Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evenin' Stage Lyrics

There ain't no Santa Claus on the evenin' stage
There ain't no way t' pull the curtain
'N hide from hunger's rage
There ain't no town t' stop in
There ain't no time t' stop in
There ain't no straw for my horse
There ain't no straw for my bed
There ain't no comfort in cold boards
There ain't no rumours or food for my stomach
'N someday I'm gonna be saved
'Cause I gotta eat 'n' drink 'n' breathe 'n' sleep
'N I'm ah slave
Down in hominy's grotto there's ah soul die'n 'n leavin'
Every second on the evenin' stage
There's ah soul die'n 'n rottin' 'n' pickin'
Some new kinda cotton
With his fingers broken 'n' his heart 'n' back forgotten
There ain't no Santa Claus on the evenin' stage

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evenin' Stage Comments
  1. Pat Petersen

    and Captain Beefheart

  2. Pat Petersen

    thank God for LSD

  3. ModernRome1

    Listen to the guitar sing ...No Santa Claus..No Santa Claus..Who hears it?

  4. Raymantico

    3 moronic trolls gave thumbs down.

  5. Rodney Stewart Adams

    Grinding Poverty +Hopeless Misery deeply expressed by the Captain - for a thousand years they will study the Supreme Don!

  6. Petra B

    Aint life great and strange at times? I say this cos I would run away in terror whenever my Dad played ANY Beefheart the same went for Frank Zappa, and Robert Johnson!!, You'll be pleased o know I grew up! The sad thing is , that my fantastic Dad passed away 2016 aged just 65, and needless to say I miss him terribly, I am lucky enough to   have inherited his vinyl collection (Well whats left of it after all the pilfering, shameless thieving toerags had helped themselves!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!) But really chuffed that my 21 year old son is now a huge fan!! Aaah  Life goes on, thank you for the upload,xxx

  7. Aaron David Gleason

    When I was a kid I didn't understand why my step dad didn't really like Tom Waits. He thought Waits was kinda ripping off Howlin Wolf and Screamin Jay. Welp, funny, looks like Waiits was rippin Beefheart who was rippin off those guys. Look, of course, be influenced. I get called out for it too, and I try like hell not to be overwhelmed by mine. But take whole sale? Sorry to be a grump, but really, it's a copy job.

  8. Wolfgang Falck

    It is quite painful to be ahead one's own time, I surely can tell. For me there is just no measure how painful it must have been for the captain beefheart crew as this music is still a little ahead of our time. Great musicians with taste and style and a vision. I bow my head.

  9. Luis Rey Guerrero Rojano

    En una ocasión Mr.Ian Anderson de Jethro Tull comentó que el único músico al que valía la pena escuchar en USA era al Captain Beefheart.y creo que tuvo razón......INOLVIDABLE MR. DON VAN VLIET!

  10. Langdon Winner

    The point of the song evokes many settings and applications. False hopes need to be set aside in favor of ... who knows?

  11. Duane Anderson

    my favorite collection of modern  blues, their chicago period as it were.
    chess records could have released the spot light kid.
    oh mercy! mercy me.

  12. ONE_ HOT_EGG


  13. FatherCoughlin

    RIP Don..Vliet........already been a year WOW!