Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Upon The My-O-My Lyrics

The decks were stacked
The wind blew low, the wind blew high
The stakes were low, the stakes were high
Upon the my-o-my
Hands low, hands high
Ho-ho-ho, hi-hi-hi
Hands low, hands high
Upon the my-o-my

How was I to know she was so shy?
Upon the my-o-my
Across the light, across the night
You can hear the captain's cry
Hands low, hands high
Upon the my-o-my
Got to make her roll, got to make her fly
Upon the my-o-my

Now tell me, good captain
How does it feel
To be driven away from your own steering wheel
Upon the my-o-my...

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Upon The My-O-My Comments
  1. Frank Platt

    I never knew Howling Wolf was white, LOL, OMG, WTF, LMOA, fuck off

  2. Golden Nugget Recordings

    I'd like to see frankie Muniz play beefheart during this period 😆

  3. McLarenF1God

    Such a funky, badass, weirdly timeless track.

  4. Brian Doyle

    He's a warlock...directing his minion's. .....

  5. Kelley O'Neill

    Why do I love this so much? Is F major 7th so seductive?

  6. gregorysanchez2

    How is the Captain 33yrs old here? He looks like 50! Either way, this is pure magic!

  7. Frank Platt

    I don't know why, but after listening to this song, I want to go out and get incredibly drunk

  8. Steve Shaw

    You gotta admit it. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART is very unique and original...talented..odd...trippy....yup a rare kinda DUDE

  9. Peter Rothfuss


  10. Jeff Black

    20 seconds and we hear the Wurlitzer… I’m out...

  11. John McCarroll

    This guy lives in a world all his own. He's way too weird for me.

    Peter Rothfuss

    John McCarroll then you’re too weird for us!!! 😂 bye bye now. Don’t come back.

  12. Setherian

    so what the frag was the "my o my" anyway? his shlong?

  13. bigbobbreakdance

    I might have commented here before.. but fuck off, that is an absolute banger

  14. mirror man

    Them jeans on the guitarist at the back, remind me of mine after 8 pints with me mates on a Friday night! Great song & performance by the way. R.I.P. Captain!

  15. santa mulligan

    An Aria

  16. Black Xicano

    Whoever thumbed down needs their ears cutoff. You don't deserve ears.

  17. Krev Krev

    Here the total is greater than the sum of the parts. Hardly exceptional musicians but together they attained lift off and beyond.

  18. vollsticks

    A fucking GUITAR SOLO on a Beefheart track! Lmao he always talked about how much he hated flashy solos (apart from one-note guitar solos)...still this is a decent performance from the "Tragic Band"

  19. Ian Ashman

    Wow! I’ve known the name for years and only just now listened to captain beefheart. That was awesome. So gritty.

  20. T Doyle

    That look right after he says “how was I to know she was so shy ‘ is so cool. This song has some of the worst lyrics in history- which makes it particularly interesting to me. As the Talking Heads once implored ‘stop making sense!’. I love the captain because he puts priceless lines in my head I’ll repeat to myself till the day I die. For instance, ‘scarecrow YOU answer!’ From ice cream for crow, a great tune.

    This song here has a permanent place in my soul. To me it’s close to perfection, much more than the sum of its parts . For instance the beginning guitar riff makes you think it’s in that key then the band comes in and it that riff becomes part of the new key without changing.

  21. Slider321

    For those not in the UK The Old Grey Whistle Test was on tv about 11pm on a tuesday night .My parents used to let me and my brother stop up to watch it.This was one of the most memorable performances, a real talent and presence and showman.

  22. Mo Mo

    This is the best. Better than the original.

  23. Conrad Dean

    Definition of stage presence right here

  24. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    He was very expressive like How Cocker was I think.

  25. wenby 505

    Some of the best electric guitar playing I have ever encountered. It is a wonderful guitar tone too.

    Steve Shaw

    Yup great guitar playing.


    it's good but you must have a rather small range of reference to get that excited about it.

