Capone-N-Noreaga - The Oath Lyrics

[Kumasi from "Crips and Bloods: Made in America" sample:]
One thing you have to realize
If you opened them up, there would be a stamp under their shirt that
Says 'Made in America"
Ok, not no place else
They weren't made in Taiwan or you know, Indonesia
They were made in America

[Interlude: N.O.R.E.]
The family is the family
This oath is this oath
And I will die before I break it
And when we grow, we grow as one

"I've sworn an oath"

Late night fistfights, with bare knuckles
Nowadays, niggas probably wouldn't dare scuffle
It's big guns aimed at your nozzle, big Roscoe
Donnie Brasco wish death to they vato
Cigarette smoking, on the crater for the corner store
Same place as the ambulance and corridor
Growing up seeing dead bodies in the lobby
I used to hate the smell of it, then I got used to it
Just for the hell of it, young man, intelligent
I always know that the police was the enemy
And every dead president I make will be a friend of me
Bitches ain't shit, cause most of them is evil
And most of them hoes start more wars than we do
Circle, cycle, three sixty trifling
When a baby is born somebody else life end
From the birth canal to the hearse, we enlighten

[Interlude: Capone]
The family is the family
This oath is this oath
And I will die before I break it
And when we grow, we grow as one

"I've sworn an oath"

Aiyo, dead bodies found in the building, OD'ing on heroine
Early morning, needing they medicine
Elephant arms, used to control the bombs
Islam, ay Shallah, niggas bulletproof kufis
Just to live out another script in this life's movie
The corner's snatch you, murder if you have to
Dead niggas can't talk, they haunt like a castle
I wasn't the type that go out tagging
I spray your face like a PD, I was chopping and bagging
Capone-N-Noreaga, that's a blood oath, prick fingers
Like Albert Anastasia, the wildest nature
My calibrators on a higher level, I riot with the devil
Walk righteous, canaries in them bezel
Death before dishonor, money over bitches I'm my brother's keeper
I throw the world in the sleeper, I'm so eager to blast
Bilingual, I be speaking in cash

[Interlude: Raekwon]
The family is the family
This oath is this oath
And I will die before I break it
And when we grow, we grow as one

"I've sworn an oath"

Shallah, a letter to the loyal, we dedicated, most of us elevated
Or fell into a pine box that's ultra suaded
Cast iron metal, new Beretta's, blue leathers
Snake bites, Timberlands, few gelettas
Reward me a God, I'm a multiple crop, multiple stocks
They violate us they get multiple shots
You might get picked off, or toast two with Heinekens
We under the building, designer gems on with uzi's, hoodie coogi's
All I know is prosper, lobster fish, this is a mobster dish
Fly around in Masi's, sipping sakes
Twenty one iron down allegiance, the days of repentance
We hate bosses, we just know the consequences
Used to sniff, pull out then squeeze, now I roll with a gift
My only rift is why we coaching them thieves
We just Allah babies, save us from the block, and keep our family one
And pray five times a day, saves alot

[Interlude: Busta Rhymes]
The family is the family
This oath is this oath
And I will die before I break it
And when we grow, we grow as one

"I've sworn an oath"

[Busta Rhymes:]
Russian Roulette, nigga, PULL IT!
Shots tear smell us when you move like you stupid
Pop 'berg, water boil bubble when I cook it
Look it, the criminal mind niggas that's crooked
Speak third person, nigga, build with my liaison
We move quiet, nigga, more secretive than a Mason
Based on, the coppers handle niggas when they bust 'em
I'm honoring an oath, while we live by the old customs
Politic with foreign niggas, regular, we fly the jets
Speaking in code, when they struggle, unravel the dialect
Every kind of foreign currency is what we try to get it
Crap table gamble, nigga, hunt your million dollar bet
Better know I must collect, hope you got it for me
And an oath is something I learned is alluded as a shorty, now
I hope you niggas don't mistake it
Will defend it and later in a grave before we break it

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Capone-N-Noreaga The Oath Comments
  1. Mesi Rochambeau

    Bussa is jamaican

  2. Alonzo Hill

    Real Hip Hop

  3. Nodolsse DPG

    Raek et Busta s'ont pas venus en Touristes Y.E.A.H.H.H.

  4. Nodolsse DPG


  5. Real N1gga

    Cassidy stole Capone flow

    aermax 7321


  6. john louis

    Neva mind

  7. john louis

    What language was the guy on Capone's verse speaking?

    don simon

    +john louis italian

  8. Christian de Vera

    yo i need to know the spanish part in words . holla

  9. Quaalude Goddead


  10. sandro genovese

    some oath is also in italian and nobody got italian blood

  11. sandro genovese

    nothing to do with the descent languages

  12. nomibe2911

    Does anyone know if Raekwon is Haitian or of Haitian descent because everyone on this song used their language of their ethnicity.

  13. BillionaireMove


  14. shaklesandchains V.I.Blood

    soul seller busta

  15. Jibrail Abdus-Salaam

    this is ALWAYS gon' be the shizzit.

    aermax 7321


  16. Omar Raccuglia


  17. impanicato

    Famigghia is famigghia

  18. Captain Crunch

    Made in America.

  19. Markell Somerset

    Buss had the best verse. FLAME.

  20. James Evans

    crack juice!!!

  21. blacksultan85

    2:35 yop palee Creole ki moun sa?

  22. isiah2die4

    classic hip hop!!!!

  23. Rsaint17

    @unclepark1 naw...... it was reakwon that had the haitian verse but he not haitian either

  24. unclepark1

    @Rsaint17 pone hatian

  25. MightyHealthy1

    @akkad47 good lookin out

  26. akkad47

    The Intro is from a Documentary called "Crips and Bloods: Made in America" a Very good Documentary on the Infamous Gang Wars.

    The "I've sworn an Oath", "Oath of Honor", "An oath is an oath precisely because it cannot be broken" all come from "The Man in the Iron Mask" movie from 1998 (When the Musketeers discuss the plans to replace the King

  27. Rsaint17

    oh shit dude was talkin Haitian creole....... shit shocked me

  28. David Zamarripa

    War Report 2 > War Report there I said it

  29. Libny Dubreuze

    noriega homiee noriegga killz it

  30. xibilfc21

    This song would have easily made it into The Godfather's soundtrack. The haunting beat goes really well with the song's well crafted lyrics.

  31. MightyHealthy1

    whats the intro from??