Cara, Alessia - Growing Pains Lyrics

Make my way through the motions
I try to ignore it
But home's looking farther
The closer I get
Don't know why
I can't see the end
Is it over yet?

A short leash
And a short fuse don't match
They tell me it ain't that bad
Now don't you overreact
So I just hold my breath
Don't know why
I can't see the sun
When young should be fun (fun)

And I guess the bad
Can get better
Gotta be wrong
Before it's right
Every happy phrase
Engraved in my mind
And I've always been a go-getter
There's truth
In every word I write
But still the growing pains, growing pains
They're keeping me up at night

Eh eh, hey yeah, yeah, yeah...
And I can't hide, 'cause growing pains are keeping me up at night
Eh eh, hey yeah, yeah, yeah...
And I can't hide, 'cause growing pains are keeping me up at night

Try to mend what's left of my content incomprehension
As I take on the stress of the mess that I've made
Don't know if I even care for "grown"
If it's just alone, yeah

And I guess the bad
Can get better
Gotta be wrong
Before it's right
Every happy phrase
Engraved in my mind
And I've always been a go-getter
There's truth
In every word I write
But still the growing pains, growing pains
They're keeping me up at night

Eh eh, hey yeah, yeah, yeah...
And I can't hide, 'cause growing pains are keeping me up at night
Eh eh, hey yeah, yeah, yeah...
And I can't hide, 'cause growing pains are keeping me up at night

Starting to look like Ms. Know-it-all
Can't take her own advice
Can't find pieces of my peace of mind, I cry
More than I want to admit but I can't lie to myself, to anyone
'Cause phoning it in isn't any fun
Can't run back to my youth the way I want to
The days my brother was quicker to fool
AM radio, not much to do
Used monsters as an excuse
To lie awake
Now the monsters are the ones that I have to face
No band-aids for the growing pains

Eh eh, hey yeah, yeah, yeah...
No band-aids for the growing pains

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Cara, Alessia Growing Pains Comments
  1. wiz fiz

    I feel like the music video could be a plot for a book for some reason.

  2. alibilli

    These are the kind of songs I have solo concerts to in my room at 2 am

  3. heylin segura

    is very chido You really are one of the best singers that I have seen and heard I love you Alessia cara, come to Costa Rica

  4. angel of the shadows

    "Cause growing pains are keeping me up at night" we all have been there

  5. 안녕 잘 지내?

    카라 너무 사랑해 노래 너무 좋아 가사도 너무 좋아

  6. Ajay Williams

    3:01.. You sneaky perverts... ;l

  7. Mbali Angel Mhlongo

    I just really want all her songs to be acoustic. You can feel her soul directly and intensely. Love her though

  8. Tiffany Wai

    imagine doing all this in one take.. this is way too underrated.

  9. Maureen Lloyd

    Love her music sing all her songs

  10. MrWilltbear

    Who else is here after tia woods insta video??

  11. Taehyung's Wife

    gracias taehyung te amo

  12. Nancy kaola

    I just love her♥️

  13. Lorena Melo

    you're awesome, i hope you know that <3

  14. vqakidd

    Yooooo you guysshould watch this shit while your HIgh AF!!!

  15. Tory

    very underrated song

  16. Sujey Ramirez Gray

    Influencia de Billie

    Sujey Ramirez Gray

    Gracias Alessia

  17. Sabrina Sutton

    This song is so beautiful thank you!!!!!

  18. Assia M

    ca existe po des aliens tabarnack

  19. izzy frick

    This song came on at the skating rink once...btw best song to skate to 🦠

  20. Leepi Vlogs

    All the best music are underrated;(

  21. Gabriela Gałęzewska

    I identify with this song so much that it makes me wanna cry

  22. Follower Of light

    I just got braces( Invisalign). And these pains are literally keeping me up at night 😭

  23. Demarez McClarty

    Good job girl

  24. poop dealer

    heard this on the radio in my car for the first time and listened to it carefully. i broke down in my car, this is exactly how i feel. i have been ignoring my problems in hopes that way they'd go away but i've lied to myself for too long and now they grow on me and they've gotten worse and i have to deal with them alone despite the problems not being caused by me. thank you alessia, you have perfectly expressed how i feel.

  25. poop dealer

    this is one of the most beautiful and caring comment sections on youtube :) amazing how good music can bring us all together and share our problems and cry together

  26. Bolter F

    This is how I feel what the 2020s will be for the most of us

  27. Toni Hall

    I don’t like this song I love it

  28. Toni Hall

    I like this song

  29. Aid Hasimovic

    Great voice

  30. Ciara s

    Why am I just now noticing growing pains and trust my lonely videos go together 😅

  31. Mermaid 017

    come to South America 💖

  32. EletronicDesireGE

    Isso realmente oque eu sinto

  33. akimkul

    simply amazing she's just telling her story

  34. LaLa Butterbiscuit

    binging TPOG album bc of its 1 yr anniversary 🎉👔

  35. Deebie19

    This video is so dope

  36. Emma Swyers

    *me on my period*

  37. Karine Santos

    I Love 🎶 Brasil 😊🙋

  38. Seth Wells

    Love this song

  39. Obinna Collins

    Theres such a great information in this video, see at 1:00 when the "growing pains" take her one by one; and right after all the pains together taking her to the surgery. Thats way bigger then its able to see, she's blessed by God

  40. Kate Landon

    Just saying your 100% awesome and a awesome singer I love love love you
    Your the best and are always happy ( I think)

  41. rezbo 2

    This deserves way more views

  42. Martin Klatt

    Canada rules the airwaves yet agin

  43. Jonathan Ebe

    I am so obsessed with this song

  44. Veronica Nunn

    Am i the only one that got Angel In Your Eyes by LSD vibes at the beginning of this song?

