me
'Cause that won't mend what's helpless

There's not a thing I could say
Not a song I could sing
For your mind to change
Nothing can fill up the space
Won't ask you to stay
But let me ask you one thing

Oh, when did you fall out of love, out of love?
Oh, when did you fall out of love with me?

I can't float in an ocean
That's already been drained
I won't cry at your feet now
I know my tears will fall in vain

There's not a thing I could say
Not a song I could sing
For your mind to change
Nothing can fill up the space
Won't ask you to stay
But let me ask you one thing

Oh, when did you fall out of love, out of love?
Oh, when did you fall out of love with me?

No use wondering
Why your changing heart has wandered
So I'll ask you this question
'Cause it might help me sleep longer

Oh, when did you fall out of love, out of love?
Oh, when did you run out of love for me?

Out of love (Out of love)
Out of love (Out of love)
Out of love with me

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Cara, Alessia Out Of Love Comments
  1. Swapna Arghya

    I love u alesssa

  2. J R

    If I were inlove, I'd buy as many roses as I could and send them to the girl's mom's job on Valentines day but that might come off a lil creepy eh..

  3. heyitscath

    wait a second let me just go cry my eyes out to this song.

  4. Queen

    Where did you get that red sweater from I want one

  5. charmin ballard

    I love this song. She is beautiful and transparent. You can only get better baby girl.

  6. karen Liberona

    Beautiful and simple just her amazing voice ..

  7. Kim Chanmi


  8. Big Trev

    she is amazing, woww

  9. Srta. Wonderland

    How could anyone fall out love with this wonderful girl ?

  10. DaQuan Johnson

    IM 6`'5 I HAVE LISTENING to Alessia since 2013 if any body got a way I can contact her its virtually i'm concern

  11. Amy Nouwen

    The fact that I just broke up with someone I really love yesterday makes this song so 🥺 I can't describe this song in words

  12. alllout Ofluf

    Never did!!

  13. Keilah Mendez

    basically I heard this somewhere and I’ve spent *2* hours trying to look for this beauty and I don’t regret it a single bit 🥰

  14. jason shalna

    Forever in love with you

  15. sv. 587


  16. Léa Chaudet

    La music dans After chapitre 1

  17. 기이한 생활다큐

    저의 최애곡입니다 🥰

  18. Luis H.

    SO UNDERRATED!!! This gal has all the talent in the world. I think she makes great songs!!

  19. Maggie Nyagah

    I just want to know too

  20. Johanna Quintanilla

    Why are the most talented artists underrated .... she deserves so much more recognition.

  21. Queen

    I fall out of love since society expected perfection which is not me

  22. Queen

    I fallout of love with myself because I always got teased and bullied and after that mental illness came to me and made me worse. Now I just don’t know me anymore

  23. Smooky MarGielaa

    Wow nice voice

  24. Michael McKinley

    Alessia, i never did fall out of love, buuuuuuut an amazing muse started working in my factory.... you are perfect and i love you, but my muse seems slightly more approachable....

  25. Laura Corbett

    I love you Alessia

  26. Laura Corbett

    I love Alessia so much that I wish I were a man so I could marry her and I would never fall out of love with her I would love her to much to do that

  27. Robby San

    she truly is amazing. PERIODT

  28. C R

    I fucking miss her so much 💔

  29. nathan miranda

    primer comentario en espñol

  30. Wilcieli Pinho


  31. {مجرد شخص عادي}

    Love YEMEN 🇾🇪💔

  32. M A D E L E N E

    Okay this made me cry a little :/

  33. Tamara Petrovic

    my reaction when this song ended: REPEAT

  34. Julie with AVON

    What a voice!! ❤️

  35. chan boramey

    I break up with my bf this song make me cry...

  36. Mic Relik

    suijin loves you girl

  37. solange barzola

    Te amo mucho Ale♥ te mereces lo mejor en el mundo hermosa💫💍🌷

  38. Sabrina Sutton

    Heard this when I really really needed too

  39. Duha A

    *Me* : when did you fall out of love?

    *Bf of 2 years* : I don’t think I was ever in love with you..


  40. Daniel Feeley

    I still love you Alessia. Call me we can repair our hearts together. Try sight seeing that can heal the heart and let people get a look at you. Many folks might be able to help you on your way in life.

  41. Shy Rose

    I didn’t know, I needed this song ♥️

  42. Estherling Hernandez

    quiero aprender ingles ya ....te amo alessia 😙😙😙😙

  43. Isabel Russo Molina

    Tiene 23 años y no la arreglan un poco,con esa voz tan hermosa se merece una mejor presentación física.

