Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Cardboard Cutout Sundown Lyrics

You hardly know a day goes by
In the cardboard cutout sundown
The moon popped up like a gallery duck
Sipped up gold from the sunny cup
And longhorns sawed the buggy grass
And a cowboy blew a harp sitting on his chapped ass
And the prairie flowers didn't look a bit queer
And the stars struck the sand cartwheeled
And poked in the prairie
A cactus juice stand the only place the crows couldn't land
The bluebottle flies were as big as a cowboy's eyes
And their buzz was as loud as rattlers
A fire engine red whistle blows raspberries
In a cloud of whipped steam
A tunmble weed ran out black patent yarn stinkbug hoops
From above a living mail thriving dot
In perfect sympathy with the cardboard cutout sundown
You hardly know a day goes by
In the cardboard cutout sundown

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Cardboard Cutout Sundown Comments
  1. günther Zaruba

    The escence of Rythm and Lyric

  2. tim jones

    I'm surprised more people don't have this as the first dance at their wedding

  3. Jon Neville

    In the Rock world, Beefheart and his cohorts define the Avant Garde. Nothing like him before or since. Totally original.

  4. John Perry

    And the cowboy blew a harp sitting on his chapped ass...

  5. oldhippy 101

    Classic Beefheart.

  6. AdrianMutu87

    where is the syncing?

    Thomas van den Reydt

    AdrianMutu87 It starts getting in sync around the 2 minute mark.

  7. Craig Usselman

    raspberries steeeam thanks for making me smile rip beefy

  8. Jesse

    bye bye.


    +jess muzak turn but though tho


    +jess muzak who.


    +jess muzak err ah, who? whom oh no, or not or no m whom

  9. Sebastian Rodriguez


  10. small hell

    damn, so this album is experimental like TMR and lick my decals off? i always thought it was another one of his commercialized albums


    No, this and doc at the radar station are the good stuff. Also the original Bat Chain Puller, recently released

    small hell

    shiny beast has the accessibility of his commercial stuff and the excitement and fun of his experimental stuff. i think its one of his best.

    Stoned Meadow Of Doom

    @Deep Frigid Winter Yep the last 3 albums were some of his all time best. Especially Shiny Beast and Doc.

  11. deliverstringbeans

    Imagine the compositions Don came up with after quitting the music business. To some it might seem hollering madness. I for one must shed a tear or two. Pure joy! Thanks Don!

  12. Johnny Solipsis

    Back in the early 70's John Peel claimed Captain Beefheart to be 20 years ahead of his time. I think he was out by about 50 years.

    Felton Gailey

    At least.

  13. Christophe Bassett

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and Captain Beefheart said them all.

  14. Kelly Carpenter

    it's such a catchy tune! why the don't play this on the radio is beyond me.

  15. aakkoin

    nice song

  16. Neil Barrett

    @Bram25 For something almost totally meaningless, he manages to infuse it with as much irony as I've ever heard used in song.

  17. David Fulcher

    in 200 years captain beefheart will be in the same regard as mozart

  18. jackhillty

    please check out the gary lucas interview re this piece

  19. sofalugger

    there aint no santa-claus on the evening stage

  20. Gray David

    Could have easily been titled "Trout Mask Replica Revisited". His voice is starting to lose its range. Just as good he decided to get out. Very listenable (relatively speaking).

  21. jon spilde

    extraordinary, this music knock me out of the regular into something huh whtever tht is....but its jawdropping fascinating