Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Observatory Crest Lyrics

While the city was busy we wanted to rest
She decided to drive up to observatory crest
We'd just saw a concert and heard all the best
We went on a ride, we got outside
The sand was hot, she wanted to dance

We went round and round in observatory crest
Thought we'd saw flying saucers and all of the rest
Arms in high spaying from observatory crest

While the city was busy we wanted to rest
She decided to drive up to observatory crest
We'd just saw a concert and heard all the best
So the only thing to do
Was to drive up
And watch the city
From observatory crest

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Observatory Crest Comments
  1. Jon H

    Who would thumbs down this?


    Beautiful song. Perfect for when you are deeply missing a loved one. Thank you Captain, you’re the man

  3. entroidolaza

    magic captain song

  4. Filippo Stoppa

    i found today this music and great band . wow , happy new year everybody ;D

  5. Joseph Talbot

    very cool

  6. Richard Ross

    Has anyone been able to decipher the lyrics in the second verse:
    "We went ’round and ’round at Observatory Crest
    Thought we saw flying saucers and all of the rest
    Pawns in high Spain (?) from Observatory crest"
    Some sources say it reads,
    "Arms in high spaying from Observatory Crest"
    But neither makes sense. Of course, the Captain's lyrics could often be very surreal but they usually made sense, at least poetically.

    Grizzly Bear


  7. Nick Schulke

    The best song from the Tragic Band period.

  8. Jack Meoff

    This album more than any other is bashed mercilessly by Beefheart fans, and I won't argue that it definitely has a lot of weak material. But I'll always LOVE Observatory Crest.

  9. Árpád Kenyeres

    Goosebumps. Such beauty! :O

  10. Luis Brandon

    “A Bigger Splash” brought me here

    Rene Willemsen

    and the sand was hot and she wanted to dance

    Rene Willemsen

    and she was hot and the sand wanted to dance

    Somaditya Banerjee

    haha...same here. I literally stopped the movie...looked it up and listened to it 4/5 times before going back to the movie...

    Euronymous Dead

    My good taste of music brought me here

  11. Maggie McDonald

    genius, soul stuff

  12. a oneiill


  13. Richard Day

    You like it or you don't. I like the vibe of the song it is simple and easy to listen to. Not everything has to be groundbreaking.

  14. Mark n Victoria Macham

    There is a spot across the freeway and up the hill where you can still see and hear the professional bands play on an outside stage in Duluth, Minnesota.The wife and I like to call it our own little Observatory Crest.Thanks for this post.Peace.

    Jacob Farley

    Spent my childhood in Duluth..
    Thanks for sharing that!

  15. tostare

    I think a lot of CB purists hate this album and see it as boringly commercial. I think there's some lovely stuff on it, with this as the standout. This was the CB eye opener for me, late at night and high. That echoing keyboard! The pings went on forever.

    brian lambertz

    I actually heard safe as milk first that and this are probably my favorites

    Eddie Real

    Let’s all get over ourselves. It’s a wicked track/album/career x

    Wooden Penny

    brian lambertz Same here, Safe as Milk is just unexplainably beautiful.

    sloppy g

    @Eddie Real Thank you for bringing some sanity to the Internet. It's not everyday you see a comment that says so much in such few words. Simply brilliant.


    I love his wild stuff and his so called commercial stuff equally. This kind of song to me allows him bit of space to express the soulful nature of his voice

  16. MrScotmac

    fucking and giving very different things

    Chris Eden

    +MrScotmac Can"t they be the same? Aah. The divine Captain.

  17. Noodles37UK

    I think it's cute Kate Bush loves this in spite of the criticisms. This song deserves GTA radio play. Outstanding.

    Grizzly Bear

    so true

    Officer Bustamove

    Imagine listening to this driving out to Verdant Meadows at night in San Andreas man...

  18. Dark_Matter

    Heard this in a short clip featuring Gino Ianucci skating

    Fahr Q

    same!! So hyped cus this song kills


    Nice! I’m not the only one 😌

  19. Steven Hall

    I just Bluejeans and Moonbeams on Amazon $9.89. How could I not have owned it all these years? I knew Observatory Crest was a great song. Part of it is I was a 'Clear Spot' snob for many years, and did not have the sophistication and soul to appreciate B&M. Hey Cap'n! Hope ta see ya on the other side!

  20. Don Coyneyone'

    boss track boss album

    Zeb Mustang

    Don Coyneyone' you got to be a scouser!?

  21. Daisy Christabel

    i've been to the observatory crest. there's really not much to say about it except it was a pretty mediocre bordering on rubbish experience. And it seemed somehow that it kept repeating itself and wasn't remotely romantic. Was it supposed to be? Captain with his heart of Beef must be a real visionary or else have an exceptional imagination or be bullshitting or just see the world differently. With my human heart, I felt nothing but deja vu and the dancing was no good with so little to observe. Nothing really, was good about observatory crest.

    a oneiill

    di9d you watch the city?

    Endo Alley

    Steven Hall - Fill your heart with beef.

    Christophe Monfort

    Some magic comes to some people, at a place, because we were just in the mood for love, or for magic. I remember the evening I asked my wife to marry me. After she said yes, we climbed up to "le suquet" hill (Cannes city, in France). Not a wild hill, but one nice place at night. No need for drugs, the only drug I need is you, baby. The picture I can propose you fi gure me at this time is Kate with Leonardo in Titanic. Some places get special for some people, for special. Yes, she was my lady (I did not own her, but she liked I pretend to), I would rather say she owned me.Except when it comes to playing sex ... ( but hush, this is private) ... just listen to Annie Lennox, watch her naughty smile, and ... just dare :

    Richard Ross

    You must never have seen the sun come up over the city from the Observatory.