  26. The Boss

    Love this!

  27. Mr. Classic

    The steaks were low, the steaks were high

  28. T Doyle

    The looks he fires off are so captivating. Like when he says ‘who something she was so shy , on the my oh my’ he rolls his eyes up in his head - it’s just pure genius in the moment to me. It has no conceptual meaning, it’s just his own subconscious made conscious. Not many people can do that, true artists can.

    But seriously, I worship this. I love the central riff , the 3 note riff that seems to connote one key, but the band comes in on another, to which the riff works as well. And the whole look of the band with turquoise silver rings and a couple with this elvish look, tall thin with long silky hair. I was 13 when this came out so it’s cool to see the look of the musicians I wanted to be.

    Oh, and the line ‘you can here the captain’s cry’ gives me a chill. Peace

  29. $ATAN666

    I was mates with this guy until we were 16 and then we left school and I ended up in prison for a 30 stretch and lost touch...its life Jim but not as we know it

  30. Richard Franklin

    Gorgeous guitar solo on this one.

  31. Christopher Beniston

    Captain beef heart, brilliant and sublime great music will be with us for ever

  32. Simon Milewczyk

    What an awesome stage persona! 😎 Always have to watch the video when I listen to this track..those wild eyes totally enhance it! Love the music videos of that TOTP/Old Grey Whistle Test era. Dude looks utterly off his chops though 😂

  33. Mr. X

    From a distance Captain Beefheart looked like Bonzo

  34. Keeyan Haack

    1:23 "Hands low, hands high", the capn does opposite with his hands: holy fuck

  35. Pieter Zandvliet

  36. Anne&Jean-Philippe Otton

    The man was a fucking genius and that's all there is to say about it. Gonna put "Trout Mask Replica" on the table just for the sake of it.

  37. zxcvbnm 666

    That was fucking awesome and that was produced before I was even a thought in my dad's heart and a champion swimmer in his ball bag.

  38. Kevin Sansom

    How was I to know she was soo shyyyyy

  39. blindlemon9

    This is the so-called “Tragic Band” version of the Magic Band. They were all proficient musicians, but they were used to playing traditional rock and pop, and they never understood the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the good Captain’s music. Thankfully, they only hung around for a short while and one LP, before a new incredible batch of musical daredevils was assembled into another amazing Magic Band. This being said, I have always enjoyed this song, and this performance in particular, and I find several underrated nuggets on Beefheart’s two “sellout” LPs, Satisfaction Guaranteed and Bluejeans and Moonbeams.

  40. Transient Noise

    Peter Dinklage is looking good.

  41. Steven Jackson

    Beefheart was best doing blues, not atonal nonsense like trout mask

  42. Сергей Гальченко

    КРАСАВА !!!!

  43. Jonathan Pardoe

    Havnt heard much of this guy but he does remind me of a poor mans Alex Harvey

  44. Black Xicano

    After 773K views, I hate to think I'm at least 10K of em

  45. Nigel 900

    This is your brain on cocaine.... Don't do cocaine, kids.

  46. Randy Shoemaker

    Love the stories Terry Bozzio has of touring with him

  47. Marcus Backman

    If anyone has seen the persona Ty Segall puts on for his album 'Emotional Mugger' (he does a live performance on KEXP), I reckon he was 95% lifting mannerisms from Captain Beefheart.

  48. stopaskingformyname

    if you like captain beefhart check out ty segall. dope psych rocker who relatively young. the kexp show with him with the weird baby mask is great.

  49. Taylor Morgeson

    Love it! So raw, it never gets old, musicians here are also super underrated.

  50. FaithNoMan

    I can see Vic Reynolds playing this while he lays stoned and coked up on his water couch.

  51. Viknesh Srirekam

    I am singlehandedly responsible for 25% of these views.

  52. Robert Dore

    2.05 WHAT a pretty lick!

  53. Free Free

    Fantastic performance! This period of Don's career is often looked at sideways by Beefheart fans, but there were many gems, such as this one and Workin Man.

