Capone-N-Noreaga - Pain Lyrics

From CNN world international, this is world news
I don't think there is such a thing as a good war
There are sometimes necessary wars
It was something that had to be done
The real war involves getting down there and killing people
And being killed yourself or just barely escaping
It gives you attitudes about God, life and death
That are unattainable anywhere else
I'm not sure I can speak about why human beings in general go to war
I think that's a large category, they go to war because it's impossible not to
Being shot, you saw them fall, because these things you saw
And the fact that this is for real...

Unh! Unh! Unh! Yo, yo!
Waking up, cold in my eyes, two phillies ready rolled on the dresser
My chick hatin', I won't stress her,
Probably get her mad and pay attention much lesser
Hit the closet up, brush my teeth and get fresher
These things real you can bring your diamond tester
I see through your glass my dude, like Large Professor
My nigga died that night, lampin on the park bench
I'm kinda hurt, I ain't been back to the park since
See I'm a G holla, high like comets
And I ain't with the shit, I despise all the garments
Demise what you garbage, your whole team is green littered
Which means your target's not safe in the markets
I inherit niggaz beef quite frequently, that's why they call me Warrior N.O.R.E.
When they speak of me, Gangsta, Monster Kody, parolee
I'm on my Din, Hakeem, Allahu Akbar
Swing big swords, cut in half a cop car
My nigga Truth rock stock rims Magnum
Fuck them groupie hoes cause we been done had them
Bust nuts off, lower they facial
I'm a Geto Boy like Bushwick and Face
And I always had a record, I was born with a case
I feel pain

[Hook: Capone (Noreaga)]
Been through it all in my life
I done watched close niggaz to me die by the gun and the knife
(I feel pain)
This for niggaz on they own or locked up on the phone
And they never comin home, y'know? (I feel pain)
Look what happened to Haiti it's all crazy
Everynight I go to sleep and kiss my baby
(I feel pain)
Everyday the same story, war hustle, territory
We just try'na see the glory, y'know?

Ayo it's fucked up my nigga Black Box died on christmas eve
My other homie on his birthday
Now we on the block thinkin revenge, not hearin what his Earth say
Lookin at his seed make me want it in the worst way
Besides that my other nigga got cancer and just found out that his wife is a dancer
So many questions all I need is an answer
I done did so much dirt ain't no room in the hamper, check it
I got scars on top of scars, William Wallace renegade,
Most of you niggaz sweeter than lemonade
We bloody up your garments, nigga this is phonics
I ain't speakin in ebonics take my words as a promise
Get Obama on the line tell him raise the threat level
We the last real niggaz standin when the dust settle
When it's war dunn, the beef never stops
It comes right back around like the hands on a watch
Army fatigue, fox, 40 below Timbs
501 Denims, coca sales with no lens
Just to see the snakes clear cause I ain't got no friends
Only my brother from another mother we goes in
My gun' the alarm, bullets fatter than Big Mama
To deal with' the pain I smoke scamah (I feel pain)


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  1. Timothy Larisopoulos

    0:00 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥3:40
    Straight blazin'



  3. AYMAN ll أيمن

    شيبوبة عمك ياورع

  4. Anthony Vazquez

    The best era, 40 below Tim's!!

  5. Mevlana Asan

    Real rap raw 🔥 🔥 🔥

  6. Edwin Blokpoel

    This song goes hardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!

  7. NoShow .

    mumble cRAP cant do This .

  8. Tomas Lujan

    I got to give it to CNN yearS l8tr they go hard MILE HIGH CITY here

  9. Walter White

    2019 and im still listening to CNN! #FanSinceDay1

  10. Tomas Lujan


  11. Tomas Lujan


  12. kashif khan

    who is he we have 60,000 tyra banks exact look alikes?

  13. Reg Sev

    Rip to my homies trez and jr. see you when I see you boys

  14. Reg Sev

    Nice. Alchemist beats go good with cnn

  15. Danny Dee

    beat is tough

  16. Mariana Joaquin

    Wake up cold in my eyes stress invite my down fall\ wife fussing cause she can desolive the pain question mind spirit emotions/

  17. Rui Costa

    Mad underrated,this is real Hip Hop

  18. Automatic Normie

    Hardest shit.

  19. Mr. Bi Rucho

    77 millennials hahahaha

  20. Sentinel Soul

    I love this joint

  21. HRG AAG

    To my son Abraham AG tractors, deem appropriately.
    DEATH before dishonor!

  22. Hadj

    M'y Good !

  23. Marty McFly


  24. realdeal139

    This track is so hard....Pause

  25. Sha Clo

    Damn man why tf Trump always sayin CNN is fake news an shit

  26. Joey P catch and release

    Alcamis that’s his beat it’s fire!

  27. johnny avery

    Capone is not a snitch


    johnny avery but i will be in the right cercumstance.. h.h. holmes

  28. Edwin Arriaga

    Capone really went in, he snaped

    Adam Gordon

    Edwin Arriaga * Yup... i always thought he was better than noreaga in so many ways

  29. datboidox

    I wrote one of my illest verse to this beat.

  30. don NexT

    يعيال ولله دا احسه شاتل مقارنة بشيبوبة وكلام خربان ووضعو بالمووت

    Automatic Normie

    يا رجال ذا كويس واقوئ من الشيب.

    omar tawfeeq

    حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل فيك

    The Astonishing

    الرابر الثاني كان عنده شتلات بس الاول تمام

  31. Mike Troc

    Conway murdered this beat on a statik selektah freestyle

  32. Michael Atwell

    Only dude I've ever seen that can look black at times and Hispanic at times, not that it matters. On another note, dis shit 🔥 🔥

  33. naytheg1

    daaaaaaaaamn i jus got chills!!! n this beat is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Philly J

    It's crazy how I've never heard this song before.


