Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby Lyrics

The moon was a drip on a dark hood
'N they were drivin' around 'n around
Vital Willy tol' Weepin' Milly
I'm gonna booglarize you baby
I'm gonna booglarize you baby
If I can find ah place t' park my machine
Out ah town
Milly tol' Willy come on over t'my house
I'll slow your machine right down
'Cause listen Vitals gives me the Willies
Drivin' around 'n around
Drivin' around n' around
If you keep beatin' around the bush
You'll lose your push
If you keep beatin' around the bush
You'll lose your push
The moon was ah drip on ah dark hood
The moon was ah drip on ah dark hood
'N they were drivin' around 'n around
Tush tush
Bogota boogie
Tush tush
Bogota boogie around
There ain't no place t' stop around
Bogota boogie said Weepin' Milly
Now Willy come over t' my place
'N I'll slow you right down
You lose your push tush
When you beat around the bush
If you act reserved
I know somebody payin' for your parkin' place
You gotta take your space
Tush tush
You lose your push
When you beat around
When you beat around
When you beat around the bush
Bogota boogie
Bogota boogie
I'm gonna booglarize you baby
I'm gonna booglarize you baby
I'm gonna booglarize you baby

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby Comments
  1. Elim Garak

    Man when a hot german broad says Beefahrt. 👌💀😍

  2. Brian Wright

    Boy gotta boogie.

  3. TheEleatic

    Music for dark alleys.

  4. FIEND __1593

    Come over to my house, I'll slow your machine right down

  5. bivio zlebi

    no words..just listen to the Capt

  6. mike boultinghouse

    bass player will die in prison for child molestation

  7. Hana

    my favourite

  8. Tom Gradwell

    Man, isn't Art Tripp the business. Classically trained drummer wearing Fred Flintstone body suite, donning a monocle, with paisley womens panties on his head. Sheer class.

  9. Stephen Zayfert

    The scary part of this version of the Magic Band? With all the duck walking and dancing around they did not miss a beat.

  10. Dennis Higgins

    I bought Beefhart's Spotlight Kid album in the early 70s based on a review I read somewhere. I never really liked it and I figured it was over my head. Listening to it now --Booglarize You Baby, Click Clack, etc-- I guess it's still over my head. Or the whole thing was pretentious to start with.

  11. Forrest Green

    Ropy Estrada on bass ! Art Tripp on drums !


    Just superb - Pity Roy is locked up

  13. GamerCheech

    Lol the german drugs sure had their effect

    Joseph Finkelstein

    You can't play that well high


    i like the continuity links woman... and she says baby with some sense of jocular notions about what it means to be booglarized...

  15. Mike d

    i freakin love this!!!beefheart in 2019 2020 still going strong......

  16. kenneth furlong

    this is similar to erly john lee hokker or howlin wolf I mean you gotta go way back where the humour was there but only some it was an inside job like sandy hook people got itor 911

  17. ananasas jenkins

    Too cool for existence

  18. William Davis

    I’ve only ever seen the blue screen footage. Wow!

  19. Jeffrey MCCOMAS

    This guy is for sure a Howling Wolf wannabe this sucks

  20. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    One of the guitarists looks like Rick Rubin (when the latter was a younger man, that is)!!


    Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown winged eel fingerling

  21. Wesley Delaney

    I taught all the comments were being sarcastic haha. Nope! Youse all serious as fuck hahaha

  22. Rui Tavares

    Pure geniuses!!! Probably, the best live gig ever!!! 😎😎😎😍😍😍

  23. Paul Compton

    Comedian Ron White's first gig in the entertainment business.

  24. llaurita2

    Good ole’ Art Tripp.

  25. Pete Owen

    Greatest roll call of band member names ever. Zoot Horn Rollo sounds almost normal.

  26. jvadoptante

    Wow! That intro was smokin' hot!!! 🔥

  27. LOST

    this performance made possible by LSD


    I'm 33 and still wish to try LSD. It seems all the people I knew were brainwashed squares.

  28. Mike Beeton

    Brilliant , superb, easy listening As the Germans said "GOOT STUFF, YA "

  29. Lawrence Howland

    Drop the mic!

  30. edmund184

    Can't work out if this man was a genius or a charlatan.

  31. Frans Edgren

    Jesus wept.

