Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Grow Fins Lyrics

Now here ya come baby
With yer tail draggin' the gravy
Y' know yer P's 'n Q's
What ya don't know baby
Is you givin' me the blues
Ya got juice on your chin
Eggs on the drain-board
Pie on the wall
Dirt on the rug
I come home late
'N I stumbled 'n swore
Ya won't even give me a hug
Ya had my things all laid out by the door
I'm leavin'
I'm gonna take up with ah mermaid
'N leave you land lubbin' women alone
'N leave you land lubbin' women alone
Ya said ya had it together once
Now yer head's around the bend
I'm tellin' ya woman
Ya better get it bach together again
I'm gonna grow fins
'N go back in the water again
If ya don't leave me alone
I'm gonna take up with ah mermaid
'N leave you land lubbin' women alone
'N leave you land lubbin' women alone
Now here ya come baby
With yer tail draggin' the gravy
Ya know yer P's 'n Q's
What ya don't know woman
Is yer givin' me the blues

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Grow Fins Comments
  1. Jimi Bernath

    For some reason many Beefheart fans hated this album and Clear Spot like they were sellouts after Trout Mask and Decals. Probably because they were melodic.

  2. Olie Martin

    The Captain is immortal!

  3. Bo Karlsson

    We all just love GROE FINS on this album. Best ever...

  4. Mulehead

    White boy gonzo freak blues!!! Fucking awesome!!!

  5. Phil Horsley

    That harmonica tasty!

  6. Paul Petraitis

    Once did spotlight for him at the Aragon in Chicago...

    Leo Yaus

    The Arrogant Brawlroom.. Lol
    I saw Iggy, early Aerosmith and others there. Shitty folding chairs.

  7. Korny Sinclair

    This cover pic.Epitome

  8. james curley

    Sounds like music to me.

  9. Kieran Daly

    Extraordinary in that even the vocals are percussion. Reminds me of Bartok who revolutionized classical music

  10. Kaiser Tita

    oh my oh my

  11. Tommy The Cat

    White Howlin Wolf

  12. garrulousglandarius

    And now it's November 2017, 39,652 views and still only two dislikes.

  13. Twigg Ster

    shame it cuts off too early :(

  14. Paul Padoan


  15. FooBarr1

    blow yer harmonica son

  16. Randy Spike

    As John French pointed out this is basically the same song as Blabber and Smoke.

    Gillian Smith

    and your point is ...?

  17. rsd338

    the whole album is genius..blues genius...howlin wolf would walk away with a thousand yard stare after listening to this ...modern days blues history not since repeated

  18. Anchovy Rancher

    Some of The Skipper's best work on this LP. Albeit, also some of the most Commercial. Not that that was a "bad" thing...So much stuff never saw the light of day, too.

    Mr. Thumbs Down has his clothes: "Laid Out By The Door." Wanker would be a step up from Tail Draggin' Amoebae.

  19. Alex Xenos

    MabSHELLY , you're spot on.

  20. John Doe

    Many thanks for this upload. Sadly I was 3-4 years too young to see this guy live ..Missed Hendrix to ..BUMMER!!
    Cpt Beefheart ..Awesome

  21. John Doe

    Whoever gave this a thumbs down is a WANKER!!
    Cpt Beefheart ..Awesome

    Chris King

    His artwork is cool too!


    It was a thumbs up ''from the other side of the fence''

  22. Paul Warrillow

    I got a mermaid in the cosmos, long live captain

  23. Theodore Baggs

    Soundtrack to Natural Selection

  24. 1lightheaded

    Was you singing along ?

    Angus Macallan

    Yup. Playin too.

  25. Samantha Ramsey

    I have sacrificed so much data to this track!

  26. Modal Roberts

    Someone has gven it a thumbs down I see ??? My god, what must it be like to be that person, I shudder to think ! This is a BRILLIANT track from a group at the peak of their powers


    +Modal Roberts Must be sad to be that miserable person .

    Pantaloon Duck

    I can't pick a favorite song from this album but this song makes me melt, Jesus it's so good

    Nick Gall

    That person should be sterilised

    Wolfgang Falck

    I feel you

  27. bigbobbreakdance

    Best blues track ever ?


    that harp intro. best ever


    maybe, if you don't count all his others :-) ... Gimme Dat Harp Boy gets my vote


    as best ever blues track I meant ....


    Yeah, grow fins and take up with a mermaid, thanks Captain!

  29. B. D. Walker

    Heard this last night on the radio after a inhale and ingestion of a cookie with special healing properties... Magical doesn't do the experience justice!

  30. Sim Leserge

    I'm gonna take up with a mermaid

  31. Swerv m

    Just discovered them, Awesome!!

  32. Rodney Stewart Adams

    mississippi fred mcdowell told me to "fuck off!" i am just another Beefheart freak! i'm gonna wave my freak flag high!

  33. beefnbread

    Blessed by the ladies, my friend

  34. heltutananledning

    This is beautiful.

  35. Gregory Wonderwheel

    LOL! I actually witnessed Miss Plaster Caster visiting the Capt. and Magic Band at their red home in Woodland Hills.

  36. Gregory Wonderwheel

    LOL! with this song and Jimi Hendrix's 1983 the mermaids were well represented.

  37. Gregory Wonderwheel

    Oh my tail doth drag at times too.

  38. FilmsFor SMARTpeople

    I was on LSD when I saw BeefHeart. Some guy Yelled Out "Its the Human Condition!!'for some reason And was Throwmn Out into the Street by Security. And I got A ride home in a tiny Volkswagon back to Queens by three cute ladies just by chance. And beefheart concert was brilliant Zoot Horn Rollo Said 'hey dude"to me personally i will forever cherish that moment


    My Father's Place, by chance?

  39. Victor Buzz

    Great forever !!!

  40. Ka-Lee Rough

    I was hooked on this stuff in 1972 when I was 16. Decades went by until I heard it again..and my God - it is no less Great today!

  41. beowulf3075

    @MabSHELLY - He was an artist, absolutely, visually and musically.
    They really really don't make them like Don any more. Unique.

  42. Aqualash

    This is as soulful as music can get...i agree with elephanta 2, he is without doubt one of the greatest artists

  43. Stuie1973

    leave ya'll land lubbing women alone!

  44. Pantaloon Duck

    That was that good, i actually witnessed the waving white handkerchief, disappear with girl and train down the track, and i wasn't even that stoned.

  45. MabSHELLY

    Cure my woman blues by taking up with a Mermaid? Great track from a man who was more interested in art than the music business.