Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - When It Blows Its Stacks Lyrics

When it blows its stacks
He ain't nowhere to be found
When ah wolf's claws wear way down
Better watch out there's ah man eater around
Hide all the women in town
When it blows its stacks
All you girls make no mistake
He's as cold as ah snake sleepin' in the shade
He takes um out
Out on an iceberg
Hand 'em ah Ronson 'n says
I'll see you around
When he straighten up
They all bend down
He don't bow to bad water
He don't pussy foot around
When it blows its stacks
He ain't nowhere to be found

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band When It Blows Its Stacks Comments
  1. Dan Opyd

    Gota love the xelaphone in this song!

  2. Kieran Daly

    The lyrics to this song were part of my literature finals at university in England. I had to write a critical analysis of it.

    Mark LaFaire

    A+ , Right?

    mike saunders

    Hope you got a first.

  3. Mike m

    He beat up and abused all the band members and made them rehearse 14 hours a day....everyone was on welfare and they had to shoplift because no one would buy their albums..

    William L.

    now that is dedication to art for arts sake

    Scott Hales

    talk about payin your dues..

    Scott Hales

    Korny Sinclair

    Mike m artists

  4. Mike m

    Don Van Vliet said he named the band because he had a beef with everything.

    William L.

    don and frank zappa used to make up goofy names when they were both attending antelope valley high school, or was it lancaster high...? regardless, this was one of their handles, and oddly enough, back then captain beefheart was frank's moniker

    Phil Horsley

    @William L. There's a track on Zappa's Mystery Disc titled "The birth of Captain Beefheart" with Don on vocals recorded back in the day at the Cucamonga studio.

    Chris Henniker

    William L. Sounds like a name for a superhero, which he was.

  5. John Davey

    A thousand light years ahead of everyone else and still is

  6. Lee Tomboulian

    Strange quasi-quote of Maple Leaf Rag

  7. josh vaughn

    Nice and beefy

  8. A Tree

    1:08 fucking rad guitar freakout

  9. sloppy jo

    top riff

  10. Spyridon Kaprinis

    Amazing bassline !

  11. manoftheworld1000

    A fur trapper who was strictly from commercial? LOL!

  12. Honeysucklebommie

    Ohwwwwwwwwwm mm ow mm ow aw mm mm m

  13. blacknganga

    Beefheart: dresses like a dandy furtrapper; sings like a wild wolf caged.

    Korny Sinclair

    blacknganga don't poke eem. U Git bit

  14. Reg Hunt

    that bass riff is what balls are made of

  15. The Official Boyz YT

    I came here cause I heard the Bowry Ballroom version - which may be superior actually - its appropriately sped up

  16. Aqualash

    What a ball tearing guitar riff...only the Captain could create something this amazing

  17. ifthethunderdontgetya ™³²®©

    Captain Beefheart Festival continues!

  18. traffa2

    Love this track...always have.