Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - This Is The Day Lyrics

This is the day that love chose to play
The day love came to stay
This kiss is for the first time
And this kiss is for that time
Love to ride

This is the day that love chose to play
One minute here, one minute there
Love spent time everywhere
This day that love chose to stay

This is the day that love chose to play
The day love came to stay
This kiss is for the first time
And this kiss is for that time
Love to ride

This is the day that love chose to play
One minute here, one minute there
Love spent time everywhere
This day that love chose to stay

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band This Is The Day Comments
  1. Dirty Harry


  2. fox

    One great song

  3. Juan Nava Aroza

    Que simple y que belleza la introducción.

  4. eposz2

    This song is a simple touch of beauty. Shane that the band fired the Captain after this and disowned the album along with the Bluejeans & Moonbeams.

  5. James Piroli

    Awesome Wish I could get it on itunes

  6. Grey Ever

    Dumb hipsters don't like these 1974 albums but you know they are idiots so ignore them and enjoy Captain's every period. Cheers.

  7. Julian Habermann




  8. Michaleen Garda

    Aye, so it is, an may it be so for every person on earth, every day. <3

  9. greg finn

    I adore this song

  10. Rob Davidson

    Whatever Beefheart did I liked!

  11. carl summ

    I love Janie Caroline Lee...………….she brought me love and they stayed...…..xx

  12. Lawrence Hamm

    First song I have heard from Captain Beefheart that wasn't total crap.

    carl summ

    Hamm.….you are an ass.

    Lawrence Hamm

    Carl summ - You are the ass. Making an ignorant comment to a total stranger makes you AN IDIOT. I had never heard the song before, and I was buying records when Captain Beefheart records first came out. So I have been around a while. If you are going to reply to someone's comment, make it such that you actually put some thought into it. At least make it amusing.

  13. Tantn Onkl

    we Miss u rip vliet

  14. Go Toads

    I read that his 1974 albums were "clunkers." I bought them anyway. I played Unconditionally Guaranteed while I was drifting to sleep. This is the Day woke me up. It's one of those perfect songs.

  15. Jake Riley

    Yes. Yes it did. Thank you for pointing it out to us, Saint Beefheart.


  16. Chris m

    Lovely n sad

  17. astorcrombus nebulus

    2nd best song on the last TMR line-up Magic Band,and a fine song it is.....

  18. Oolong Oolong

    Such a lovely song by the good Captain.

  19. Charles Laurier

    One of my all time favorite tunes. Zoot Horn dismissed it in his book--I can't figure why. Great in many ways, but the guitar work is immortal...

  20. Hannibal Kaapo

    1974 was bad year.listen doc at the radar station.

  21. Vidda Broun

    The guitar solo is just in a class of its own.

    Barbie Chêtif

    the musicians did everything but captain got all the money and glory...


    Oh yes. All the money. Right.

    Captain Kirk



    Expensive motor home in Mohave?

  22. Zev Feldman


    erich rainault

    don was one of the best muscians of all time. this is and always will be one of my favs i sing it in my head everyday!!!!!! beefheart lover !!! didadidadididadidida dadadadada dadadada

    Rene Willemsen

    great thank you very much!

  23. John Davey


  24. Sebastian

    In this I can hear Rory Gallagher, John Frusciante. A great track.

    Bob Green

    I hear Jerry Donahue as well

    Wooden Penny

    Totally Frusciante, I’ve always heard it too.

  25. sober leech

    I think all of his songs are best live. That is where the true magic happens. Studio versions, ehh.. They're good. But recorded a little too flat for my ear. I can understand that...

    Beat Visions

    +SOBER LEECH I think the flatness is for the audio heads with good stereos. Allows you to adjust it to your liking without having to worry about bass or highs distorting...That's what I think anyways with a lot of the Rock engineers in the way they probably think.

  26. Megan Serna

    This song will always hold a special place in my heart. When I first listened to it, I realized that I have fallen in with my boyfriend it was magical.