  32. T Doyle

    To the person below- yes, this may be the pinnacle of human achievement. It quite simply puts all of the old stuff, harpsichords especially- into the trash bin of history.

    Mozart? Please. I’d rather hear these boys jumping around in the background of a supermarket while buying cheese than checking out some kind of ‘classy’ violin action, right up in the front row even- as close as that. And that’s pretty much as you’re going to get.


    The bass player really has me in stitches. I’m almost laughing to hard to type! Peace

  33. Guillermo Rameriez

    Fuck, listen to those guitars!

  34. bluecollarlatin

    If Youtube existed 40 years ago, this video would have 30 million views and we would be like Taylor Swift who!!!

    Hairway to Steven

    No it wouldn't and no we wouldn't.

    James Brooks

    no only had a small following then. utube wouldn't have mattered. they were ahead of their time

    Hairway to Steven

    @James Brooks Exactly.

  35. clarkewi

    That is LA genius. His band house was about half a mile from mine in Woodland Hills.

  36. Michael Black

    Pretty sure I just been booglarized by the BEEF!!! and i loved every minute of it!

  37. John M

    Off the LP "Spot Light Kid". Borrowed a copy from E.J. Korvettes cut out bin. They broke the mold

  38. TheStuF

    tush, tush.

  39. jim crow

    You been booglarised... baby.

  40. Ike

    German girl "I'm gonna booglarize yoo... a baybee" 😎

    Michael Black

    Not if I get to her first!

    Jarrell Jimerson

    Name please?

  41. Rui Carvalho


  42. Ben Smith

    OMG YES Best and Forever great!!

  43. Nigel 900

    Hilarious!..... Looks like a bunch of old, worn-out hippies on speed.


    Captain Beefheart was a musical genius.The innovative structure of his music is amazing.

  45. Tom Gradwell

    Is this the greatest band ever? Absolutely. No other band comes close. Captain invented the word "original".

  46. kari wikström

    This is it

  47. rwjoyner

    i think the drummer may have invented 'bounce beat' on this performance

  48. Laniakey

    This music tastes like weed, lsd, dmt, and meth alltogether

    b. vulpine

    ...and don't forget the residual scent of perfumed girl-soap underpants atop your head, of course.

  49. Peter Rothfuss

    The Captain is so good and so cool, he requires TWO microphones! When’s the last time you saw that?!

    Justin Montagne

    Maynard James Keenan

    Gavin Hill

    Mark E. Smith of the Fall


    Les Claypool

  50. Alan Brando

    if this doesn move ya, then yer dedd

  51. Funk Vader

    Too much color correction. You made Beat Club look like instagram.

  52. 25thCenturyQuaker1

    Love how the Captain both looks and sounds like a really spoiled cat in this video

  53. Tom Gradwell

    Greatest ever live performance by a great, great band.

  54. bigman lizard

    tried to play this with my friends and we all died instantly

  55. mickslyness

    Booglarize with stu

  56. J Starr

    Somebody needs to booglarize that hot chick who introduced Beefheart!!!

  57. J Starr

    I hope someone was "booglarizing" that VJ....she's killing hotttt.........

  58. Dane Hart

    zappa stole so much of his shit . was a block down or 2 from this guy . people come from some were , this guy was always from were he was . and f it


    I'm going to cheerish this music for the rest of my life and I'm only 30.

  60. Tim Jahns

    When the lovely lady names the song with a final "uh-BABY" her voice knocks me out. Capt and the band really get down on this live version with hot instrumental work in an off-kilter groove.

  61. steveN111333

    Lady at the beginning is hot !!! Also , when comparing this to studio version....I like the captains screams better in this version 😁

  62. pufferwockey

    Hahaha Perfect German tact. Introduces Beefheart by saying "... he sounds a bit like Zappa, but don't say that to his face, it pisses him right off"

  63. Barabas, The Jew

    I'd let that German chick booglarize ME. BITE THEE BULLET, BABEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Mikal Zonda

    The Messiah looks like a demented David Cassidy........

  65. John Davey


  66. Hip Priest

    I would go gay for beefheart

    Pu Ping

    Chubby chaser!

