Capone-N-Noreaga - The Reserves Lyrics

['Marvin the Martian' sample:]
Dear, this is most inconvenient
Now I'll have to call out the reserves

[Chorus x2: Raekwon]
Aiyo, drugs from Philippines, guns and guillotines
Murder land triflers in the hood with killa genes
Car hard jumpers and seeds is gold robers and them cheebas
Fresh off the block, note the leeches

Aiyo, machine gun rap, Maybach floor mats
Panel door suicidal, you see my rivals
Keep the sour puss face, I keep the kush case
Phillies unravel, Earth smoke spending with me
Afghanistan headband, that straight sticky
Empty pillow cases with the soda and the soap in them
With my Indian niggas that only sling opium
It's Shallah, my Chinese dudes, take they Shahada
In sweatshops, cutting them things from Guatemala
My rosary beads is blessed, came from the mountains
Used to sell dust juice, water like a fountain
I meditate in a room full of rich rugs
Stretch coke like yoga, deep like Yoda
My chronic is green they call it Shrek like ogre
Militainment, Icewater, water that freezes
Them hand to hand on the block with them pieces

[Chorus x2]

Check this military regime, mafia, guns from Czechoslovakia
We eating bread getting stockier
Army apparel, draped in the Vatican, you rocking that last year
The bulletproof vessels is cashmere
Burning in a hostler, or toast ya
The east coast go Cosa Nostra, heart cold as Nova Scotia
Ramble like Che Guevara, I ran the Reagan era
Word to mama, now I smoke Obama in a grey Carrera
That's presidential kush, blowing outta bongs that fiber glass
Seventeen thirty eight Remy
The semi hold bullets that size of a little penny
Block stars, not a rock star rocking my jeans skinny
For parole violating fugitives on a run, son
Live by the gun, son, die by a dumb dumb
It's not where you at, it's where you come from
Laundry mat travel wash money by the lump sum, get it

[Chorus x2]

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Capone-N-Noreaga The Reserves Comments
  1. Devonn Johhnson

    Love being from New York.

  2. Devonn Johhnson

    Yes New York!

  3. Derrick Gibson

    damn i capone dont got no mustard on his jacket

  4. Luci AniNic

    2017 Čr

  5. Andrew Robertson

    Do you have any fucking idea what a logistical nightmare it is to even pack a guillotine?
    Have you ever even seen a fuckin guillotine holster before?
    Let's just say, there are a lot of straps and buckles ...and Velcro.
    Big Velcro, blow the fuckin ambush Velcro, not to mention the level of dedication to decap perpetrating motherfuckers on the dolo like the Frenchmen did to rich folk before they turned on their own.

  6. art nyc

    Sultansepmire .....You people are stupid as fuck you watch to many videos of others smh Capone is stand up guy i was up top with him helped the nigga with his case every morning at the law library, I seen his whole report and i'm not gonna get in details on social media....... This social media shit is poison bunch losers love acting like they know someone when they don't know shit...

  7. Joe Mcdunna

    Military regime, mafia, guns from Czechoslovakia we eaten bread gettin stockier._.._..._

  8. ecuaking87

    shit is bangin im a fan of both but havent heard this song till today :o 

  9. Rosangela Antunes

    brasil wold underground y loveeeeee

  10. Str888FiaaaPromotionz


  11. Amadou Diop

    BanGin..gin!! Sick

  12. LK2H

    proof you are an asslick to wu tang - Raekwon only did the chorus, how could he possibly kill the beat?

  13. azee1v1

    Inshallah my chinese dudes taking shahada

  14. Isaiah Staples

    CNN nigga!!!!

  15. rachid rachidou

    hhaha trop marrant la filature a la CNN

  16. Elfoscuro

    CNN are the best!!! Raekwon killed it!!!...

  17. JJayMooch

    of course..its nore..and rae..nas has always been down with them nas and rae have BANGERS together!!!...but yeah i

  18. Yron Klaw

    Wak Vid
    Great Song

  19. CarreraIsNow

    Mobzdale mufuckaaa!!!

  20. tony almeda

    @MikeMagician12 u aint saying a lie.

  21. engineer

    Sample is: /watch?v=foLzP3qQoSY&feature=related Hot track!

  22. Richard Curiel

    @GHoooSTS u know notin about that b'

  23. Richard Curiel

    @niyamesis NIGGA thats dat chicken b' smoke and eat... come my dude

  24. niyamesis

    wtf happened to these niggaz. they got fat. and their voice... wtf. why does capone sound like that?

