Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Same Old Blues Lyrics

Have you heard that rumour
That's going around?
You got another man
Way across town
It's the same old story
Tell me when does it end?
Yes I heard the news
It's the same old blues again

Well I wrote you a letter
You must have read it wrong
I stood at your doorway
Ah, but you were gone
I took a lot of time
And let your telephone ring
It's the same old blues
The same old blues again

When you give me the business
Well it didn't mind
'Cause I've got a lot of patience
And I got a lot of time
It's the same old story
Tell me when does it end?
It's the same old blues
The same old blues again
I said it's the same old blues
The same old blues again

I'm gonna find me a mountain
I'm gonna hide out
I ain't talking to you
And I ain't yet coming out
'Cause I heard that rumour
Tell me where does it end?
Yes I heard the news
It's the same old blues again
'Cause I said it's the same old blues
The same old blues again

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Same Old Blues Comments
  1. Kaylie Barker

    Damn if every version of this song ain't badass

  2. Brad Hahn

    Beefheart smokes JJ and lynard

  3. Aria BR

    No te creo y fuerza natural 😯

  4. Miguel Agustin

    Más que a fuerza natural me recuerda más a he visto a Lucy en la parte antes de los mareados

  5. Raczka Ruffino

    cale jj tres bonne pour la bleu musique

  6. sr guitar enciende tu música

    Hace tanto que es lo mismo... Lo encontré!

  7. Israel Reyes

    Qué bien se siente pasar de escuchar a un genio como Cerati a la música qué le inspiró a canciones muy buenas.

  8. VampyreGothique

    No te creo y Fuerza Natural <3

    Miguel Agustin

    De quien es no te creo?

    Aria BR

    @Miguel Agustin De Gustavo Cerati del albúm siempre es hoy.

    Miguel Agustin

    @Aria BR lo habia olvidado muchas gracias

    Aria BR

    @Miguel Agustin no te preocupes! Saludos.

  9. olddogg eleventy2

    This is my favorite version of this song, It's simple and to the point and has a nice chord progression with a bit of some guitar embellishments and a bravado vocal performance...yeah, works for me!

  10. Agustin Provenzano

    Cerati tomo dos samplers uno para No te Creo y el otro para un Arrego en Fuerza Natural

  11. Luis Soda

    "me perdi en el viaje, y nunca me sentí tan bien"

  12. DavoMusicianGunner

    Sampled on No Te Creo And Fuerza Natural by Gustavo Cerati

  13. StonedApeSociety lang

    Black label society have to cover this

  14. Alberto G

    fyi, don vliet hated this album. have to guess he hated the conventionality he produced in order to get some mainstream attention...and it didn't work. he rightly hated this album.

  15. Agustin Provenzano

    Cerati uso el tema para samplers en dos canciones propias: No te creo
    Y Fuerza Natural

  16. RuDe :v


  17. Tony Puttick

    Beautiful ❤️

  18. Faqndo

    la estupidez triunfa en este juego

  19. Tony Puttick

    This is brilliant R l P Captain l Love your music

  20. Om Sadasiva

    If I was in a deserted island I would take the complete works of J.S.Bach, A.Webern and Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart. I need nothing else than the divine music of bach, the minimalism of webern and the craziness of captain beefheart. You?

  21. old bladder Horn

    heard this long before i heard the jj original
    thought it was the captain's song for a long awhile
    but then i got to hear mr jj cale's original take.
    then it was, and will always be his song.
    you just can't compare them
    jj just edge's out the captain to my ears.
    and i always did like this version

  22. Anthursan 5150

    Cerati - No te creo

  23. Josh Johnson

    Best version imo

  24. John Barrett

    Now that's music!!!

  25. Josh Johnson

    Best version in my opinion

    Vera Lynn


  26. matt bluesmain

    j j was proud as a banty rooster to have the captain play it

  27. J S

    Capt. Beefheart and the Tragic Band...

  28. David Lichner

    If ya wanna sing the blues, ya gotta pay the dues....

