Cara, Alessia - Drew Barrymore Lyrics

Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?
You came with your new friends
And her mom jeans and her new Vans
And she's perfect and I hate it
Oh so glad you made it
I'm so glad you could come by
Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark the blunt
Let's start the Narcos off at episode one
Bring the gin, got the juice
Bring the sin, got that too
Won't you shut up, know you're my favorite
Am I...

Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah
(Tell me that it's warm enough here for ya)
Is it warm enough for ya inside me, me, me, me
Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah
(Tell me that it's warm enough here for ya)
Warm enough outside, inside me, me, me, me

I get so lonely, I forget what I'm worth
We get so lonely, we pretend that this works
I'm so ashamed of myself think I need therapy
I'm sorry I'm not more attractive
I'm sorry I'm not more ladylike
I'm sorry I don't shave my legs at night
I'm sorry I'm not your baby mama
I'm sorry you got karma comin' to you
Collect your soul, get it right

Am I warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah
(Tell me that it's warm enough here for ya)
Warm enough for ya inside me, me, me, me
Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah
(Tell me that it's warm enough here for ya)
Warm enough outside, inside me, me, me, me

Sorry, I just need to see you
I'm sorry I'm so clingy I don't mean to be a lot
Do you really wanna love me down like you say you do?
Give it to me like you say you do?
'Cause it's hard enough you got to treat me like this
Lonely enough to let you treat me like this
Do you really love me
Or just wanna love me down, down, down?

Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah, outside, outside
(Tell me that it's warm enough here for ya)
Is it warm enough for ya inside me, inside me
Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah
(Tell me that it's warm enough here for ya)
Warm enough outside, inside me, me, me, me

Warm enough outside, inside...
Warm enough outside, inside
Is it warm enough outside?
Warm enough outside, inside
Is it warm enough outside?
Warm enough outside, inside
Is it warm enough? Is it warm enough? (Yeah)

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Cara, Alessia Drew Barrymore Comments
  1. shan

    this was almost 2 years ago but look who’s here

  2. Coco Loco

    I actually haven’t heard any of alessia’s music for a year.She was one of those inspiring people.

  3. Coco Loco

    They should collab

  4. raphaela dikeakos


  5. Lisa Ramirez

    Omg she sings the song so beautifully!!! Her voice is amazing, It sounds almost like the original.

  6. Becca

    This needs to be on spotify

  7. val roe

    the album is magic, every single track out of ctrl is freaking amazing. SZA can make a melody out of anything

  8. Moses Blunt

    Shawty sing to me 4evr 💘

  9. Faith Hailey

    this is so beautiful

  10. sri sundari

    Alessiaaaa pls release a R&B album!! Ur voice is way better with rnb vibes than pop vibes. Either ways, pop music is dead.

  11. Zabriya Daniels-Leach

    Looove it

  12. Natanael Franco

    Linda maravilhosa ❤️

  13. Mxxnlight Babyy

    the only person good enough to cover this song

  14. lyvia carvalho

    Que hino!

  15. Jackie A.

    she sounds lovely

  16. Giu Paiva

    You sing so naturally well that.. wow... I mean... no efforts, you know? Just flawless

  17. KashTheBrat

    i wish this was on itunes tbh

  18. Nick Jackson

    Add my snap 🤗 Njackson25

    Nick Jackson

    Or marry me... whatever

  19. tammy

    I hope you cover Kehlani soon. That'd be really cool.

  20. Al-Thurayya

    Loveee this! I love your originals but this made me sub man your voice is just so beautiful!

  21. Big Ounce


  22. lily

    i need an audio of this on spotify!!

  23. Gloria gloria

    Its warm enough alessia

  24. Eden Bohzie

    bihhh does anyone know the chords for this?

  25. デーモンPurple

    if they collab ill die

  26. X. .X

    Empezo haciendo cover y ahora ganando grandes premios y uno de los ultimos un grammy, ella es un ejemplo de lucha por lo que uno sueña, eres la mejor alessia 💕💕💕😘

  27. Aldi Nurzahputra

    Please duet with SZA

  28. Youtube Channel

    SZA should have won Best New Artist 😢

  29. Amin Smith

    So goddam proud of you omg. this grammy is so huge for you. you deserved everything i hope someday i get to sing for you. you worked so hard. congratulations on your first of many wins.

  30. Tanjiro

    Your hair is beautiful
    Wish one day I will get reply

    Simranjit Singh

    You just got my reply!
    Yay! Congratulations!

  31. debrah coeries

    So nice

  32. Gig Ebea

    I love your voice!! I am obsessed with your voice right now and you are really pretty!!💖

  33. jul brat

    hhhahah can't people hear how much the beginning sounds like "here"

  34. Reign Visual


  35. Te-Nu-Sal T. Headley

    Sza and alessia should do a song together

  36. Kaleb Foley

    alessia i love you!!! ❤️🖤 i literally convinced all my friends to listen to you and they wished they’ve heard about you sooner!! 😍

  37. m. januarizki

    this is way better than the original imo

  38. Camii Yupik Mo

    U keep telling me, until you figure it out 4 yourself...