    Philly J for real tho!! im just hearin now 🙈🙈🙈

  35. robisco cp


  36. Chada Chamberlain

    this shit is insane, slept on ...we need real shit back like this.....That best is sick......the snowbunny bad too in the video

  37. Chada Chamberlain

    I heart brought me here

  38. D CLARK

    "I see thru your glass, my dude, like Large Professor..."


    D CLARK what’s the reference mean

  39. Capitano Official

    mop would kill this beat

  40. SoundbombSoldier

    Concerning rapgroups....cnn is among the best.

  41. Aka- CaSTROo

    اللي جاي من شيبوبه لايك

    عمر محمد

    ريوزاكي - سان احلة لايك حبيبي

    مصطفى حمد

    يگلك الطفل يحب يشرب

    Automatic Normie

    Aka- CaSTROo لايك أنا اعرفها من قبل ما ينزل جنكيز خال

  42. OTWillN

    classic to me, new to sum old to me...datz dat 🔥 tho

  43. Dramahawk Promotions

    my shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  44. Your Dad


  45. SatanDynastyKiller

    Capone killin it...

  46. mc shira m.o.s.s

    cnn motha fuckas in the house salut to my flag at the start

    Marathon Flow


  47. Mike Fahey

    Drake stole this sample

    samson bitrus

    on which song?

    Automatic Normie

    on which song bruh

  48. Bobby Pirrone

    how the fuck did I not ever hear this before? that beat is ridiculous

    simon says

    +Bobby Pirrone yoo cee stop hidin' n shitt !!

    simon says

    +Patrick Ryan yoo cee stop hidin' n shitt !!

    Adam Gordon

    Bobby Pirrone * I do it sometimes myself bro ALC killed this beat tho 🔥🔥🔥


    Alchemy always delivers 🤗

  49. Sitki Jahja


  50. Misael Rivera

    I think your throat raspy..kill'em folk's y'all provoke bringing gun's y'all them killers that be thirsty every time of fuckin' y'all year. Please, hold that thought here about that that leave you on leave's don't hold that on the boy he get it confuse the same thing come back while we burn the (earth.) "misconfuse me like I never heard you. "

  51. fitzjeawn

    this is the illest

  52. Mr. Reason

    Capone never slack on em

  53. Г Г

    That was hella nice and all but where this nore get those fucking jackets from? Those some dope ass champion brand shits

  54. Adam Gordon

    I'm on my deem hakeem allahu Akbar, nore goes in, but Capone verse is next level different...especially that scars on top of scars/William Wallace renegade line

    Irish Mixedgirl

    adam gordon I'm on my deen (way of life, religion) Hakim Allahu Akbar

    Adam Gordon

    anime angie * respect for that

  55. Joe Mcdunna

    Capone spits fire

    joann dortch

    @Joe Mcdunna wat nas say lls about

    Joe Mcdunna

    Who'd he rat on?

    Mike Fantasia

    +sultansempire lol that shit never hspoened, heck everyone else's book and testimony from that era pone didn't say shit

    Mike Fantasia

    bro prodigy ruined himself eith that book full of lies. he tore everyone down to build himself up. there was alota he said she said but even havok came to pone defense.. ponent got asked by police and told them some bullshit story that didn't incriminate anybody . they tried to grt him to testify to it. he shouldn't hsve told any story not even if it was a lie , but he never pointed finger at killer. you repeating bullshit

    Eddie Williams

    Joe Mcdunna army iLife

  56. Justice Will Rise

    Dope war report 2!!

    Mike Fantasia

    Lessons, new CNN album and out two days ago. Already up on YouTube.. Your welcome .

    Justice Will Rise

    Thanks I've had a physical copy for 2 weeks tho!!

  57. Charles Jones


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    Check out and subscribe to Chemist: "The Gift"," Close to Me","Holy Matrimony "," Higher Knowledge "," Triganometry "," Heavenly Realms "," Mix the Mixture "," Lethal Injection","Desert Storm","Zeus Rule","Sanctified","Field of Dreams","5 Stars","The Artist" and much more music

  59. C-Rayz Walz

    Strong Salute to my A-Alikes!

  60. officialnasty

    what da fucku is this? this cats so HARD they done it better than mob... that queens shit....  


    better than Mobb?
    nah nigga.

  61. PAPIMONDO510

    the arlington national cemetery and the Vietnam Vet's wall 

  62. BR1AN21

    capone verse fuckin' crazy

    Mike Fantasia

    Makes the whole track.. Nore kinda sleepin here

  63. heinz kalinzky

    You want HIp Hop?

    Automatic Normie

    heinz kalinzky Hip Hop. Not Hlp hop

  64. rloyal93

    Much respect brother from israel

    Automatic Normie

    fuck israel

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    Love this album

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    Respect from Romania! This track it's real.

  70. 0000000000000000000 69

    cnn in history books most these fly by night cb4 rappers people dont even remember like a sneeze 

  71. Daniel Almaguer

    That white girl! Oh boy

  72. Ťrue Čolde

    Real talk though...
    I feel pain that music like this is no longer at the forefront.
    #@Tidewater Va

  73. onice33

    Hit like if you see N.O.R.E Yawning at 2:42 in the background!! LOL

    Supa Dupa Lex

    Definitely showing some teeth

  74. lyfe 1zruff

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  80. al reyez

    and some fools still think the best artists have the most fame, fortune,

    have weezy, 2chains,and jay-z fans listen to this

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  82. PAPIMONDO510



    Phuckin instant classic.on all my playlists!!

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