  29. matt bluesmain

    dang nab it....saw the Captain live..YO

  30. Howard .Purse

    Try this at 1.25 speed and you get somewhere near the speed that this was recorded.


    Yeah. This is not that LP version -or I am crazed.
    J.J. was awesome. And Don was like no one else too.
    But that LP-orig. version (muddy sound, real groove and faster tempo) is much more better than this upload. R.I.P. Don and J.J. <3

  31. Jorge Alberto Lara Sánchez

    ¡! :) Don Van Vliet!

  32. Julian Isaac


  33. Alvaro Larrain

    Only us de Peter gabriel y no te creo de cerati...

  34. Lynne Vogelsang

    love Captain Beefheart..Don and his band were amazing..hanging out with them was a pleasure and honor xo RIP Don

    Bruno Blontrock

    can you tell some more?

    wefwf rfvwfw


    Danny Cussick

    lucky you. I hope you got a free painting from him. cool artist.

    Lynne Vogelsang

    @Danny Cussick​ No ..l didnt..l should have asked for him to scribble on a napkin for me though..never thought of it at the time..just keeping my jaw from dropping on the floor was work

    Danny Cussick

    Lynne Vogelsang haha I would probably pulled a stupid face and freeze lol.

  35. let’s albarn


    Eduardo Oriolani

    +leonel albarn Y me olvidaba de No te creo jajajaja hamarlo

    Richard Alpert

    Cerati es un asco. El Capitan Beefheart es una leyenda.

    erick zun

    ?? Cerati un asco? cielos...

    Richard Alpert

    Cerati y soda estereo son las peores cosas que le pasaron al Rock Nacional argentino

    Fabio Napolitano

    23igna cerra el orto salame, nos conocen mundialmente gracias a ellos, bobo.

  36. Juan Antonio Ríos Olvera

    Y no te creo


    Cerati es un plagio de mierda

    Luis Anibal

    @Richy son samples conchatumadre, eso no entiendes mierda

    Agustin Provenzano

    Richy pelotudo de muerda. Es sampler burro. Ni oído tenes


    @Agustin Provenzano no tiene merito la lechiga de mierda plagia esa


    @Agustin Provenzano Éste tipo está muy lejos de la música , nisiquiera como espectador lo puede entender , mucho menos sería músico , a mi dos por tres me sucede que estoy tocando algún tema y digo , eso suena bien , y termina saliendo otro tema, viva la música

  37. Rick Neal

    Such a great song!

  38. Balazs Lasanszki

    i love jj.Cale but this version its way better for me. smokey and heavy blues

    Anthony Wade Chapman

    I think Cale wrote it.

    Johann Wundersamer

    Lascensky. 1000 Eintraege im Wiener hausmeister telefonbuch.

  39. Robert Wright

    cap'n b musta taken his magic bean medicine b4 he recorded this one; it's gotta fairly normal melody

  40. N Hale

    favourite version of this song..........

    Vera Lynn


  41. Andrew McSporran

    Yes, this is a JJ Cale cover, but if your gonna cover brilliance this is the way to do it and could I also suggest you listen to Lynyrd Skynyrds cover of the same song. Just goes to show there's more than one way to portray excellence. RIP Captain.

    Andrew McSporran

    The first time I heard this it was the Beefheart version. Then Lynyrd Skynyrd and the original by JJ Cale last. Not like me to get things arse for elbow but I can only suggest you listen to all 3 versions - worth 10 mins of anyone's time.

    Ó Tuathail

    @Andrew McSporran Haha, same here, again.

    Barry Wyman

    Got both 😊

  42. ChoppaWhoppa1

    Very good indeed, the captain put in some beef, but I think JJs version is still the best.


    JJ"s version with Leon Russell is amazing


    Back in service......

  44. Satizfacktion

    Sampled in No te Creo- Gustavo Cerati

    Alan Quiroga

    Cerati vacilaba beefheart, se sabe.

  45. Poordumbcracker

    Interesting. I still like JJ Cale's version better. Thanks for posting.

  46. Mark Reed

    Silly? U have no clue. WTFEVER

  47. tfmuch

    Not for silly stuff like this, though.

