Cara, Alessia - Comfortable Lyrics

What happens to a flame when it burns out?
What happens to a love that's not new?
What happens when I'm no longer impressive?
Or when there's nothing left to learn about you?

See, I used to wonder 'bout you
What it would be like to love you
Now I've seen every hole in your heart
I'm used to loving slowly
But this time, you already know me
I hope you like all the broken parts

Oh, we can't run away from the comfortable
'Cause it's inevitable in love, in love
Oh it's time we make way for the comfortable
'Cause it's already comfortable in us, in us

They say the honeymoon is just a puppet show (Puppet show)
They say nobody really makes it through (Makes it through)
And though a part of me wishes that this was two July's ago
The rest of me is safer here with you

See, I used to wonder 'bout you
What it would be like to love you
But now I know you inside and out
I'm used to loving slowly
But it took you nothing to know me
What happens when I run out of parts? Yeah

Oh, I guess you could say that it's comfortable
And it's inevitable in love, in love
Oh, it's time we make way for the comfortable
'Cause it's already comfortable in us, in us

It turns out you think my favorite song's annoying
Turns out no one makes me sensitive like you
I used to be sad that the honeymoon's behind us
Until I realized that it means we made it through

Oh, we can't run away from the comfortable
'Cause it's inevitable in love (In love), in love (In love)
Oh, it's time we make way for the comfortable (For the comfortable)
'Cause it's already comfortable (It's already comfortable)
In us (In us), in us

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
In the comfortable with you

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Cara, Alessia Comfortable Comments
  1. Libby Moon

    I freakin' love Alessia

  2. purplesky

    does she have more songs like this one?

  3. No Tears Left In Butera

    so christmasy


    *YTSgold* ☆☆☆☆☆ *_Selected Video_* :)

    Ron ~ Youtubesingers

  5. Hemal Kantawala

    I ❤❤ this song so much

  6. blujizzle

    Thinking of you. * comfort zone*

  7. Mariana Nunes


  8. Kennita Pombar

  9. Tyler Muench

    for all those reading now,
    go listen to this summer-ep by alessia

  10. Soh Cah Toe

    this is so under rate

    Tyler Muench

    go listen to this summer-ep by alessia

  11. Carlota


    Tyler Muench

    go listen to this summer-ep by alessia

  12. Yo Soy Belinda.

    More than a million views! Who run this motha?

    Tyler Muench

    go listen to this summer-ep by alessia

    Yo Soy Belinda.

    @Tyler Muench i already did it ♥ It´s magic

    Tyler Muench

    @Yo Soy Belinda. tysm!! it's so good

  13. Giselle Frazier

    here from shawn’s brooklyn concert 🥺

  14. janelle walrond

    the rest of me is safer with you

  15. *Vick Rosa*

    Alessia siempre hace obras de arte...

  16. Mia

    why i heard this song NOW????? It`s great than ever!

  17. B -

    The female James Morrison has arrived. Listen to James Morrison's early stuff and you'll see what I'm talking about.

  18. nicole dominguez

    AGHH I just heard her sing this on the tour and omg just wow it’s even better in person😭❤️

  19. Star D

    So now my question is, what's her favorite song that's so annoying?

  20. Coby Matthews

    🔊📣 The 1st time I heard this song, I was like why did she switch up her flow so much. I didn't understand it. Now it's my 🎵Favorite Song. Haven't heard one from her like this since "Stone" 💿#KnowItALL . All We Know is one of her greatest songs🔥🔥.

  21. POMPOM

    You're incredible. You make some of the realest music out there. Please keep em coming <3

  22. Lauren Li

    I absolutely love this song! You are such an amazing artist/singer.

  23. Emma Monteiro

    I love you Alessia❤❤❤

  24. lau oliveira

    you deserve the whole world 🤧

  25. Tatiane Melo

    Talento é pouco para definir a Alessia!

  26. Jasmine Braddock

    ever thought about singing with @allenstone 😍¿

  27. Jessie Contreras

    So obsessed since I heard this the other day in Portland 6/12/19

  28. Vitalogy 96

    Well..i think that now this is my favourite song of her. Your voice fits perfect for soul songs!hehe

  29. Lisa Ramirez

    This is literally one of my favorite songs from this album. Her voice is amazing.

  30. Mary M

    This song deserves more attentionnnn

  31. Mary M

    Ah this is a Saturday morning song love itttttt

  32. Chubz Jayda

    I love her

  33. Victor Alexl


  34. Fabiana Andradededeus

    Amor 😍

  35. Lorde Melodrama

    God she issss SOOOO talented! for real!

  36. S M

    Feeling like when I was listening to Norah Jones 💋💋💋💋 terrific song💋💋👍


    Its just Wo_oW

  38. Sl101 D

    I love the static overlays, overall brilliant song.

  39. Maverick Moosomin

    i love this id be doing the same exacct Muzikkk im singing along putting in good things its amazing im in love with her fully

  40. Flower313

    Her voice and lyrics are just BEAUTIFUL.

