Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Glider Lyrics

Into the sun in my glider
There's a shadow beside her
Up 'n down through the blues
Clouds give me my silent cues
I'm up in my glider
With a shadow beside her
It begins to rain on her window pain
Up in my glider
There's no shadow beside her
Thundering 'n lightning
Gettin' pretty frightenin'
I feel like an outsider
Then the sun shows through 'n right on cue
There's a shadow beside her
Up 'n down through the blues
I'm up in my glider
'N I'm telling you boys there ain't no noise
'N me and my baby ain't never gonna bring my glider down

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Glider Comments
  1. Jason Cunliffe

    Here's the BBC documentary

  2. Jason Cunliffe

    Town Hall - New York City 1972
    I heard this band this set live == fantastic tight exciting perfirnace
    Full house - front row balcony
    The crowd was as electrified as the band ++ high as kite clouds of weed
    They started filling energy
    Used the stage
    Zoot Horn Rollo ace on slide guitar
    Unforgettable sound and gig
    It's great to see this video' but wish we all had good video and sound that live set at The Town Hall

  3. Neil Fenton

    Im gonna BOOGLARIZE you

  4. Mario Serna

    Lo fantastico de este video,es que estuvo en esta actuacion tres miembros de Mothers Of Invention (dos originales y uno que llego despues.
    Art Trip III.
    Eliott Engber.
    Roy Estrada.

  5. Peter S. Paulson

    Crazy man crazy. Those underwear are too tight for his makes him think he can play the drums.

  6. Whitevaliantwarrior

    🎵Singer reminds me of Wolfman Jack😂🎶

  7. Mak Makk

    You see, I told you that the more Thorazine you inject the better you sound !! Do that shuffle mudda fooka !!!!

  8. Pedro rocha

    Shhhieeee te.

  9. cpdaddy7

    Good. Very good. Watch.

  10. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    I see why the kids at the end of Hair Pie wanted to play with the drummer.

  11. Tim Fisher

    I almost made it 3 minutes. My dog left the room 30 seconds in.

  12. Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet

    It's like Tom Waits + Frank Zappa's love child on DMT in a 5th dimension

  13. anthony barnes

    I cant get into this man .

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Follow the drums and bass; makes it easier.

  14. Tomás Ó Treasaigh

    Tape up yer f holes people!

  15. mikewifak

    That drummer just replaced pepperoni pizza as my favorite human.

  16. Fred Alexander

    Sounds like a boot leg led zeppelin concert without any studio dubbing and layered fakery

  17. Michael Black

    Zany? Why does it have to be zany?

  18. John Cokos

    Frank Zappa's revenge ? White Panama Hat and a Wall Paper Suit ?

  19. Milan Srdic

    This is fuckin' best comment section on all YouTube.

  20. Malc Evans

    Love the way their all Smacked off their Tits lol

  21. Malc Evans

    It’s Animal from the Muppets on Drums lol

  22. Jacob Fulkerson

    Wtf. Everything I know is wrong

  23. alien Grey

    Quite honestly this is looney music. Too much LSD

  24. Eugene Layton

    I can never unsee this.

  25. timothy790110

    Im missing something. Is this supposed to be good? Or "special"? An acquired taste?

  26. Joe Orzech

    Wtf .I'm hoping they od

  27. Joe Orzech

    R u fn kidding me .

  28. Colonel Quail

    Zappa who??? Beefheart on a higher level

  29. Thomas Postgate

    Why does he have two mics taped together

  30. Ed Jones

    Hillbilly preacher? Terrible

  31. Mark Wilde

    I'm back like some kind of avant garde junky.

  32. Donny chiacki

    frank zappa wanna beessssss....ughhhhhhhhhh

  33. Jason Faulkner

    ...this doesn't make me want to do drugs to watch it...this makes me think i NEED to do drugs... ;)

  34. Andy A

    Their music and dress look about 7 years too late. Some sort of King Crimson wannabe band then they start the blues?? I dont get it. They should have stayed in the blues. They would have had a better chance.

  35. graciesmom62

    More cowbell!

  36. ecky1965

    Emperors new clothes

  37. Mgn

    Guitar Player with the Red Jacket Looks Like Skynerds Steve Gains:::

  38. Tom Tutt

    The sound reminds me of Zappa. Very complex almost a black page.

  39. James Christensen

    That's not exactly Kenny G on soprano sax.

  40. Flowerdoodle2

    Was this Beefhearts “Fat Elvis” period?


    primal by design?


    there is a difference between celebrating the flowering weed in the drain, then worshiping the drain itself

  42. Sami Abbott

    Are you sure this isn't CAPTAIN DICKHEAD AND HIS MAGICAL HEMORRHOIDS? please keep me posted? Confused YouTuber. Sami Abbott

  43. Bob C

    And that was their hit song “Dying Cat”

  44. Rab Feenie

    Hope to see you again Captain, one of these old afternoons. 😎

  45. Adam Jones

    Wtf !!!!!!!!!!!

  46. flurng

    daFUQ did I just watch? I don't follow it, I don't understand it, I don't even comprehend it, but I kinda sorta.....I kinda sorta DIG it!

  47. Welsh Simon

    This Is Shit .