  48. Chris

    This is written by J.J. Cale though.

  49. Ra Bob

    J.J. Cale (R.I.P.) has died. Heard the news. It's the same old blues again.

  50. Robert P. Cheshire

    The Blues were blasted out but only realy altered in speed. Like Status Quo in Alcatraz. The Captain had piercing blue eyes and stared at me a lot because I was still seated. I saw no reason to get up and thrash about but he seemed to demand it of his customers. I could only ever hear gravelly 1,4,5's after that and never wrote home about it til now.

  51. Robert P. Cheshire

    I went to a Beefheart concert at Hove Town Hall in Sussex UK in the early 70's. He was supported by a group called Henry Cow who were booed a bit for doing what I'd describe as "avant garde soundscapes in metal and cellular structural collisions". That is; if a rock drummer drops a stick and it rolls he curses and must quickly grab a spare. Henry Cow had isolated the drumstick rolling sound, on its own and for quite a bit. Then Beefheart came on and were Blues Gods! Sadly not to my taste either.

    Andrew Collins

    Wish I'd been at the concert, I'd never boo Henry Cow and as for seeing Captain Beefheart I can only dream

  52. cal searson

    cant believe it took me 24yrs to find the captain

  53. raymond thorkildsen is a J J Cale cover... :)

  54. Dan Moore

    Is this a Skynard cover?

  55. ferguspuskas


  56. PreacherNotAvailable

    RIP Captain my Captain...

  57. Pastorius23

    It's mainsteam Beefheart. Which means it's great.

    Actually this is some of the most authentic sounding post 1965 Blues I have ever heard. Reminds me of John Lee Hooker's Serves You Right To Suffer.

  58. TheDudeAbideth1969

    Amen, Van Vliet is an creative genius even after his passing to the next world.

  59. Richard Franklin

    He sounds a bit like Ry Cooder on this.

  60. dirt_mcgirt

    picked this album up on a whim, i am in love. this is by far my favorite. oh and i'm in my 20's.

  61. Stephen Goddard

    Cymbals like crickets! Makes me feel lonely and wanna cry. Now I'm smiling thinking about music the way it was.

  62. Ryan Gaston

    this is definitely not as experimental as other beefheart albums


    Und. Guarant. (released same year, if I remember it right) was like this. I mean kind of popping, still rooted and grooving piece of music histoty.
    "Observatory Crest" is my favourite pop song... very beautiful one.

    My first album was Safe As Milk (first of theirs) when I was 18 years old (1999). and second that revotionally Trout Mask Replica so this (compared) is really easy album... not like others.
    If there's someone love blues... go to get Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot - two LP's on one CD. There are many deep blues songs.
    I got all Don's albums. Every single one is great or awesome in their own way.

    MoMA was right, Icecream for Crow is hell of a video! MTV thought that was too weird to been played on their "alternative" channel. MTV.... What a hypocrite piece of SHIT.

  63. mark bing

    fcuking brillant diamond never cut ...bigger than hope ...but pure genius fact !!!!

  64. YashaQuri

    love love love love

  65. YashaQuri

    beautiful memeories!!!

  66. London Metal Monthly

    I like beefhearts usual but can anyone recommend any other songs like this style of awesome blues-rock?

  67. paulo celso Silva

    a like it this version

  68. Jakob Maulwurf

    Yes, RIP, and this is magic.

  69. Gael Harry

    rip friend

  70. edge2life

    Don Van Viet will always be a major influence on rock and roll and also songwriting. He was a true artist. He was one of kind. Captain Beefheart will be missed. RIP.

  71. Andy Burr

    sounds like JJ's guitar.....

  72. blacknganga

    @eirini355 Not on the stage of Willie The Pimmp and Plastic Factory

  73. Chris Earle

    don van vliet is the boyo

  74. blacknganga

    @blacknganga I must've read it wrong, took a lotta turns...

  75. blacknganga

    @smcdaid075 This version is "better" than JJ's? Don't think so! It's not bad, though.