    Elaf Jabr

    You're a cool person for stating your opinion with decision.

  22. ChrisAndTommy GoodTimeFolkRockShow

    this LP along w/ unconditionally guaranteed , safe as milk and doc at the radar station are my all time beefheart faves

  23. John Konstantine, J.S.

    w00t!! 1/257 = uniquness B)

  24. Lewis Maddick

    One of the Captains best songs

  25. Kelly14UK

    Kate Bush's favourite album from him.

    Alexander Dumarte

    Kate Bush's favourite movie is Good Burger

    a oneiill

    woah..good call!

    Greg Curran

    Bush is very flexible and can chew her toenails.


    @Greg Curran But would she chew yours? That would be something to boast about.

  26. rharvs41

    I'm more of a 'doc at the radar' sort of guy and don't even own B&M anymore - but this is a great song, the best on the album imo

  27. WARP 75

    One of 2 tracks I can listen too on this album. There is a reason why this album gets stick is cos its not very good.

    Grizzly Bear

    u are a moron probably southern white trash

  28. Electronic Adventures

    My god, this is the perfect summer drive song. Long live the good Captain!

  29. ChromeDestiny

    Cat Stevens Beefheart and the Mellow Band?

    But you know what, I really like this!

  30. Leslie Spoonts III

    If you were fortunate enough to live in Antelope Valley as Don did, you know exactly the place he's singing about. We all went there to "make out" In the days before smog invaded the Valley and you could see all the way to Bishop. The simplicity and subdued beauty of this melody shows Don's softer side and perfectly conjures up the beauty of the Valley in those days. Thanks for the memories Don.

  31. Steve Carroll

    Love this. Had no idea the Captain could produce something so beautiful.

  32. Saymommies Maisano

    we love what we love..

  33. Saymommies Maisano

    isn't it, nice observation on Observatory Crest

    Grizzly Bear

    reminds me of thatcher park in upstate new york at the end of the helderbergs

  34. Saymommies Maisano

    the lights of LA can be so beautiful from the hills, and that place was as special as the people

    Grizzly Bear

    not as good as the helderbergs in upstate new york a mile away from woodstock just better in upstate new york

  35. Chris Nelson

    Thanks Don, that's Magic

  36. J. HiddenHand

    Sweet telecasters all over this album

  37. pedro gouveia

    grande capitao ate sempre.

  38. FishingForLobster

    This really is a beautiful song. :)

  39. Nancy Bisset

    This is one of my fav'es. Another great tune. Many of us thought about flying saucers and never blinked an eye and wondered why others thought it was loony. Just wait won't all those beings be shocked when more truth is revealed?? Wish he was here to witness all that is happening right now in our changing world of Knowing. Always such a delight to hear his Blues and Love this genre. Lyrics LOVE to hear what is coming from within an artist inner core. Thanks to my Angel BEing once again. XO

  40. Keith Murray

    @uspsionic I guess so, he really liked blues music, and that's what usually seemed to influence him in his music amongst the bizarre stuff, so maybe he felt out of his comfort area not doing blues influenced stuff. I don't know, I just can't seem to imagine The Captain sitting at home listening to a song like this very often for some reason, despite the fact I think it's really good.

  41. organaphus

    @TehSorso It is 10,000 times better than ANYTHING you could find in today's charts...personally I think this is my favourite Beefheart song, and the whole album's brilliant- it's incredibly emotive.

  42. Keith Murray

    Well, the man himself Captain Beefheart advised people to take their copies of this album and Unconditionally Guaranteed back to stores and try to get their money back.

    I still think that both albums are really great though.

  43. dickrobot

    This song makes me feel good.

  44. dvargashell

    really hot teenage sex muzak. go bronco

  45. TehSorso

    Why would they deem an album that's so soulful (albeit they call it "commercial") as "his 2nd worst"? This is soo foolish of people to say, this album is wonderful to listen when you're a bit sad or feel dreamy, it really sooths the heart of many people, it is helpful for the listener... not all feel happy hearing a hard-on-the ear trout mask replica track, and although i agree that is prob his best, this one right here is definitely his best musical deed.

  46. noseman123

    I think we can all agree Unconditionally Guaranteed was his worst album, but at least Bluejeans and Moonbeams has Party of Special Things and Observatory Crest.

  47. bbqbod

    i love this song so much for its melody etc but the story it tells is so truthful and you can imagine Don actually living this evening he sings about. Like a page from a diary. It's sublime.

  48. Graham Nicoll

    @cosmicrider287 Couldn't agree more!! ''Bluejeans'' is a true classic, and one of my all time favourite albums, which I never tire of hearing.

  49. navek1

    the legend of Mr Beefheart

  50. zeezee15

    RIP Captain

  51. Brock Kalbfleisch

    rest in power

  52. sitjar

    Cheers Don....good show

  53. sweetblueharps


  54. git1958

    @cbjgdicad1 That's right the Mascara Snake, fast and bulbous...also, a tin teardrop.

  55. cbjgdicad1

    @git1958 Ahh bull plus bous ,,, bulbous , as in fast and ?

  56. git1958

    @cbjgdicad1 bous

  57. cbjgdicad1

    @git1958 bull

  58. dvargashell


  59. git1958

    It is good and memorable, but it is ''radio friendly'', safe and conventional.
    The record company at the time were pressurising him for more commercially acceptable product. Phases, phases, blue cheese faces.
    I love it when He's all over the show in different places at the same time.
    Please get well Don.

  60. cacemphaton

    HELP! What kind of car i she driving?!