  41. Nour Kahouach

    This song is amazing!
    What genre of music is this? I mean I've heard old songs that resemble to this tune and I want to look for similar songs on YouTube but I don't know what to search for exactly

  42. AvaCamille

    The instrumentals and her soulful voice makes this song seem like a jazz classic

  43. Karolina Studzińska

    I love this song❤️ Poland miss ya😢🖤🇵🇱

  44. Monique Rowe

    Absolutely beautiful ♥️

  45. Carolina Ramìrez Tapia

    Perfect song👌❤

  46. Amber IJsveld

    I love the new album!! I hope you will go on tour! And come to Amsterdam!!!❤

  47. Solange Life


  48. Ali Amiri

    I’m blessed 😍🥰♥️

  49. Patty N.

    saw her live yesterday.. such an amazing artist

  50. Grace Franklin

    This song is so dope. I love the vibe

  51. Candela Gonzalez

    The Jackson 5 vibes

  52. Niyah Thurmond

    This song really just explains my entire fear with relationships. I'm so afraid of the flame going out with me and my baby. I want to marry her but I'm just so afraid of us getting tired of each other over the years like most of the marriages these days. I don't want to put her or myself through that. I only want to be married once and for it to last a lifetime.

    Nyasia Love

    Niyah Thurmond I feel you.

    Virginia Bassu

    I completely understand you. :/ I feel that even if i'm not in a relationship.

  53. Izel

    Valerio te la dedico ya lo dije y punto :"v 💘

  54. just another random commentor

    i hope shell be nominated for the best album in the grammys. don't care if didnt get the recognition it deserves when it comes to streaming and buying the album. the album is well-crafted with different emotions and melody plus her distinct voice. THATS THE TEAAAAAAA

  55. Mariane Souza

    I'm completely addicted to this song, she's so sexy and so sweet to listen, no doubt one of my favorites on the album

  56. Mariane Souza

    I'm completely addicted to this song, she's so sexy and so sweet to listen, no doubt one of my favorites on the album

  57. Sarah Somers

    the sound of the campfire!!

  58. Coby Matthews


  59. cara

    can't believe I just saw this live

    Daisy Saju

    You're so lucky!! 😭❤❤

  60. Prici Phillips

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  61. Lee Jack

    Beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  62. I was here Too

    Here before a million

  63. valé gutierrez


  64. Coby Matthews


  65. Iara Ferreira

    This album has the best lyrics. I love her so much 💛

  66. David Eppley

    Does anyone else hear pure Motown??

  67. Irregular Naomi

    Such a versatile artist.

  68. Ayana Ayluardo

    Her music is really a vibe 🥵

  69. acoustic rosé

    Yes gurl love it

  70. Stephannye Marroquin

    Underrated af, Alessia deserves better! this album is a masterpiece, zero skips and she wrote it all by herself. Imagine not giving it the recognition it deserves? Couldn't be me!

  71. Logic and Stupidity

    This song is the kind of song that just makes me want to sit down and relax. I feel like I could just sit down and make a piece of art while listening to this. I feel like I could just drink a warm cup of tea when I listen to this. I feel like I could just sit in an apartment and stare out the window at a beautiful city. This album is so great. I love it.

  72. Josephine Ralte

    Haw ma gaaaad ❤💖💜💗💞

  73. ριик royalty

    alessia should do a song with h.e.r <3

  74. IFancy BTS

    She is my favorite artist because I can relate she doesn't just make music about boys she makes music about something everyone can relate to God bless u

  75. Ashley Garcia

    This album is everything! I love the vibes❤️

  76. Aaron Kankam

    she need me on the second verse, on my mama!

  77. Makito Anderson

    I'm loving your Album <3 everything about it, the lyrics, the sound, the feels! everything is so mezmerizing <3 love it to the core.

  78. Awonke Sixabayi

    wow! Alessia Cara, such voice and the song feels so old school. I feel so *comfortable* right now.

  79. Jina Park

    Big fan❤️

  80. ••••

    I went from listening to Frank Sinatra to Amy Winehouse and now I'm here..this girl is so talented!

  81. Brendha Nabbuco

    parece um anjo pqp

  82. ashley hunter

    but lets not forget were this is sampled from. "I'd rather go blind"

  83. Natalia Dos Santos

    como faz pra parar de ouvir esse álbum ?

  84. Tbag b

    love it 😊

  85. Fraol Debele

    She gives Etta James vibes

  86. Amrita Mukhopadhyay

    This song is a gem

  87. Hapakii Y

    What a sexy soulful voice

  88. Adonis Fermin

    Yah better get this to 10m views. Deadass

  89. Shasmine Cianne

    i like this song.. a lot

  90. The luckiest! man alive

    a lot in mind happing. life taught me at some point in life you have got to shut up. so that...……❤

  91. Kimberly Kaddy

    love this song so much <3

  92. Maro Rodríguez

    Her voice is absolutely comfortable... She's beautiful and her sound ... Her music and lyrics excelentes... I like it...

  93. DJ Divine

    This album is exactly what I’ve been waiting for ❤️

  94. Amélie Me


  95. jenny song

    Alessia, this song makes me fall asleep this is my fav music ever💘 ilysm alessia😍 thanks for ur nice music

  96. sandy

    This is my fav song from the album. 😍😍