  45. Dalacie Thomas

    This how long I'm going be here
    2019 ✅
    2020 ✅
    Like so I remember

    Herminchen 713


  46. 10k subscribers without any video Challenge

    Honey, This is Real Talent

  47. Kylee J

    When you find that one song that describes you PERFECTLY for the stage of emotions your in 😍

  48. Kylee J

    This is what music is. Words with a meaning, with life. Thank you Alessia <33

  49. justwannabeok

    I wish i had talent

  50. Troy Miller

    One shot video?

  51. Aanchal Saxena

    Okay so I don't know of this has been said yet
    But watching growing pains, then not today and finally trust my lonely is a complete story
    She wears the suit here
    Then wipes off her make up in not today
    And trust my lonely is her finally healing and being happy and moving towards a better brighter future
    Like holy shit she's amazing

  52. Nayelli

    No band aids for the growing pains

    Cili Oakenshield

    Its a really underrated lyric

  53. Laura Corbett

    God I just love ❤️ this girl she is one of my favorite artists out there

  54. SchoolBoyQ 420

    As a 23 year old male going threw the motions she’s speaks for all woman and men it’s been a rough one lately but like she says gotta be wrong before it’s right thanks Alesia I can’t help but shed a tear listening to this thinking about my life

  55. Laura Corbett

    I love ❤️ Alessia Cara so much that I wish she was my sister

  56. Guly77777 Qweig

    То чувство когда узнала эту песню после трансляции Техена😂😂

  57. Sah Moraes

    Pqp como foi difícil achar esse musica. Finalmente acheiiiiii ♥️🎶😍

  58. angel of the shadows

    This is exactly how i feel sometimes, sometimes i just can't hold back my tears and my parents are like, don't be so dramatic, and if i Express my feelings they are like, don't act so pathetic so i can't express my feelings, i keep them to myself because I am scared of how my parents would react if i searched help, and i asked them so many times for someone to talk too but they say always no so i can relate so much to this song

  59. aria

    i cant hide growing pains are keeping me up at night

  60. Rishabh Mathur

    I really appreciate these kind of one take videos.

  61. Ezekiel Mungia


  62. Saul Ayala

    I love his talent and his way of being

  63. Brenda de Paulo


  64. Kingston Leigh

    *facts* cause this adulting shit is for the birds

  65. Özden Özgür Şahin

    Bu kadının değeri bilinmiyor

  66. Gabbie Hanna Fan

    Today after school I got a ride home from my dad and when we were sitting in the driveway I said I want to go home. Sad I don’t associate my house as home. I don’t know what home is. I don’t think “home” is on Earth. 😔😭😭😭😔

  67. Sfia Bong

    0:56 hahahaha

  68. Etsub Shiferaw

    why the 3.6k dislikes... you people should feel sorry ...
    I could have given her billions of likes if I can...
    love you Alessia with all my heart and thank you for the song.

  69. leãozinho

    Algum Brasileiro em 2019???

  70. Barbara Shaffer-Pettigrew

    I like your voice

  71. Barbara Shaffer-Pettigrew

    Is you ok

  72. PancakeTheDoggo

    I wish I could come to your mom is way to busy and she won't be able to take me. Unless I skip school and make my mom quit her job. No,just kidding. I love you Alessia cara! All your songs are amazing,and you are such a great person.

  73. ABo NaBiL Gamer !

    number of views is just unfair. This is a great song!

  74. Mersedes Mateo

    This song is perfect I love it💖

  75. Juliana Lima

    so much love

  76. txgalactico

    Where is she in the video???

  77. don d


  78. kiara s.b


  79. Luciana Diaz

    Don't grow up it's a trap alright

  80. Brandi Lee

    She always makes me cry man!!

  81. Jungkook Bunny Angel

    Absolutely amazing song. So much truth in the song. Thank you, Taehyung! I'm so happy I've found it on Taehyung (V) of BTS's Playlist on Spotify!

  82. Marcus Wright

    Literally perfectly describes my pain

  83. I don't give a fuck!!!!!

    After she won Grammy she flopped hard!!!

    Azzie Studios

    @тσσтѕιє яσll she won Grammy last 2 years ago I think.

  84. Alex Stewart

    This song and her so underrated!!!
    This deserves more views and recognition.

  85. Piedyboy Johnson

    Can't compete with the acoustic version of the song. The production messed up the beauty of this tune.

  86. Leonardo Símuta

    This is exactly what being a teenager feels like. It's so sad that only plastic songs are trending right now. This is meaningful, soul-touching music.

  87. Gordon the Frog

    Shoutout to the one dude in the back clapping off queue


    I forgot how inspiring you were

  89. Shira M

    I just love her sm!😩

  90. Ncukana Ricky

    Imagery about oppression and pressure.

  91. LifeAs Lea

    Love her voice

  92. Paty Oliveira

    One more perfect song by this amazing person! 😭👏💞💞

  93. Mariah Smith

    Did anybody else notice how 0:57 they messed up in the hand clapping? It was the very first thing I saw when this video came out and I seen nobody else mention it so here I am just makes me cringe and think it’s so unprofessional now they didn’t see it🤧 such a great song and video tho. Just that part gets me everytime

    тσσтѕιє яσll

    Omg now I can't unsee it man lol

    Mariah Smith

    Olivia Kesler it bothers me so much like did they see it at all? Or just didn’t care lmao

  94. Gabriel Lohann