  48. Tracy Graf

    Garbage...disgrace to musicians

  49. guenz2K

    detuned has fuck

  50. Otto von Grubner

    If you love Captain Beefheart, then you have to listen to “Big-eyed Beans from Venus” and “Sun Zoom Spark.” His two marquee tunes.

  51. z z

    Captain Beefheart is like Frank Zappa had a stroke and

  52. Dave Sims

    I imagine everyone from the 70s smelling pretty bad… But it seems like these guys would’ve smelled extra bad

    Bobby Peru

    Probably smelled like old milk and trout.

    Boat Axe

    Dave Sims Ahh, we did have indoor plumbing with bathtubs and showers back then.

    Mario Serna

    No huelen como a los mugres milenials,a puro encierro de sus casas

  53. todd dellysse

    ...or in this case, it's so bad that it becomes great

  54. Fraktal Bear

    None of these guys look like they're on drugs. You're all level 1. All these comments sound like mk ultra hipster retards who heard these guys were hip, funky, and weird. Maaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn.

    Zach Bell

    U good?

    Fraktal Bear

    @Zach Bell are you gay?

  55. Tom Gradwell

    Great story about Elliot Ingber (extreme left with the face fuzz). Played with Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention. Frank Zappa sacked Ingber cos he was playing his guitar at a gig without his amp switched on!! Turns out he was high on LSD & didn't notice. Classic.

  56. Mike Matters

    Well. They had good drugs back then



  58. Bare Beauty Bodypainting

    What's YouTube doing? First a random video by The Shaggs and now Captain Beefheart? Was this Joe Rogan's warning? Is this why he wanted me to take DMT? Where am I? What's going on???

  59. gregor allnight

    Fantastically amazingly good boogie down band that is without question
    a great group of great musicians funky as you can boogie bet

  60. billy Hensley

    Oh this shit sucks goat ass

  61. Rook The Texan

    Sucks in every way.

  62. Joshua Lett


  63. Joshua Lett

    Great Jazz drummer. Lynard Skinnerd? HOLD MY BEER 🍺

  64. DrRussPhd

    Pure Suck-o-matic . . . they have their decent moments but they are few and far between.


    Great camera work at the beginning. Give yourself a raise.

  66. WatchSkateVideos

    We dont see drumers like that anymore

  67. Billy Williams

    This is called an acid trip kids

  68. Tom Gradwell

    Let's end the confusion about the band members. From right to left as you view;
    Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo)
    Roy Estrada (Orejon)
    Mark Boston (Rockette Morton)
    Art Tripp (Ed Marimba - drummer)
    Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)
    Elliot Ingber (Winged Eel Fingerling)


    Steve Evans

    Tom Gradwell Most played with Frank Zappa.

    knut hamsun

    That's right Mascara Snake!

    Tom Gradwell

    Yes, there was a crossover of musicians between the two groups.

  69. Dragon Slayer

    We are fortunate to have this footage.

  70. Thom Thumbe

    Blind Melon Chitlin and his band.

  71. Robot Hunter

    Son, you got a panty on your head.

  72. Goofs n' Goblins

    maybe this is cause i already listen to the mars volta but this sounds pretty coherent to me

  73. Tom Veselý

    I'm no saxophone player, but just now I've realized that Captain has a beyond obsure fingering

  74. Jack A. Lope

    Like listening to a train wreck. It's heroin, cocaine and LSD all taken at once.

  75. Chaseingsilver

    What in the hell is this and why did I watch it 😂

  76. John W

    Someone call for help! Sounds like they are killing a walrus in the apartment nextdoor!!

  77. John Oullette

    GO hero...blow that noise AT 'EM!

  78. exst

    Wow such grooves

  79. 6 Sam

    They copied black midi

  80. Music with Morals

    Lemme play it for ya

  81. Jay Meltzer

    Fun to watch, not so much to listen to.

  82. Political Outsider

    This is nothing but garbage.

  83. Gregory Smith

    Son, you've got a panty on your head.

  84. Michael Murden

    What's the difference between originality and novelty?

  85. Gary Shepard

    Why is video from this time period so sucky?! I mean, let’s zoom in for an extended shot of the drummer’s foot stomping on the bass drum pedal!!

  86. Uthark Runa

    This is so bad.

  87. Martyn Rogers

    im gonna booglarize yah

  88. Steve Curtis

    Fun Fact: The cameraman for this clip went on to be the most commented on cameraman on PornHub.

  89. Chuc konn

    Camera operator was fascinated with the kick drum.

  90. CheapAssSynthesizer

    I was bopin’ but then the vocals came in.

    No thank you

    (Dislikes incoming)

  91. Payne Little

    I missed the boat on this one. I will never understand why they parade this sick sick man around under the guise he's actually making good listenable music. I'm sensing this guy has a seriously debilitating illness. This song or songs""? I guess really do suck I mean why doesn't he go to " this is literally what a fart sounds like. A wet nasty fart. I wish he'd get hit by a train

  92. bivio zlebi

    he didnt give them food but he ate alright LOOL..genius music love beef

  93. Giorgio Grasselli

    swashashashashash, ma cosa ha in testa il batterista!?

  94. Herb Tenderson

    3:27 crunchy grooves

  95. tim walsh

    Beefy as F!!!

  96. SoundCzech

    Second song is not gonna lie pretty great. Even in normal song terms

  97. SoundCzech

    Is this the first no wave band?

  98. Michael Williams

    Shades of Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention!