Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - The Floppy Boot Stomp Lyrics

The floppy boot stomped down onto the ground
The farmer screamed 'n blew the sky off the mountains
Eye sockets looked down on the chestbone meadows
'N the sun dropped down, 'n the moon ran off
His heels 'n elbows pale as chalk
'N all the comets collided 'n blew to dust
For fear they'd be seen
'N the sky turned white in the middle of the night
'N the sky turned white in the middle of the night
'N the big floppy boot stomped down onto the ground
'N the red violin took the bow for to do the hoodoo hoe-down
'N the red violin took the bow for to do the hoodoo hoe-down

The farmer jumped in a circle 'n flung his chalk right down
Do-si-do the devil sure showed 'n he broke of his horns
'N fiddled him down the road
Through the fork
'N the farmer's floppy boot stomped down
Red tail squirmin' and the hot leg kicked
'N the fire leaped 'n licked
Red tail squirmin' and the hot leg kicked
'N the fire leaped 'n licked
And when the boot came up, the fire went out
And hell was just an ice cube melting off on the ground
And the bow caught down for to do the hoodoo hoe-down
And the bow caught down for to do the hoodoo, the devil hoe-down

Through the fork, huddled' in the hollow, standin' at the crossroads
Was that bunged-up bandaged broken bum
That fell into the wrong circle
He had a sore red tail that once went red, now was pale
Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum he was summoned up from hell
Booted down a spell
By a square-dancin' farmer
By a square-dancin' farmer, well
That old bum was sticking out his thumb
When the farmer drew up and said
"Listen son", and the horse compared his hooves
"If you fall into my circle again I'll tan your red hide
And dance you on your tail, and pitch you from now to now
Pitch you from now to now"
And the hotlick kicked, and the fire leaped an' licked
And the hotlick kicked and the fire just leaped an' licked
And the hotlick kickin' an' the fire jus' leapin' an' lickin'
And the fire leaped and licked

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band The Floppy Boot Stomp Comments
  1. Anthony Monaghan

    Such a great great album...The Captain makes life worth living, even after a five day binge. A true wizard.

  2. kenneth furlong

    ive been listening to laura nyro latlely and if this sounds great after her music you gotta love it its entirely its own animal free ranging lol the blimp

  3. kenneth furlong

    now I see where tom waits went with swordfish trombones lol this will get you out of yourself just play this at addiction meetigs

  4. Draziw Drow

    the more i listen to beefheart the more i realise how much of the mighty boosh was inspired by his music

  5. PimpYour Trash

    Fi Fa Fo Fank You for sharing this piece of Magic

  6. Gary Hunter

    Captain, my Captain.

  7. Brad Roblling

    This is a great c.b. song, probably the best one on the album. & a great meet the devil song.

  8. smokin' bones

    some of the best music there is

  9. Jacob Prager

    oh hell ya love this

  10. arthur

    Don't mess with farmers anywhere in the world . You'll get pitched from now to now . Aural poetry . Devil stomping poetry .

  11. pillowjunkie5

    A true folk song in the old tradition. Genius.

  12. Sound Gardener

    Bulbous also tapered _(that's right.)_

  13. Fritz Idler

    Beefheart's best recorded album. Telling an actual semi-coherent story; a horror fairy tale of hoodoo magic. Because hell was just an ice cube melting off into the ground....

  14. turnip burst talcumpowder

    Ahh Don van, nice

  15. Tommy Tucker

    The farmers crops are failing, he decides to summon the devil by dancing to see if he can help his disastrous harvest.

  16. René VooDoo

    Van Vliet at his best!

  17. Michael Harvey

    If you're talking about Avant Garde Rock, This is it!.....

  18. clairet bruno

    abouz ol baz

  19. Dor Gefen

    God damn! Great song

  20. Daniel Dohmeier

    el capitano bee fart

  21. Kevin Garcia

    This sounds to me like the continuation of Electricity!!! Lov it 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. Colin M

    Every time I stumble upon a Beefheart song I've never heard, I'm amazed that it wasn't an instant hit.

