Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Ice Cream For Crow Lyrics

It's so hot
Looks like you have three beaks, crow
The moon's so full
White hat on a pumpkin
You know there's something
The moon was a stone's throw
Stop the show
I need to say hello to the crow
Light the fire piano
The moon showed up
And it started to show
Tonight there would be ice cream
Ice cream for crow
Ice cream by night
Sun cream by day
Ice cream for crow
Ice cream by night
Sun cream by day
The sun ain't stable
Ice cream for crow
Crow pants the scarecrow
Crow dance ah ho ho
Crow dance
A panther
Scarecrow you answer
You can hee and haw
Laugh and scratch
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Boss and toss
Don't shake my hand
Give me your claw
Two tears in a haystack
Scarecrow get back
Tonight there will be
A feather treatment
Beneath the symbol
We'll all assemble
Oh how we'll fly
Oh how we'll tremble
Cut the cake
We'll all get well
Turn up the speakers
Hop flop squawk
It's a keeper
Ice cream for show
Oh ice cream for crow
Now now that's it
Now you can go

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Ice Cream For Crow Comments
  1. Gary Plummer


  2. bob733333


  3. xyzzy777

    Shame there isnt proper HD version upload of this classic

    Musica Obscura - Rare Tracks and Albums

    Yeah. You'd think some company would have picked it up and released it for the 30th anniversary of the album in 2012.

  4. King Kook

    Superb! The band's last great statement!

  5. Azazin Popov

    Думал на превью Шаляпин

  6. BlueEyes 1970

    Just to show how cool Letterman was in the early days, the Captain was a guest of his one night (!) and Dave actually showed a good part of this video on the show (!!).

  7. Tom Jamison

    Richard Midnight Hatsize Snyder ROCKS!!!

  8. Robert Craane!

  9. Glenn Zornig

    MTV only accepted the videos that portrayed men as sissies. So the Captain had no chance of being seen.

  10. PaulLonden

    *Thanks* indeed! ...This totally stunning track deserved decent audio....
    One wonders why the original sounded like from under a stack of cushions....

  11. Craig Ex

    He would have been 41 years old in this.

  12. ƨuoɿɘmuИ Numerous

    2:21 Good one with the guitarist lol

  13. Tom Wilson

    Thanks for uploading a decent quality version!

    Musica Obscura - Rare Tracks and Albums

    No problem. Sadly it seems as thought this is the best quality available right now.


    This song's got a LOT of musical proficiency and intelligence. Yeah, quality on songs online can be a frustrating thing.