Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Further Than We've Gone Lyrics

Further than we've gone
The stars sing a song
Together that only lovers can hear
Come up close to me, lover
Under the heaven's beautiful cover
We're here at last

Open it up
And let our love appear

Further than we've gone
The stars sing a song
Together that only lovers can hear
Come up close to me, lover
Under the heaven's beautiful cover

Open it up
And let our love appear

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Further Than We've Gone Comments
  1. Cinquetti TT

    Very beautiful ********

  2. graham Hale

    Sublime music

  3. graham Hale


  4. joanna noel


  5. Agata Kot

    Tak wiele emocji, te uczucia ta szczerość pokazują ze może istnieć głębia w muzyce

  6. Mihalis Vrettas

    A masterpiece

  7. bertbretherton


  8. vinnie e.

    Great bluesy song ( instrus - piano & marvellous guitar solo … & voice ) . . . Oh yeah !

  9. doorlopertv

    Sorry Don, you hated it, i love it. Can hear it over and over....

  10. Alberto G

    d vliet hated this album but I can't stop listening to this song.
    lyrics aren't top shelf but the instrumentation is affecting.
    perhaps my favorite love song.

  11. Tony Puttick

    I Love it R I P ♥️

  12. J. HiddenHand

    Beautiful .........

  13. Itzel Ruiz

    This song brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.


    Me too. Many, many times. I'm too old to still be listening to this .


    @Itzel Ruiz

    it's not that bad...

  14. Commissaris Kassaar

    That guitar solo!


    Yeh man, one of the best ever. Such beautiful nuances.

  15. Vicky Liu

    I'm here because of Kid Loco, he took samples from this song in his "she Woolf daydreaming". Good tune

  16. Danilo Cappiello

    genio senza tempo

  17. Kevin Musgrave

    For a man known for his unorthodox song arrangements; he nailed some beautiful ballads. Didn't figure the Cap'n for being such a honey-dripper until hearing this one. And "My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains" off Clear Spot is among my all-time favourite tracks. 

    Gabriella Clarke


    King Kook

    So pleased to read your comment on My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains! Such a beautiful love song, but because it's Beefheart it's lost on the masses...Good! : )

  18. midasbrain

    I listen to this song and dream of falling in love...

  19. peruda hudson

    i play the blues. but this is excellent guitar work..

    Gabriella Clarke


  20. Mikael Gohari

    well done captain of the great big sea of music

  21. crazymanmichael100

    I have the LP a lot of people ( critics ) dismissed this album. this must be the most beautiful song the captain ever did. liked his early blues, not far out enough to get into Trout Mask Replica I'm afraid but then I heard click clack on the radio and returned to the captain once more.

    lord phunzo

    yes, love how this contrasts with Trout Mask...

  22. J. HiddenHand

    Sweet telecasters

  23. midasbrain

    Amazing song!!! Never heard it until now!! Dandy in the Underworld brought me here. Peace!!!

  24. John LaStrada

    This is actually quite a brilliant song by someone as intense as Captain Beefheart. I think he was just proving to naysayers that he could write and play a beautiful tune if he wanted to. This song could easily be covered by a number of name artists. It could be easily played on radio in a set featuring the Grateful Dead, Tom Waits, & Leonard Cohen. I loved the Captain's crazy stuff and now I respect him even more for his beautiful ones. Every catepillar is a potential butterfly. RIP

  25. Beat Visions

    Great song.

  26. paul howarth

    so peaceful

  27. Graham Nicoll

    This is such a beautiful, emotive song, taken from one of my all-time favourite albums. I never tire of hearing 'Bluejeans And Moonbeams', and this gorgeous song blows me away every time. RIP Captain - over and out.

    Gabriella Clarke

    Just lovely

    lord phunzo

    well put Graham,...

  28. FastANDBulbous117

    Wow, this is beautiful.

  29. avastyer

    I love his crazy stuff - and I love his more commercial stuff. How can anyone say this is not a great song? Check out that voice and piano!

  30. eshewerethin

    there's a fantastic key change at 4.30, and another at 4.49 from C to F# which is a stunner

  31. eshewerethin

    I love this album, I didn't quite get his earlier surreal stuff although he was an innovator-but this is truly beautiful, and a bit overlooked

  32. TheSixfinger1

    the man!

  33. TheSixfinger1

    the man!

  34. yoursaxman

    this has got to be in the top most beautiful guitar solos of all time. "open it up- and let our love appear" and, indeed, it does.

    Always love you, Don... rest well, my friend.

  35. WDH59510

    God speed, Captain !

  36. Raymond McCarron

    a legend. inspired so many people. my favourite Beefheart song. so beautiful

  37. tomfarr56

    What a fabulous love song!