  23. mcbillygoat !

    This song was written to remind people that nobody slays the captain.

  24. Bilbo Batista

    fe fi fo fum best song

  25. Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Why doesn't this music find it's way more into movies and tv?

    Sodham G'morris

    Zappa Family Trust owns it...and we all know what a clusterfuck _that_ is.

    Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Oh Christ, that explains everything. I love me some Zappa, but those kids are beyond fucked up. They are constantly in battle over his estate.


    It's not Dweezil it's that nutcase Ahmed and that greedy bitch Gail...


    @mrkrinkle72 Gail died.

  26. Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Goddamn genius.

  27. Nickolas Willner

    Pfffffffhahahaha ! This piece is so ominous yet thrilling. Perfectly chaotic timing. I love the production on this.
    My skin felt electric the first time I heard this..
    I need better speakers for this.

  28. Zoran Taylor

    0:49 - 1:11 That sounds EERILY like Lindsey Buckingham on backup vocals....

    Sound Gardener

    You'd go your own way if you were dating that mad harpy, too.

    Under such circumstances, you must -never- *_always_* break The Chain. (Fuck chains, anyway.)

  29. SoundboyEric

    might be the greatest song ever but were not sure yet

    Erik Lauritsen

    +SoundboyEric What are you waiting for? :D

    gary dolphin

    @Erik Lauritsen to decifer captains message

  30. Pedro Nascimento

    this has positivitely knocked me off my socks

  31. p.m. Konijn

    Avant Garde Pop !!

  32. p.m. Konijn

    One of the best !!

  33. Fritz Idler

    And hell was just an ice cube melting off on the ground....

  34. Zach Greco

    If you fall in my circle again I'll tan your red hide and dance you on your tail!! and pinch you from now and now!!! Fucking love Don's word play!!

    DeArmond Geezer

    +Zach Greco That old bum was sticking out his thumb
    When the farmer drew up, said
    “Listen son”, and the horse compared his hooves.
    “If you fall into my circle again I’ll tan your red hide
    And dance you on your tail, and pitch you from now to now
    Pitch you from now to now.”

    Zach Greco

    awh damn if only it where pinch :(  haha still boss though!!

  35. Felix Magee

    Scientific proof that 2 out of 21 people are tone deaf.

    Sodham G'morris

    The poor buggers can't even _smell_ the notes...they should catch an express bus to Soddington.

  36. sharpasaneraser

    24 yrs ago i purchased trout mask replica...listened to a few tracks and promptly returned it to the store...repurchased it a week later and became a lifelong fan. i was aces at resealing cds with a thin strip of double stick tape back in the day. wtf there were no listening stations or ways to sample cds before purchase.
    shiny beast on cd was so hard to find back in the 90s as was lick my decals off baby.

  37. Holly Snoop Dogg Fuzzy Catt

    fucking  yeah.  just what I needed right now as the snow dumps all over us again, 2x's a week since January - and the sky turned white in the middle of the night.  I'm covered in chills, I'd lost track of this album, need to find it and worship it, again.  Miss you MM. 

  38. Pantaloon Duck

    Musicianship par excellence, I LUVZ DON I DUZ

  39. Thee Trashman

    So far this is my favourite of Beefheart's bizarre experimental mumbo jumbo stuff. Still have a lot more to check out.

  40. BuckeyeBoyz Grewell

    I miss the times when we weren't afraid to do something different. When great things sprung up from the most unlikely places and it was cool to listen to something or appreciate an art form even if no-one else around you agreed.

  41. Honeysucklebommie

    A menacing masterpiece.

  42. Captain Caveman

    Blows my mind about the 2 Fucking losers givin' this thumbs down.

    Holly Snoop Dogg Fuzzy Catt

    Ah, don't let your beautiful mind be blown by listening-impaired-haters.  No need to feel bummed out cuz  you have us - hen you can be  be happy with us, the ones who get it. Ya could  dancin with me right now  Fear thee,  beast ! 


