Capone-N-Noreaga - Queens Finest Lyrics

Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, check it out
Niggaz know, niggaz know where we comin from
And it's gon' go down like this..

Yo, I gots no name, I cause pain, people'll cry
My size vary at the murder scenes, homocide bag me
Try to trace me back to my leader
I put niggaz in chairs to pine boxes way up under the stairs
Niggaz use red dots, make me follow they path
I hit cops, they be raw, tip is ten thou' cash
I'm metamorphic, I'm forced to switch
Dum-dums to hollow tips; unfortunate, you can buy me legit
I get heated when I seperate my shell
with the pin in my back, I bang like (?) I got some nerve
They jam right? But I still get respect and heard
I hit niggaz legs for fame, my lead through, shit in the game
I leave a red stain whenever I'm sprayin
I'm known as the B-U-double-L-E-T, and S-L-U-G
Enough'll make you D-I-E, Queens Finest (yeah yeah)

[Chorus: Algado & Shoballotti]
Yo stolen car -- top down, on point -- real route
Set it off -- thug it out, pull a heist -- peel out
Fingerprints -- ain't none, black mask -- no face
Cash flow -- no sweat, Jakes come -- no trace

Aiyyo fuck these niggaz let's ride on these niggaz
It's so simple Dunn I'm down and don't fuck around
Comb the hood, in two black Excursions
Lookin for this nigga so we can merc him
Parked in front of his building for like two hours
Been around the corner for a few hours
Came back, there he go, let's go, that nigga ours
Hopped out the truck, went right at the coward
The gun showers, rain on these niggaz they frontin
He didn't even saw it comin..
Hopped back up in the trucks, light the tree back up
I need that Dunn, havin to deal, with these fake niggaz
and fake bitches, give me that Dutch, it's never enough
Niggaz O.D. off of us (Queens Finest)
It's never enough, bitches O.D. off of us (yeah yeah)


Whaaaat? Can I rap, can I rap?
We keep it under, no rotunda, with the fully thunder
Mad traffic, and I still buddy whack it
Put your name on the affadavit
just to save it, the project ghetto favorite
Laundry mat trap, the Yacub and the rat
Bill Clinton of the ghetto, respect my name
Tecs and 'caine, the rains nearly stretched the lane
Ridiculous, how my shit spit, fake fishes
Non-religious, Christians won't pay visits
Fast for a month, and mix a lot in the trunk
Ice fuckin full of skunk, double barrel of pump
Kick rhymes like priests, I'm a golden boy
I got a brand new whip, and it's stolen boy
Fiends love me, they see I'm still holdin void
(Queens Finest, yeah yeah, Queens Finest, yeah yeah)

Watch me flow, a nigga like me all about dough
Bonin your hoe, and have her hard to find like 'dro
You know we Range Rov', come through, tinted lay low
But most of these niggaz don't show 'til ya blow
Don't, wanna come through Queens, if shorty act stank
Be like, "Mami won't you meet me halfway?"
Shook cause the crooked side done took a long trip
Niggaz on point runnin the gauntlet, fuck with
niggaz that heartless, picture me, you carcas
CNN Mobb shit, don't let us start to plot shit
Chill Dunn I got this, better learn from what I spit
Hail what the God kick, bow to what this nigga live
Bunch of dead niggaz get hit when they reneg'
Like it's hard to find your fuckin crib
I be up in the cut, in the bushes, pick up
last from where you took it, you hit? Now I'm good kid


[Algado & Shoballotti]
Queens Finest.. and got the whole click behind us..
Yeah yeah.. Queens Finest.. and got the whole click behind us..
Yeah yeah.. Queens Finest.. lefrak.. Queens Finest.. and Q.B.
Queens Finest.. Jamaica.. Queens Finest.. and all over..

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Capone-N-Noreaga Queens Finest Comments
  1. Abdul Jaroo

    Capone killed this

  2. Charles Young

    Killah Classic

  3. slick flair

    Prodigy rode this shit so easy and smooth it's basic routine from 95/2000 r.i.p h.n.i.c

  4. ricky pinnock

    Capone one gangsta dude man....


    Underrated album

  6. AdisBlanco

    How can you even dislike this? To them people disliking!

  7. joshua cruz

    Rip Prodigy.

  8. 88ntil

    They all skated on this shit.. my fav is noreaga tho!

  9. D from Boston

    Capone had illest verse on this joint yo!!!!!!

    William Felty

    D from Boston gotta disagree Prodigy shit on everyone on this track

  10. ricky pinnock

    Capone is one of the best

  11. GReeNo B

    Look at all the ppl commenting the year! 😆 _it says when you posted._ Why tf y'all so thirsty for likes?
    *BuMPiN iN 2o0o... **_FoReVeR_*

  12. Alex White

    Havoc blessed this track with the production

    anthony fabrizzio

    Alex White BEST TO EVA DO IT

    Kytez Joyner

    FACTS...and his verse was hot too

    Fuzzy Dunlop

    Hav a beast on the boards anyway.

  13. D. White


  14. Emmanuel Stewart

    This is what I grew up on no skinny Jean soft shit

  15. Shakir Lateef


  16. Lajuan Julius

    P bodied this shit!!!

  17. mark blue

    Havoc had the best verse then Capone

  18. Edwin Martinez

    Who’s in the hook?


    Final Chapter

  19. Quell Will

    Queens Representative!!

  20. Dom

    Streets still speaking to me in 2019.

  21. niccolò maggia

    way 2 ahead of their time

  22. blackaa bblackaa

    Who still Queens bound??

    anthony fabrizzio

    blackaa bblackaa ALLDAY EVERY❗️

  23. Arsenio Allen

    👍100%Queen Finest

  24. David Mychajlyszyn


  25. Six Six

    shit is fire

  26. Tyheem Pinkney

    CNN and mobb deep🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Still slapppppin

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    Still Heavy In Da Streetz in 2018

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