Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Blabber 'n Smoke Lyrics

All you ever do is blabber 'n smoke
There's ah big pain in your window
'N all your waters turn to rope
It gonna hang you all
Dangle you all
Dang you all
If you don't hurry there will be no hope
Why don't you quit actin' like ah dope
All you ever do is blabber 'n smoke
It don't matter where you got your start
Which side of your head you wear your heart
Clean up the air
'N treat the animals fair
I can't help but think you treat love like ah joke
Time's runnin' out
'N all you ever do is blabber 'n smoke
Blabber 'n smoke
Blabber 'n smoke

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Blabber 'n Smoke Comments
  1. RJDCR

    thanx....Don 4 ever then

  2. Keller Inglis

    Brilliant wordplay. “There’s a big pane/pain in your window”. You can watch it happen from your living room.

  3. Ronnie Childs

    This came out when I was in college. I started writing "CLEAN UP THE AIR AND TREAT THE ANIMALS FAIR" on desktops, notebooks, etc, graduated to bathroom and classroom walls, then everywhere, as a graffiti-writing vandal. It was my official motto, I guess. Beefheart was big on ecology, as it was usually called back then. Think about from Trout Mask, "the dinosaurs rise with blood in their eyes, belchin' fire in our skies, eatin' our babies for our lies, maybe I'll die but he'll go rumblin' through your petrified forest." Pretty freakin' cool.

  4. Stephen Strachan

    ...or since...

  5. Stephen Strachan

    Caught the Captain with the Magic Band last in about 1978 at the Roxy...freaking show was orders of magnitude better than anything I'd ever experienced before!!!

  6. Stephen Strachan

    I will miss the Captain forever.

  7. bill woodell

    ....3 people need to shut the f^&*-up and quit smokin

  8. alpha beta

    you can't even buy this music. whats does that tell you?

  9. Jon Terry

    We miis you Don, especially now during these dark times of the tRump administration.

  10. A Pa

    can you believe some people still listen to what the Captain laid down some time ago?

  11. notimewarp

    Almost the same song as "Grow Fins", except with different lyrics... Both great songs...

  12. C J Parrott

    dang you all

  13. 1lightheaded

    Register my vote ,This is the song to play at the funeral of Planet Earth . with a big thank you to Exxon and Koch Industries and Heartland Institute for the contributions to The Big Pain in our Window that war real white of you boys . hope you got enough cash out of the old lady made it worth the trouble :)

    Sodham G'morris

    All hope may not be lost, fellow the signs - this spiritual desert we call culture is starting to become a farcical and obvious parody of itself! Bring it ON!

    Tyler Raleigh

    "fellow traveler" or sympathizer - most of these mock concerns for the environment are really just attacks on all industry and not in the globalist sense but specifically capitalism.  Yeah, we'll all be complete without privacy, personal property, and everyone is equally poor behind the fences of a gulag.   It would be great if some of these musicians would offer up realistic solutions rather than just sing about how society is a bummer to them.   But like Alvin Lee of Ten Years After sang, "I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do, so I'll leave it up to you."

  14. 1lightheaded

    Global warming a hoax ? Why don't quit acting like a dope?
    Times a running out

    Thurnley Abbey

    Doesn't even rhyme.


    @Thurnley Abbey it works

  15. Sue Barnhart

    my all time beefheart Favorite song and that says alot cause I love a bunch of them.  But this is my fav

    Sodham G'morris

    Jan van Vliet wrote the's truly profound.

    Sue Barnhart

    thx didn't know that

  16. D Cameron

    Love this song. Great writing and orchestration. Have been a fan of Captain Beefheart from the beginning. Thanks also to Howlin Wolf for laying down these kinds of vocal stylings! Clean up the air and treat the animals fair.. good place to start folks! :)
    I can hear the wolf right now..

    Sue Barnhart

    @D Cameron  wow love Howlin Wolf too. Never realized the connection. Interesting point. I love Beefheart have since the 70's and THIS is my favorite song of them all and love a bunch of them

    William L.

    Andy Devine, Frog from Spanky and Our Gang, Chill Wills, Wolfman Jack, Margaret Hamilton (wicked witch of the west), and Howlin' Wolf are all vying for space beside El Beef

  17. kevin mills

    A great album almost ruined by atrocious production.

    Domenic Raye

    You're a tad bit incorrect my fellow earthling

    small hell

    i used to agree w this comment but not anymore, this album is perfect in every way

  18. Anthony Andonisio

    I hope all the hopeless and worthless stoners in the world hear this song.

  19. FilmsFor SMARTpeople

    Blabber Yr Ass off. And Smoke. I love Don Van Van Vleit. A was Drunk At the Tropicana and Met A actual Lady who listens to Captian Beefheatt. She had giant Breasts and was quite intelligent.

  20. kwaggavoetpad

    "Clean up the air, and treat the animals fair".

  21. g88keeper

    Thanks for posting this, I've been trying to find it here for ages.

  22. Jim Dandy

    His wife wrote these lyrics about him....:-))

  23. alaeifR

    this song is so slick

  24. kachunski

    lick my decals off

  25. bill woodell

    ..ya'll all shut-up...all ya ever do is blabbler&smoke...thanks fur postin'

  26. Pantaloon Duck

    @madmags71333 Hi Mad, check out your channel subscribers and comments, c'est moi. I hope you got my previous mail about my channel. By the way Alice Cooper,Tom Petty are uber cool haha (southpark)

  27. Pantaloon Duck

    @madmags71333 Wow someone else has posted a comment, not as deserted as i thought. As you can see Mad i have come back from across the Styx (haha there's the rush connection). I looked to no avail for your channel, i'm a bit dim send co-ordinates. I hope your enjoying the new range of sounds. Stay in touch..P.S Narcotics, do you mean Aspirin, ha.

  28. StanPomeray

    Dangle you all....

  29. Pantaloon Duck

    @madmags71333 Hi Mad, so sorry i'm having to take an "intolerable toothache hiatus " (HELL IN MY FACE). Difficulty thinking,fading fast, haha. I'll be back a.s.a.p ta ta for now.

  30. Pantaloon Duck

    @ madmags71333. Hey Mad, gave your suggestions a whirl (not bad at all). I thought the sound was a ,"The Smiths/countryish" hybrid. You're just like me, a softy at heart. If you haven't heard of The Smiths then i think you might be in for a treat. "Boy with a thorn in his side" and others,too many to name. Always a pleasure Mad. R.V.S.P

  31. Pantaloon Duck

    @madmags71333 Hey Mad nice to here from you again, i was beginning to think you'd blown me out. You cut me to the quick, Aerosmith rock old and new, Love in an elevator +video is a personal favorite of mind. I don't know what it is about Rush they just depress and bore the shit out of me. Really i'm quite eclectic Mad, Fireball by Deep Purple now there's a rocking song and album. Take care m'lady keep posted

  32. Pantaloon Duck

    What ! nobody got an opinion. I reckon y'alls to busy blabbering and a smoking. Thanks Don,a real work of art.