Capone-N-Noreaga - With Me Lyrics

[Chorus 1 x2: Nas]
Niggas, y'all be with me to the end
Real niggas that convince me, we true friends
From the streets to penitentiary, they my mans
For you I let my clips empty, you understand?

Half gal' of Henny liquor fuck up my liver
I could do without it, I smoke sour
And yeah I'm God body, I'm in tune with the objects
Dead pictures under the benches in all projects
And I don't care what the mayor say
It's a recession, they putting bricks on layaway
And sometimes I wan' stay away
And change my jumpshot back to a fadeaway
But everything okay today
Tomorrow ain't promised though, and you should know it's not
Hit the church, hit the mosque, go pray and meet Salam
I ain't tryna kick knowledge and get all religious
Spit razors out my mouth, give your face stitches
Coupes with the deep dishes, leather seat posture
No love for the coppers, no love for the rockers
I'm authentic, organic, I recognise imposters

[Chorus 1 x2: Nas]

Yo, if my niggas got drama, I'll murder for them
I get caught, I say "Your Honor, I murdered that man"
God forbid, my niggas die, then I'll murder for them
For every one of mine you take I'm killing ten of your men
My niggas struggling, share the same pain as me
Stay thugging cause they share the same pain as me
On the corner slinging dope, serving fiends like me
Watching for police, dodging the same thing as me
If my niggas get caught, they know I'll be there
Look behind your shoulder in trial, I'll be there
Help you post bail when you sentenced, I'll be there
I'll hold fort till you come back, I solemnly swear
Fuck models when you come out, pop bottles when you come out
At the gate pick you up, you drive the Hum' out
License plate, registration, suitcases full of big faces
If I ain't got it, then we bout to take it

[Chorus 2 x2: Nas]
All my niggas rolling with me to the end
Real niggas that convince me, we true friends
From the streets to penitentiary, they my mans
For you I let my clips empty, you understand?

True friends nigga, CNN, God's Son
Fo'-fo' silencers, we duct tape a witness up
Everybody dying just to beat a murder trial
Favor for a favor, that's how I'm on it
You wet mine, I wet yours, no money exchanged, that's consignment on it
I send a wreath to foes with condolences
Emotionless when I'm squeezing, easy to focus kid
A loyal nigga like Kane and Purnell
My gangsta is too heavy, try to weigh it on a scale
From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable
For my niggas, ain't no telling who I'll give it to
We the same blood type? I'll give my liver too
Revenge is a promise, that shit is biblical
I got five, you got two and a half though
We split everything down the middle like ash yo
You don't fuck with none of my niggas then don't speak to me
Frequently I like to "Buckshots" like Evil Dee

[Chorus 2 x2: Nas]

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Capone-N-Noreaga With Me Comments
  1. Da Bouncer

    Nas on the hook 🔥🔥

  2. William Harris

    I bought this album

  3. Hashi Dhorre

    Reminder switching lanes faster cash in the couples of hundreds coming everyday in the NYC driving taxi More than eleven years and 9 months Alley fast like the MoG Dabalab bapis

  4. oliverrando

    this is trash

  5. ImmortalHipHop

    Nas still has the same voice like he had back in the days, sadly most rappers like noreaga, prodigy, capone and more lost their incredible voice over the years..

    Mathan Rowe

    ImmortalHipHop amen brotha!

    damn noobie

    The fact that they are still able to create capable quality music should be all u need buddy. U can't fight mother nature or constant cigarettes.

    orlando arunde

    Dat is why he is incredible nas

  6. Funtime Freddy

    Nas could've came off better than that... smh

  7. DION Simeon

    A Loyal Nigga like Kane and Pernell my Gangsta too heavy try to weigh it on a scale....

  8. Red

    Nas worst verse

  9. slickpulla07

    That was a terrible verse from Nas

  10. van allen

    Vanmusicproduction beat hit man for hire

  11. - Swayze -

    "And i dont care what the mayor say, its a recession they puttin bricks on lay away.. n sometimes i wana stay away n change my jump shot back to a fade away.." dat was hard !! Thank God for youtube.. i wouldve never heard these gems if it werent for YT cuz radio straight garbage.

  12. Jose euro

    the big boys in NY stay with some sour... if they fly west the would have to smoke some cookies or cherry pie tho...