  44. Valentina Monroy

    es una cancion muy hermosa

  45. Mayrene VB


  46. Denise Miller

    "There's not a thing I could say, Not a song I could sing"

    Still love you 💙L.A.G.💙

  47. Jaz_ 0812

    Alessia Cara is an awesome Lyricist

  48. Dee SRivera

    When I lost my uncle 3 years ago... ❤️

  49. TheLegendLink .

    Fucking redskin

  50. Ari Wang

    The 2.8k dislikes are from Australians who tried liking the video

  51. Peachymorgie

    i was listening too music and jake paul came on i honestly dont know how to feel

  52. Nes Sul

    Wtf? 0:48 seems like the Song Of BILLI EILLISHHH / Idontwannabeyouanymore.. howwwww ..
    BUT hell how I love alessia 😖

  53. laheri kabemba

    i just love her songs because they don't have and bad words in them or half naked girls

  54. Lea M

    So, I thought I could drop my lil' story here: So here's this guy in my italian class. Once, we made a speed dating in class and when I talked to him he smiled at me and he was so sympathic that I didn't want to stop talking to him :)
    And then before christmas break, we made an italian game in our class. He sat behind me and my best friend and then I looked behind and at the same moment, he was staring at me. Smiling.
    Today, I made a story with this scale thing and I've written down: how much do u like me? So I waited for an answer and I already thought that he would never answer me but then I looked at my story. He almost liked me the most.
    I'm gonna drop a daily little message here every week:) hope you have a good day!
    week 1: he said that my glasses look well and I sat next to him during our exam :)
    update: he's having a girlfriend rn. thank you for this journey! :)

    Fexhri Aliu

    Lea M Awww 😍 adoroooo

  55. Bob Ward

    Brave to ask the question. Stronger than I could be.

  56. Cveti Popova


  57. Stephen Duquette

    She will be one of our all time singer song writers ! She has so much feeling and style and tenderness in her perfect voice !

  58. Rebecca Ainge

    Every time I hear this I think of the film ‘after’ :(

  59. Cah Tube

    Agm BR aí q veio pelo filme after ?

  60. Xanthe Rose

    Anyone here from After?

  61. iam liceeel

    2020 🙋‍♀️

  62. fatinn fathiah

    yes. it's January 2020 and here i am again. running back to my safe space, sad songs.

  63. Gabby_ 123

    Alessia look like Moriah Elizabeth....

    Anyone thinks so?~~

  64. Health Revolution

    I think Alessia Cara and Billie Eilish should collaborate. That would be dope

  65. Kay Yi

    She's underrated because her songs are too difficult against public. If she pursues easier-listening songs rather than the songs to boast her technique, then she will be soon accepted more widely


    *When did you fall out of love?*

    *well I guess I didn't really fall, when I was already 6 feet under*

    Everyone has their own troubles in life, sometimes we just need someone who we know is going to stay. This world is filled with both love and pain. Sometimes it can cause heartaches and hurricanes.

    Sometimes It's just too hard to deal with, so we start using excuses, because nobodies perfect. We call ourselves useless, even though we should tell ourselves we're worth it. Everyone changes throughout life, some get sad, some get happy, some just feeling like there's no point in living.

    I've lived with depression throughout my whole life. I feel pain and heartbreak everyday. By people who leave, when they said that they would stay. The people who made everything alright and okay. Sometimes I find myself on the edge, I have the choice whether I want to keep hanging on, or if I just want to let go.

    I try to force myself to breathe. Everyday it gets harder when I can't see myself in the future, as happy. I've been through and through, the thoughts of being suicidal, and being alone. The pain never heals it just piles on and grows.

    Medication might make you think that it helps, but it doesn't. Depression controls everyone in a different way. It can make ourselves bleed and even cry everyday. But the moment we get happier, the moment we realized that we aren't ever the same.

    Because the true part of ourselves and the depression, becomes buried deep inside of everyone of us. And just one simple bad thing could trigger us off, and make us feel lonely, and dig our feelings back up.

