Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - White Jam Lyrics

She serves me flowers 'n' yams
'N in the night when I'm full
She brings me white jam
'N I don't know where I am
In the meadow she brings me
Like ah bee she stings me
'N I don't know where I am
Clouds clingin' to us
'N the sun lookin' through us
'N in the night when I'm full
She brings me white jam
'N I don't know where I am

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band White Jam Comments
  1. David Brennan


  2. Beverly Browning

    This song is mesmerizing never listen to Captain Beefheart back in the day but I'm definitely a fan!😎

  3. Oscar Chile

    can,t understand the guys who complain on this record..Captain was doing another different thing, it was his fucking pick up his catalog anf it,s a strange garden full of different kinds of strange plants an flowers..enjoy them,don,t fuck the rest of humanity if you only like roses..

  4. alpha beta

    amazing blues voice

  5. Twelve Monkeys

    no one should sample this amazing song. So unique and ahead of time


    ewww. somebody sampled this. i bet the song is a piece of shit too.

    Dream Ghost

    The song is great Billy woods the big nothing

  6. AmonRa1081

    Hip Hop brought me here and I thank you.

    Sasquatch Fever and Sons

    I've always loved Beefheart and could immediately tell it was him on that song. Billy Woods is really phenomenal. The samples are so weird and perfect, including this one.


    +GrammarWizard You are so right. I just happened to come across his new album and was blown away by his sound and delivery. Now I'm diving into Captain Beefheart because of that album.

    Sasquatch Fever and Sons

    If you like Today I Wrote Nothing, then you'd probably also like History Will Absolve Me, which has similar sampling weirdness. Sampling Duck Hunt, the Shining, Willy Wonka, so on. Billy Woods is definitely one of the most interesting rappers out there right now.

    Chris Lane

    Hey, y'all, please explain! who samples this? very curious!

    Sasquatch Fever and Sons

    Billy Woods - The Big Nothing off his last album Today, I Wrote Nothing

  7. small hell

    that transition into the harmonica part is amazing

    small hell

    @Deep Frigid Winter 4real if i ever made a TV show or movie i would use that part as the opening theme

    Kim Paulsen

    love it

  8. Alanko Donnet

    The intro sounds a bit like the chords from Flavor Bud Living.

  9. B. D. Walker

    Wonder what harmonica Don preferred playing with.

  10. Anthony Robinson

    Unique. So genius indeed. Zappa thought so too.


    Did he? I thought they were friends first off and then they feuded a lot beginning in the early 70s.


    hes so much better than zappa

    sean brennan

    I’ve read Zappas autobiography where he states “More people should listen to Dons music, it’s really unique and there isn’t much of that out there” paraphrasing of corse. Take into account that he produced Trout Mask, as well as going on a tour with beefheart. They never got along after that but Don went to see Frank after he got sick. Zappa always respected him as an artist

  11. Ryan Allan

    for what song? i'm curious

    steve nichols

    hot rats

  12. Laurence Ruble

    Tom Verlaine ripped off the intro riff almost note for note.


    for what? torn curtain?

  13. Rodney Stewart Adams

    the Beloved Don, captain, expresses our common humanity, that is why he is Guru. "i don't know where i am!" you are with us and we are with you Guru!

    Paul Welch

    Heroine addict

  14. Daniel Puckett

    y'all don't know what white jam he's referring to? She brings me flowers and yams?

  15. milenko covic

    genius hit riff

  16. Nkerklaan

    best harmonica riff

    Paul Welch

    No. Dropped a stamp. Or gimmy that harp boy. It ain't no fat man's toy

  17. Julian Meek

    Not enough variations on the word genius to do justice to the great Captain...

  18. Greg Fowler

    genius of genius.

  19. MrSomePrick

    hit the hat

  20. Bruze Melange

    It hit.

  21. Liam McCoy

    It's a supa mega hit.

  22. milenko covic

    It's a mega hit