    [email protected] Allison

    Holly Snoop Dogg Fuzzy Catt

    yeah, baby.. I'd stopped following these  pages bc *I* was getting bummed out by so much anger... who needs it.  Floppy Boot Stomp: my best friend had a floppy foot (bad accident) and he was a blast to dance with esp with that foot, .my bestie was a Beasty (come out and meeet the monster tonight) and of course a Beefheart fan tho his wifey was not " I don't get it" . Nope she sure didn't.   

  43. Chris Williams

    Hoodoo blues. Funky, scarey, and just so wicked. I love this tune.

  44. cosmicdrifter287

    the captain and magic band for life.

  45. Andrew L'Amour

    this song is so totally under-rated.

  46. plankcaller

    @Heisen Berg: Look bro, I love Beefheart  as much as the next guy but don't diss J Dilla... J Dilla actually was a multi-instrumentalist and jazz musician. His hip-hop stuff is based on that Jazz knowledge. It's not fair comparing J Dilla and Beefheart since they did completely different things for completely different audiences and they were the best at what they did.

    Of course you are probably one of those guys who thinks hip-hop and electronic music is "not real music" so opinion discarded.

    Colin M

    I think we should just agree that Beefheart and Dilla are the two greatest geniuses that popular music has ever seen. Not that they were popular.

  47. charles deason

    When the boot came up...the fire went out...this guy is a friggin genius...what's wrong with music?'s not this!

  48. Heisen Berg

    J Dilla would steal this stuff..they were not musicians, they were button pushers.

  49. Red Vynil

    I wouldn't know, I don't waste my time and ears on hip hop or rap.

  50. ultravague

    "Shitty" Beefheart is better than most of his contemporaries' releases at the time. Observatory Crest is totally modern sounding right now, with a quasi-hip hop groove and echo guitar you might hear from J Dilla or Flying Lotus.

  51. ultravague

    Who are the corny-assed motherfuckers that would give this a thumbs down?

  52. tom raymond

    primal bluez

  53. Ross Palmer


  54. Pantaloon Duck

    I also love this album. Coincidental ? I think not

  55. david jason


    Phi l


  56. Antoni EP

    I think this is the best track Beefheart and the Magic Band ever produced. I also think this is the best album they ever made.
    I love the arrangements, the simple production and the complex but accessable character of the music. Heard this album for the first time when it came out and never stopped loving it !

  57. global carnage

    an the big floppy boot stomped down into the ground luvvit :D

  58. OliverSC

    "Food Dog" By Electric Six references this song...

  59. Alexei Aneychik


  60. CPR4LIFE

    This song = fucking excellent. Period.

  61. aakkoin

    this song rules so fucking much,

  62. charlie pop

    absolutely true, they were both inspired by howlin' wolf and many others, whatever, both are genius in their own way... there is a generation between them too.

  63. salsburysteakjr

    @MegaYoshitsune I always understand but never quite agree with all the Tom Waits/Captain Beefheart comparisons. Both have growly voices, both explore blues music in a wholly innovative way, both love their surrealist lyrics and wacky rhythms, but their artistic sensibilities are SO INCREDIBLY different.

  64. Keith Murray

    @RedVynil True, I mean, Tom Waits is good, but Beefheart just blows away pretty much everyone. And I agree about his worst album, that still has Party of Special Things to Do and Observatory Crest which I think are really good despite the fact than some songs on there are a bit, "questionable." Beefheart always seemed kinda crazy, yet he also seemed like a genius.

  65. Red Vynil

    @MegaYoshitsune The only shitty Beefheart was when he was on Mercury. And there's even a few of those songs that are good!
    Tom Waites can't hold a candle to Beefheart!!

  66. Keith Murray

    I love this song, and so does Tom Waits. Captain Beefheart almost always had brilliant lyrics in his songs.

  67. fadethetrade

    @thealtusflute I think it's his best album.The rest is a little too aberrated. .

  68. Lindsey C

    @thealtusflute Me too!

  69. Klaus Berner

    love this album!