  67. Liberty

    *Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts.*
    *Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.*
    *In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and*
    *were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with*
    *other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.*
    *Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God,*
    *so God gave them over to a DEPRAVED MIND, so that they do what ought not to be done.*
    *(Romans **1:26**-28)*

  68. El Martinez

    Ima gang banger from varrio .:Southern felon trece gang and I numb this shit in the hood

  69. Evelen Brito

    Perfeita ❤😢

  70. Senior waffles

    I'm feeling guilty for falling out of love with a guy that loves me I really don't want to break his heart but I fell out of love

    Hs Sushi

    Senior waffles you need to tell him because if don’t you are gonna hurt him more

    Senior waffles

    @Hs Sushi but how can I do that...i mean he really loves me and he needs me a lot i think this is actually the thing that made me fall out of love cause if im not with him he like falls apart he is too needy and its exhausting because if i leave him for 1 or 2 hours he starts crying literally but i guess ill just talk with him openly and see. thanks 😊

  71. Francieli Souza

    Só quem veio pelo filme after ?

  72. Emmmanuel Cortes


  73. Natalie WR

    i've been obsesed since After came out!

  74. Miral bedir

    Whenever i feel disconnected i listen to this and all i can remember is the rhythm and ur voice, its amazing ❤️

  75. Samu mu

    I love song 😍❤️

  76. That Lucid guy

    This song makes me realise why after is my fav movie of all tym

  77. PandieJamie

    Her voice i so aesthetic 😭😭💜💜
    5 likes and i'll sing this to our school?😂

  78. Reedha Yudish

    fucking loser

  79. Arayo Precious

    In 2020
    2019:When did you run out of love for me.

  80. lovely izzie

    I've been in love with my guy best friend for the longest time and we were talking last night because he saw my story on Snapchat. He told me that he was sorry for all of the pain he's put me through, for being the reason I stay up all night crying. He told me he loved me and that he couldn't live with himself if we were to date and he broke my heart since he's already damaged me pretty badly that i've had to go to counseling. This was all over call, and I just started bawling because he said it'd be best to move on. And I said I couldn't. I told him that i'd loved him from the second he spoke to me. I told him about the butterflies i'd feel in class, the hand holding, the hugs that I wished would last forever. And that simply nothing he could say or do could change the way I felt about him. And we both just cried telling each other about how much we loved each other. He may not ever be mine but he is the greatest friend I could ever ask for.

    edit: omg ty for the likes i love you all! and if this gets 100 likes i will talk about his and i's story on my yt channel ❤ again tysm

    edit: we're no longer friends. he said it's for the better last night. i stayed home from school today, lying in bed all day. i refuse to eat. i feel so numb. and when i think of him my chest hurts, and i can't breathe. i'm re-considering doing the video
    edit: the video is now up. ty for the likes ❤

    La Lune

    I'm so sorry about what you're going through:(( I know how you feel, I've been through somrthing quite similar actually😅 But let me tell you that it gets better and I know that you can get through it, just stay strong and distract yourself with things that make you happy🤗 It's gonna be a tough process but as long as you stay optimistic, everything is going to be fine🤗

    lovely izzie

    @La Lune tysm it really helps ❤

    Joyce TheGreat

    omg im so sorry something really similar happened with me and my girlfriends and i know it hurts but it will get better eventually until then just hold on tight and stay strong.

    lovely izzie

    @Joyce TheGreat tysmm ❤❤

    Joyce TheGreat

    @lovely izzie yw

  81. Dannie Geraldine

    hi, i hope someone see this comment. music is my life, and Alessia is an idol for me. i made a cover of this song, you can see it on my channel 💗💗💗

  82. Nathaly Lucero Sanchez Torres

    I love her

  83. Ben Ropeter

    The Premier is at my B Day

  84. No way Am I telling you

    I learned not to fall in time I'll step into it

  85. Gissela Becerra

    I love this song , i related to it at one point and sang it everyday!

  86. Lauren CimBae

    Omg Lauren Cimorelli is that you????!!!!😍😍😍

  87. Rena Rajadorai

    Just ended things with him yesterday and listening to this song today puts everything in place.. Was thinking to cry myself a bucket but so happy that i'm not..

  88. Thomas Krul

    My fall 2019 theme song... every word perfect, dammit.

  89. Laura Bastos


  90. thomas hicks

    Her voice ..... I could just listen all day .....❤️🙏🏾😎

  91. wamu motsa

    This song is my first love and i have never gotten out of love with it

  92. ULSH

    Keren suka sama lagu ini 😇

  93. Liliana C.sociales Vidarte

    Alessia Cara su música te transporta sus tonos mágicos que linda voz le pone ♥️

  94. Danachka Sainvilus

    I had to choose between you and my mental health and my feelings yet somehow i keep choosing you😪

  95. Kimberly Sanchez

    Loved him more than anything. Broke my heart and I still cared for him. Still ask myself this.

  96. just a little bit of everything

    It's 3am .and I am already sad...