  54. Pastorius23

    This is a relatively boring Captain Beefheart song.

  55. hilrant


  56. Frank Platt

    It's uncanny, he has the fashion sense of my ex girlfriend, and sings like her too. She is pregnant now, I can't wait to meet her baby.

  57. Liliane Beeckman

    Impressed Ik

  58. Sauce Spicy

    this is good shit

  59. David Waltzer

    This song is such a work of genius. We all stand around wringing our hands saying "My oh my" as we are driven away from our own steering wheel We are all a bunch of sheep. What a great song.

  60. mathieu hill

    reminds me of why he is my fav artist ever

  61. JaxBeach2NewportBch

    I do wish more people would love music that is played with instruments.

  62. Jake

    The Chorus is fucking slammin. The guitar behind the vocals is perfect.

  63. d cowlam

    Nurse With Wound did a song to Rocket

  64. d cowlam

    Anyone who doesn't like Beefheart doesn't like music FACT

  65. king superbus

    I bought a grey whistle

  66. Dutchmanswife

    This is great. Thanks. He reminds me of a Dutch pirate from the 1600s.

  67. Vj Avzone


  68. Guitar Mogul

    grabin beef

  69. Sudo Bash

    he showing all the traits of being off is head on some sort of drug or drugs mixture but hey so fucking what,he certainly knows how to express his feelings :-)

  70. muppetrowlf

    The measure of any great musicians is that they can surpass the studio recordings where there can be ample technical tools on offer for the sound recording. To me this beats the album version in every way. Truly sublime. Bring back The Old Grey Whistle Test now! Where did all the live music shows go?

  71. Nick Name

    What song?

  72. imaseeker100

    a masterpiece

  73. Wolf Liou

    Captain beefsteack

  74. 1234567 1234567

    Seen it on OGWT...BACK THEN

  75. rerecorded songs 2019年2月1 The Rapture Heads 音源再録済み。

    better than CD version, better tempo and playing

  76. The Mad Pioneer

    This is like protopunk/blues rock I like it a lot

  77. The Mad Pioneer

    He looks rough as fuck for just being 32 or 33 years old

  78. imaseeker100

    different strokes. i enjoy creativity on the bleeding edge. as soon as i heard this song i knew i was gonna cover it with my band. what a great, greasy, spooky feel. genius is not necessarily for general consumption.

  79. 845callaway

    Captain's voice here is spot-on!!

  80. gary morgan

    Just read the blather about Beyonce's latest crap, needed some air.
    The Captain never disappoints.

  81. X YZ

    2.13.. Pink Floyd's careful with that axe Eugene

  82. George Anthony

    The most overrated artist ever!

  83. Simon Hill

    My old man played this a lot when I was around 6 years old I used to laugh and say hahahayyy, now I'm the old man and I love beefheart!!!!

  84. Randy Harrigan

    My human gives me the blues

  85. Jim Backus

    Richard Manuel and Neal Smith?

  86. Judo Supreme

    the beef himself

  87. Chris Scott


  88. Garnet Newton-Wade

    Insanely good

  89. Zerophoenix1

    holy fuck this is the jamamajmajamjamjajamjamamjajajamammmammmamajjjjajmmmm

  90. Bruno Gonzalez


  91. Bindi-Lee James

    Musical brilliance and lyrical mastery

  92. jsilence418

    Well that was great, thanks .

  93. Peter Butler

    Pure unadulterated shit

  94. Mikke Durling

    With distrotion this would be a heavy ass song

  95. 4dorno

    This is both stunning and sad - they tried to tame the captain - genius that is up there with the greats IMO - driven away from your own steering wheel! RIP

  96. a oneiill

    Could this be the Cap'ns best recorded visual performance?

  97. blackcherries4rings

    effortlessly out there

  98. Tekkenchampion 101

    When he said the wind blew low, I thought somebody farted.