  25. GHoooSTS

    rae with those fuckin goggles on lol

  26. Johnny Hile

    LMAO at these old cats running from jake. but this a dope song tho.

  27. S0U7W45H

    0:29 to get to the actual song



  29. maarten024

    Wats up with NORE's voice??

  30. BlazNnVA

    CNN & WU-TANG CLAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  31. saif21

    @qb500 penfield

  32. Nigel Davidson

    @GhostMcNasty Have you dated one recently I'm sure you have i bet one just left your room... yo I advise you to stop acting tough on the net... i know your boyfriend might think it's cute but that shit isn't .... END OF DISCUSSION.

  33. Worn out Testicles

    @flatbushmafia I have OB4CL 1 & 2. I've got the original recording of Stop The Breaks with Big, Rae, comment was specifically targeted at all these new motherfuckers who try so hard to be black, but are just mindless robotic dickheads who live in the fucking suburbs & essentially don't know jack shit. America is full of them.

  34. Nigel Davidson

    @TheHumanBallsack I know it's 7 months ago since you made the comment but if you did start in the 90s then you made of heard his verses on 92 Enter da Wu Tang tape or his 95 album Only built for Cuban Linx, or and one of the clan members albums unless your not a fan of their then I understand why you made the comment.

  35. Robert Anderson

    lol "Shrek like Ogre"

  36. jposco

    Damn.. Shallah got even more swole.

  37. gettinmines125

    @negrogu Yea they might've ruled the streets in Cali, NY niggas was clappin at Death Row back then ask Snoop n em what happent in Times Square?? U was not catchin no Death Row ppl outside of midtown Manhattan dude just pointing it out I'm from NY.But other than that I fucked wit Cube the most out there that was my nigga!

  38. adolf hussain

    People just cant ignore that money bling bling shit can they...

  39. gliphics

    OH, oops, is this actually some REAL HIP HOP? Finally!

  40. DrGreenThumbin

    god damnit rae didnt even spit a verse, fuck sake ,he woulda tore this beat apart

  41. Zee Shan

    Kwan hardest since day and nore gives me bre jokes..

  42. Worn out Testicles

    @mmafinest U pathetic comment illustrates nicely just how fuckin stupid u are.

  43. ZionBabylone

    The invicible untouchable CNN back again!

  44. C&E Media

    @TheHumanBallsack come on good love for you!!! But the reason Rae did that is because Kayne made the track....and out of respect he had to have a Wu member on it. And it might expose the Wu to these pop Drake loving kids. Change the system by infiltrating. You be well and prosperous! I'm sending you a joint that I know you'll like! Positive!!!

  45. Worn out Testicles

    @xtrawalk That's good. I hadn't actually said anything about ur "knowledge" of music, you were the one who felt it necessary to throw a senseless comment my way.

  46. C&E Media

    @italianking1989 it's not the age my's the quality!!! Rolling Stones are still doing it....they're not wack!

  47. C&E Media

    @TheHumanBallsack ...and i've been listening since 78......From King Tim III...Crash Crew....Grandmaster mental vault is top notch too!!!

  48. Worn out Testicles

    @xtrawalk No no clearly. I mean hey, I've only been listening to Hip Hip since the early 90s, what do I know.....

  49. C&E Media

    @TheHumanBallsack obviously you are not familiar with his catalog.

  50. Worn out Testicles

    Why is Rae trying to be hardcore?! WTF?! That chubby nigga should be off making gay pop with Just-a-beaver........


    This is the way Hip Hop is suppose to sound.


    they back!!

  53. Ron J.

    Capone verse was dope!!!!

  54. willy L.

    @xtrawalk lolol fuck yeah my nigga

  55. TheRiffin

    give it up 4 the vets on this 1...cnn killin it rite now


    this shit is fireeeee


    @gerbai33 he did the reggaeton shit because he is part puerto rican. he wanted to do something for his people.

  58. C&E Media

    Wow!!!! That's what I'm talking bout!!! Fuck skinny jeans rap!!

  59. rich cocaine

    1:57 what park iz that?????

  60. SnaTedaboSs19

    did you hear capone shit...that was ill bars was hard

  61. Ezekiel Israel

    they shot the video in rosedale, shout to huxley

  62. djquantize

    tracks sick... not feeling the self raising though geezas. what you doing there lads? making a bloomer?

  63. renasauncex


  64. ROB B

    Real music is baby!! New rappers burn ur skinny jeans lmao!!

  65. k4fti

    fajna mąka xDDD