  39. Ashley Venancio

    I️ love you man

  40. Th!nker

    This is so lovely. Thank you Alessia!

  41. Matheus Barbieri

    Watch my cover of Here? Thanks ;)

  42. près du cœur

    girl mah hearrrrt

  43. Ebrahim Muhammad Obaak

    alessia wait for your new songe

  44. Nanaleigh

    My dear, your voice tugs at my soul. Tears fill my eyes helping me to heal some past scar, you are truly a beautiful soul. Thank you

  45. Revoremus


  46. Giulay G

    I love you so so much!!! Please, please come to Italy!Now, in this moment! I need to see you and hear you! I love you Ale♥️

  47. Abdulla Irfan

    Try havana. ...
    Would be different t ur voice

  48. Abdulla Irfan

    Shape of you next ...
    Or work - rihanna
    Would be different for your voice

  49. Katherine Downton

    can't wait for more music from this gem

  50. Kimberly Sam

    Angelic ❤❤

  51. 한나는

    Just amazing 😍
    I love you so much ❤❤

  52. Brenda Arteaga

    Alessia Cara ft. Xxxtentacion, think about it.

    Brenda Arteaga

    This will never happen now 😢

  53. Dat Hamster 2

    Alessia Cara:I know everybody on this island seems so happy on this island(How Far Ill Go!)

  54. Jasonthe cat L

    Hey I’m playing a game called HQ Trivia. You should play too. Use my code ‘Mystic484’ to sign up

  55. Ksenia mia

    hi. I watched your covers, they are just so cool. if you would look at the cover guys on the same song, I personally don't know,but they deserve attention. look if you don't mind.

  56. Your Mom

    can someone show me where the "love" button is? 😍😍😍😍❤

  57. rad potato

    whhooh!! Alessia Cara's awsome !!!!

  58. sisterally

    can you do Rough Love by Melanie Martinez? if you could that would make my LIFE xD ily!! <3

  59. Mamus Akporie

    This is actually dope

  60. Abigail Oshaughnessy

    Love ya Alesia

  61. grapeleafaerie

    Who tf edits their comments?

  62. pedro

    puta que pariu

  63. svphia0

    do broken clocks

  64. EPCNES

    if you play the cover and the original song at the same time, it's great. 10/10 would reccomend.

  65. Jenny Jones

    sounds like old rusty springs

  66. Isah e Esther

    I Love you , i want to meet you some Day ,i'm a Fan number 1 kisses beautiful my name is Victória and i"m brazilian :)

  67. Nanay Anjos

    🚨React a music brasileira🚨

  68. Nanay Anjos

    Eu Love alessia

  69. Steph Adn

    queen 👌🏽❤️

  70. IlianaBlue

    beautiful voice❤🔝

  71. Linda Bronstein

    BIGGEST LOVE! But THIS Drew Barrymore song is SO MUCH BETTER -

  72. 이무겸

    come to korea please...
    of course south.

  73. Beatriz Fernanda


  74. Ruth Sanchez

    absolutely beautiful

  75. its aldrenday

    i miss youuu

  76. OGGenesis

    Please cover Daniel Caesar's song Get You!

  77. Isaac Ivan


  78. Pou Ropy

    I love it!

  79. Justin Strowbridge

    I love her

  80. Free Taxes

    Hi, Alessia. I love being honest with people more than anything, so I will tell you that you're my favorite singer/songwriter. You are natural and humble, and that is the best of both worlds in an artist. If I may introduce myself, my name is Chase and I live in Florida (unfortunately). I recently turned 22 back in July. I have been completely blind ever since the day I was born. It has not been easy living with my condition, But you are a prime example of someone who I look up to (no pun intended) to keep moving forward. I play drums and it would be awesome to make a song eventually.I would love to get to know you and I am always down for a nice conversation. I will put my email down below. I have Skype as well.
    [email protected]

  81. Edward Padilla

    You should cover Etta James at last

  82. Jiminie Mouse

    Alessia you're alive! I love you so much keep being awesome :D

  83. Ghost G.

    I think we're all waiting for that new album announcement :) its going to be 🔥🔥🔥

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    I want her covers! I love you Alessia

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    Should've left this one for sza

  86. Ingried Nathansen

    I love you Alessia! Your voice does something to me! You are so beautiful. I love everything you stand for darling. <3

  87. Aaliyah Maisarah


  88. SAFIA Sama ll صفية ساما


  89. whistling jennie

    I love even though she has a career for an artist she uploads on her channel that got her famous :)

  90. Miih Caracciolo

    Perfect <3

  91. tia thomas

    SO! GOOD! 😩💕

  92. alice

    love u sooo much alessia!!! u sound absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ur my fav love u so much!!!