  13. Freeman Walid

    nas the nasty capon ma nigga

  14. Forty1Second

    I'm speaking on the ones who got the attention. Wayne, Gucci, Flocka, ect. I fuck with jay electronica, outkast, 36 mafia, little brother, scarface all types of shit from down there. I just cant stand what the new school of that part of the country has done to hiphop. I don't know why I even wasted my time commented back to someone who uses "da" in their typing. Just wanted to clear shit up kid

  15. JJ305

    @Forty1Second i kno its an old comment, but i had to speak my clout. u got it twisted homie about fuk da south. u a hatin ass dude that can see past the mainstream bullshyt they feed us realize da south more than that, just look closer or clean da wax out yo ears. im bicoastal mayne so i aint trippin, cause as much as i got love for the west south and north, i got love for da east. u gotta get out ur lame ass box kid...

  16. jade dombalis

    i gave these boyz 17.00 pesoes for this cd!!!!!!!!!!classicccccccccccc made me feel like i went threw a time machine back to ny in 1999

  17. Demond Birden

    NAS my dawg all day...but fuck dat shit @nancycolonify chewing...Get yo fuckin facts right, in after big died and NAS was working on I Am..those New Orleans niggas that signed that $30million deal started ova, beginning with Juve and theeen


    @nelsonh86 real mafuckas get over petty beefs

  19. johnsonborn911

    Every region (N-S-E-W) has it's good and bad. I wouldn't say fuck the south or fuck the west because GOOD music HAS come from out these regions. I would say FUCK THE RECORD COMPANIES that push this so called radio friendly bullshit club music on the radio 24/7. It's ALWAYS been like this though. The south at the moment gets more props for their beat production than anything. You can't deny a dope beat but lyrical content has to be on point as well to say that atrist Him/Herself is hot. notNYCe

  20. Johnny Joor

    @nancycolonify Lol, the only real niggas you named were Ludacris, U.G.K., Outkast, and Young Buck. I can actually vouch for Young Buck. I live in Nashville and actually see him around quite a bit.

  21. PM2126

    nancy... what a clown
    this is real
    btw ur list of "MCs" was terrible except Outkast and UGK
    Joell Ortiz will destroy your entire list


    Joell a beast

  22. Tyrone

    @nelsonh86 nah that was cormega

  23. Rsaint17

    @raekwonyaeyo Rakim ran hip hop in 87 and NY ran hip hop in 97

  24. raekwonyaeyo


    u mean 87?

  25. Forty1Second

    Yeah fuck the south! Them weak ass ma fuckers down there got the game FUCKED UP! East Coast=Home of the spitters!

  26. hellrazor24

    this is what i love listening to

  27. owlshour

    only a dumb ass would think that because a rapper is older they are somehow worse. it's called og.

  28. SuperNoX86

    nancy made 3 accounnts to dislike this

  29. HipHopHead187

    @nancycolonify not 2 mention that Tragedy locked now 2. lol

  30. trrrde

    @MrSexCriminal nothin 4 nore?

  31. QueensBey

    @nicofrico14 I agree. CNN will never be able to make an album on par with The War Report, just like Nas can never make another Illmatic. But still I was pretty impressed with this album when it dropped. Pone and Nore definitely put the effort into it

  32. unclepark1

    pone smashed this shit !!!!


    @nancycolonify well tragedy needs to stay of out of jail.

  34. Sesil Burnz

    Def sound like Nas wrote Pone shit...but Pone verse was the best!

  35. ITS RIME

    3 people luv soulja boy and weezy this is hip hop

  36. len lenhardt

    time for for real hip hop to comeback enough of this down south non talkin shhh

  37. Benjamin Farias

    yea, Nas' verse was weak. its sad, cuz i know he can do better. idk what happened with this song. its just weak. it sounds like it would be dope, but its just not....

  38. nyc nycc

    Nas Shouldve flowed better tho . i was a lil disappointed . real talk nore killed it

  39. p jones

    @NoiseHorse you sound crazy as hell!

  40. BP98201

    Nore comes hard on this...really suprised

  41. spidy05

    yeah NOREAGA got into that reggaton and that mainstream hip hop i think

  42. Chamberz55

    Yo that Nas verse is straight garbage. From what I have heard so far - Capone is carrying this LP. Never thought I would say that but biggups to him. Anyone checking for this album or what? I got hype about a week ago for it but seems mediocre at best.

  43. Al B.

    This shit is proper, but the beat is very basic. Not that I don't like the beat, but dudes are putting way more work into their beats now-a-days. I'm just glad that Nas lended his voice to this joint & Nore decided to actually care about his rhymes again.

  44. trudon

    REAL hip-hop

  45. Maqhawe Xaba

    mo fire!