  67. David Hamilton

    Rockette Morton(whirling), Zoot Horn Rollo(very tall) Drumbo, Winged Eel Fingerling(aka Eliot Ingber, Mothers and Little Feat) and that other bloke!!!


    Bass player Roy Estrada was one of the original Mother of Invention and in the first line-up of Little Feat before going off to work with Beefheart. Eliot Inger was in the Mothers but never in Feat.


    Not Drumbo - that's Arthur D. Tripp III alias Ed Marimba on drums, ex-Mothers Of Invention.

  68. Wolf Larson

    I do not hate this song

  69. Darren Vasaturo

    CIA-produced garbage.

    Derp Dorf

    Darren Vasaturo go on....

  70. Lumby1

    Perfect music for the next four years, imho. Chaotic, prophetic, emotional and strange.

  71. Steven Kiers

    I'm gonna booglarize <3



  73. Mc Daniels

    That's Roy Estrada, Mothers alumni, on bass. I believe Drumbo is still with him, and the Mascara Snake

  74. J K


  75. HD-mal

    I never fast forward past the girl at the begining ;)

    Formal D. Hyde

    hdmal she's hot as hell


    hdmal she would definitely get booglarized

    Tim Jahns

    I don't understand her German intro, but when she names the song with a delay before that last word, pronouncing it "uh-BABY"--she slays me. Her voice is pure sensuality.

    Patrick Druhan

    Uschi Nerke

  76. Hector Rangel

    un rock para gente muy freak de los 70 increible musico

  77. The New High Priest of Jupiter

    74' Sometime in Edinburgh- The Captain poke's my , pregnant with me , Mum in the stomach at the gig and says " you're pretty fat huh? "
    Hooked ever since.

    Devon Angell

    No fucking way haha. I hope to god you're tellin the truth.

  78. John Davey

    original and creative beyond words a genius

  79. Beefheart1

    Superior to the studio version imho


    Beefheart1 unquestionably better

  80. mascara snake

    fast and bulbous!

    John Michael

    bulbous also tapered

    James Tocher

    also, a tin teardrop

    A Squid Eating Dough

    That’s right!

  81. toxicgraphix

    this has got to be one of beefhearts most tame tracks I've ever heard. sort of like if Howlin' Wolf forgot to take his antidepressants for a day ...

  82. Alyn Pickett 76

    Boys gotta boogie!!!!!! mmmmmmm

  83. mxa1axm

    bob hackelroyd and rockette morton aand don on vocals john french on drums and is it winged eared fingerling on rythm?

    Hans Brammer

    Arthur Tripp aka Ed Marimba on drums, Roy Estrada on bass.

    Saint George

    Don't you mean Mr Zoot Horn Rollo!


    It tell you at 2.46 in --->>

  84. Mark Nick

    I had friends who saw Beefheart, so wish I had.... they were totally amazing

    Mike W.

    Saw him and various Magic Bands - including the original - 5 times. Each time was a religious experience!

  85. Ruby Night

    Everything in this video is terrific. The zoom in on the chick and says baby, the groovest opening riff ever, the drummer wearing a bottom piece of a bikini on his head, the guitarist wearing the white hat bouncing around the set, and the captain making women quake at knees with his voice


    Ruby Night that's the bassist

    Nigel 900

    That quaking is due to their excessive cocaine use, and STD's

    Elim Garak

    Nigel 900 If we all got it, none of us got it.

  86. gears5336

    all i want from the girl i'm with is that she's into dylan, beefheart and hunter s thompson. everything else will naturally fall into place loll

    JP Lloyd

    Nonsense, I love the Captain to bits but you can't compare anything he put out to Blonde on Blonde.

    Ignacio Olguín

    So you want a girl... that would be manly as fuck.

    Bernie SanderZ

    Bob “weibstein” commie Dylan

    Bernie SanderZ

    “Dylan” is a commie nwo jooo .

    Bernie SanderZ

    Dylan aka Weinstein’. was just CIA Jew puppet. He sucked

  87. Paul Padoan

    As heard on the radio, not!

  88. Riddickisawesome101

    This is WAY better than the studio version

  89. prunepurple

    Such a genius !

  90. Jesse

    a whole new level of stoner

  91. Colin Shunryu Garvey

    The rawest boogie ever

  92. Cryptonymus

    Muthafuggin A... Yeaaahhhh...