  27. jonny

    don't make 'em like they used to

    Bob Dole

    Good thing this counts for people as well

  28. starman2112

    Say what you will about this album, but this song evokes all the amazing feelings that all good music does. Possibly my favorite guitar solo as well!

  29. Roby Tillett

    one of the most beautiful songs ever

    Lawrence Hamm

    Great song!!

    greg finn



    that is truth bro

  30. FishMusic4U

    a forgotten classic love song, one of the best 4 eternity! The Captain and Magic Band rockin soulful, rockin baby foreverrrrr

  31. H Gtoday

    'In Search of Captain Beefheart' by Opher check out 'in search of captain beefheart' by Opher - it's awesome and great footage of the magic band!

  32. Royce Williams

    The most impressive thing about this song is how it rides out a three chord progression for its whole length. That's tough to do, without becoming too monotonous. Slow and ominous/ spooky. Great song.

    Philip Rowe

    Royce Williams what a song to of gone out on, must of been a top man.

  33. vollsticks

    Real "hardcore" Beefheads always hate on this album and "Bluejeans..." personally I think they're trying to be all cool and "oh, I only dig the avant-garde stuff" but it's bullshit, there're some AMAZING songs on both albums. Like this one.

    Bob Green

    My favourite across those two albums is Further Than We've Gone. I am truly a hardcore Beefhead because I love it all :)


    Ok, for me it's not a matter of trying to only dig avant-garde stuff. I don't like the earlier or later stuff because it's avant-garde. That could be just trendy. I like it because the music is more complex and interesting. I'll agree this is a beautiful song, ok, but it's pretty normal, and easy on the ears.  Fine. But some of his earlier and later stuff really gets into an amazing polyrhythmic groove. I mean it's fine, everyone is going to have a range in their oeuvre. This is a pretty song. But I prefer Trout Mask Replica, Shiny Beast, Safe as Milk, Mirror Man, and Doc at the Radar Station.

  34. Franco Trusa

    Ehhhhhh posta lo pasaron el video en lo de Capu? nunca lo vi :P es un genio, tiene altos gustos y pasa videos zarpadisimos, bien vintage !

  35. Dover Clover

    great music !

  36. alan vincenzo cucci

    God Bless you and your family bros ... One hug

  37. Safu771

    Never gets old !

  38. Jack Olson

    I have loved and appreciated Captain Beefheart since 1975 when I first heard him with FZ on the Bongo Fury album. I love to share his music with the unsuspecting and watch their reactions! They always love it, no matter what age!

  39. dymitrFromPoland

    Anywho knows a tab for the solo?

  40. ncf1

    I really wish he had revisited this sort of song more often.. it's a classic, really. A timeless melody.

  41. disappeared7777

    wonderful guitar.

  42. legocookies

    I love this album

  43. Wartler

    One year ago today. This is the most apt song to hear. RIP Captain.

  44. Trent Duvall


  45. Johnny Flipp

    Captain you rule man... I love you brother!

  46. lizzabbott

    Love your music, Capt Beefheart...especially these melodic songs: This Is the Day, Observatory Crest, Further Than We've Gone, Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles, Bluejeans and Moonbeams, My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains...Masterpieces...beyond beautiful! R.I.P., Don van Vleit!

  47. Jan Rowley

    We played this for my brothers funeral .He loved Beefheart R.I.P both of you.

  48. jv16mm

    This song shows that Captain Beefheart was able to do mainstream music when he wanted to. R.I.P Captain Beefheart.. You were an original.

  49. Pablo Enrique DIAZ

    I knew this guy on Peter Capusotto's (Argentina's Channel 7 programm). Since that moment I like it. Today I feel very sad... Rest in peace Captain!!!

    Burzum The Grandpa

    Yo tambien, con capusotto conoci a jeffreson airplane, los natas, futbol, captain beefhearth y gull (Entre otros), por eso extraño cuando pasaba videos jajaja

    Tommy The Cat

    Jajajajaj que copado, lo voy a buscar.

    Juan Ant

    lo mejor de ese programa .los videos

  50. Antonymous tB

    R I P Don van Vliet~!

  51. subshrub

    Great Beefheart!