Car Seat Headrest - 1937 State Park Lyrics

(I never thought it would happen to me but…)x2

No one should ever have to look at themselves

I steer clear of graveyards
They are cliche
In my death-obsessed generation

No one should ever have to look at themselves

High school teen dream dies in the hospital
Leaves behind a journal and a pair of Air Jordans
Lyrics of popular rock ballads
Changed to include his name

I’m taking back my heart
You were digging a hole for it six feet deep
(at the state park, at the state park)

I didn’t want you to hear
That shake in my voice
My pain is my own

And when the cops shook me down
I cried walking home
I cried walking home

You and me are connected now
We were in one photograph and we don’t even look happy
I can't commit to a crime to commit
I need to get one done for the biography because

When I split the scene
Leave the party early
What am I leaving behind me?
Just a memory
Another body
It ain’t no pair of Air Jordans

Something is ringing
Death is playing his
Xylophone ribs for me

I didn’t want you to hear
That shake in my voice
My pain is my own

And when the cops shook me down
I cried walking home
I cried walking home

Don’t worry
I’m worrying for two
So don’t worry baby
Don’t worry
I’m worrying for two
So don’t worry baby

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Car Seat Headrest 1937 State Park Comments
  1. pimponator15

    Love you guys cant wait for the new music!!

  2. no hype

    Br ta em TUDO

  3. Graeme P. Van Reenen-Mills

    Impulse: if you or someone you know has experienced sexual assualt, know that you're not alone. Help is available anytime, 24/7 - 800.656.HOPE or @t (they have an inline chat portal with counsellors)

  4. Steve Croot

    Well... what a pile of talentless, chumps #Cantsingforshit

    Brady Argo

    shut up

  5. NebulaFN

    Impulse anyone?

  6. Destiny U

    why isn’t there an audio version?

  7. Claudia Moguel

    The singer is so cute tho

    Cameron Bowen

    Oh yeah? Just wait until you found out he invented sound


    great song, but he sucks live....

  9. Pah man

    When he sung 'shake in my voice' i actually heard a shake in his voice

  10. taicheng he

    what a sh!tty crowd!!!! I mean I just heard this song like 3 days ago on YT Impulse, and I kept it on repeat for 3 days straight! wtf, this band deserves to be in stadiums!!

  11. taicheng he

    Heard on YT original Impulse today, love this song!

  12. spiritas

    Impulse brought me here

  13. Jean Luc Bergman

    Horrible mix.

  14. joltinjoe90

    I hear Talking Heads "Life During Wartime." Haven't quite warmed up to this band yet, something missing.

  15. Soy milk

    chorus sounds like drake and Josh theme song. I like


    Ikr I thought I was the first to think that

  16. Solid Sorensen

    Not impressed.


    not surprised this type of music doesn't impress you, you have a fucking nightcore playlist lmfao

  17. Oliver Cornford


  18. Dammy

    Am I wrong or do they sound much worse live than they do on CD's?

    Billy Trench

    Yeah something sounds a little off on this live set but I saw them at Lolla this year and they sounded great.

    Chicken Nugget

    I think this song is better live


    They are noticeably dissonant in their front and backing vocals at 2:48. Something went wrong there - either in the mix or whole set up (lead singer suddenly does backing things). That being said: live performances can have a more unpolished charm :) [More like teenage garage band :D]

    i just got really stoned

    The bass sounds way too loose and the backing backing vocals are absolutely terrible

  19. Deathkampdrone

    "Leaves behind a journal and a pair of Air Jordans" xD Fucking hilarious!

  20. Michael Lara

    If Bleach and Foo fighters had a hip child

  21. joshers joshington

    sounds a lot like the singing section of "wish fulfillment" from sonic youths seminal album, 'daydream nation.' not knocking it...just saying that maybe they were an influence or him or something.


    Josh Keller Dirty

    joshers joshington

    yeah. don't know what i was thinking.


    Josh Keller: I do hear what you mean, but isn't that mostly about the rhythm of the guitar strumming? I honestly think CSH is a thousand times catchier than SY. I mean, I do like Sonic Youth for their alternative approach, but even though they have great energy their songs are not that memorable in general. I do love albums like Sister and Dirty and Goo, but that is because they actually do have a bit of cross-over potential. I personally think a lot of their discography is a bit too much on the artsy side, mainly being experimental rather than memorable melodically.
    I think there is a lot more of early Weezer and Pixies (when Toledo is screaming) to this bands sound.
    BTW Im not having a go at you - I just like to discuss the music Im digging, as you probably do as well... :)

    Raquel Simon Sabsay

    The opening guitar bit is practically stolen from Bull in the Heather

  22. scott

    love this song

  23. thewhatness


    Gnarly Charly

    Thats my favorite verse too :)


    Thank you, Closet Furry. -.-


    @TakeAGnarBar It packs such a punch that it warrants repeating.

  24. mpavilion

    This is THE JAM on the album (though perhaps not totally jammin', as played here...)

  25. Michael Brown

    "don't worry, I'm worrying for two, so don't worry baby" one of my favorite lyrics from cshr for sure, I know it's ultra simplistic in a way, but it packs a such a heavy punch in such a short phrase. Incredible songwriter.

  26. Sad Giraffe

    Great band, terrible crowd -_-
    If I was there I would be jumping and headbanging.

    Marcelliani Chou

    kexp paid them maybe XD

    lily kathryn smith

    For real they are just standing there


    That was my thoughts exactly! Come on Seattle WTH?!!

    James Oakes

    +Paul Pruett That's just how most people are at indie rock shows, sadly. Everyone's either too cool or too timid.


    I would’ve started a mosh pit, slammed danced, and stage dived

  27. matty stan

    I'm so glad I woke up early

  28. strohbaron

    Guys drink some milk! 👎

    Sad Giraffe

    What do you mean by that?

    The Junks

    They look like they need to drink some milk. I see it too.

    Anthony Wilder

    But what if they're all lactose intolerant?

  29. Marcelliani Chou

    this reminds me of the wombats, urban cone, vinyl theatre and the front bottoms. What kind of genre it is? any help. thanks

    Marcelliani Chou

    +Stephen Brown thanks it is really helping

    Marcelliani Chou

    +Tom Richardson what...???

    Natalie Brown

    @Marcelliani Tjiptadi Yea, no problem

    The Junks

    lo-fi indie rock

    Marcelliani Chou

    @The Junks​ thanks dude