Capone-N-Noreaga - Gunz In Da Air Lyrics

[Down Leezy does a 22 second intro]

Yo, yo, yo, yo
I told them cats, niggaz better cop some mac's
Now they stuck with them handguns
I thug it out with T.B., and Johnny Handsome
I hand none niggaz no credit, you see I'm iller than most
I'm kinda illy with the hands, but I'm iller with toast
My guns go pow, so how you like me now?
Been in your hood, niggaz ain't that gangsta
Yeah y'all overrated, so we gonna do it or not?
Or we can go to Iraq on M.U. block
I have my pitbulls tear you up
I have my lil' homies in the hood, come and just, scare you up
You don't - be in the hood, you a weak-ass clown
And when you come through, you have your niggaz holdin you down
And when - I hold heat I just hold it for delf
Why ask a - nigga to shoot when I'ma buck myself?
I keep my gun by my dick so I can touch myself

It go guns in the air, guns in the air
Us Thugged Out niggaz keep our guns in the air
Guns in the air, guns in the air
Us M.U. niggaz keep our guns in the air, what?
[N] Bout to lock the whole shit down, so holla at the dog
[N] Bout to lock the whole shit down, so holla at the dog
Aiyyo guns in the air, guns in the air
Us grimy-ass niggaz keep our guns in the air, what?

Yo, I keep chapped lips, I smoke Persian blunts
I used to shop in Albee Square..
but now I shop in Queens, I tell my niggaz I'll be here
On M.U. block yo cause I don't care
With my nigga Mike (?) blow 'dro through the sunroof
Jeckyll'n'Hyde and purple haze
And I still be in Brooklyn, and party with Maze
I got a ghetto pass, yo and still I let the metal blast
Click click click, niggaz is assed
We Thugged Out, them niggaz that'll steal your stash
If you a bitch, yo we niggaz that'll slap your ass
Whattup cliqua? We can be lah, M-A
And stab these niggaz up, no problem-a
And leave 'em leaked out, stab him in his ass have a cheek out
Have 'em trapped in the room, can't sneak out
With a sign on the door, that say keep out

[Chorus: w/ minor variations]

Yo.. I made a song about "Hed" and now bitches love me
They knowin they can give me head but they can't fuck me
I ran trains for Nino, even my old C.O.
I even ran trains with my A&R Gino
Sometimes, I drink Smirnoff without no juice
And I'ma ride for my niggaz, Baby D and Dukes
Thugged Out and M.U., we just tripled our troops
We added more niggaz, and gave 'em gats and boots
And for the niggaz that bend down get minks and goose
See me, I'm not greedy, not at all
Hit me at the office, yo 2-1-2, 5-6-3, 8-4-8-4
So why y'all niggaz gon' wait for, runnin out of state for?
Money faulty, why you wanna cop an eight for?
Been through, too much drama and too much war
Hurryin, for so long, now it's time to score, it go

[Chorus: w/ minor variations]

Gangsta.. we just thugs.. we just hustlers.. M.U. what?
We just gangstaz.. we just thugs.. we just hustlers.. M.U. what?
Has been nigga..

[unknown voice from intro does outro]

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Capone-N-Noreaga Gunz In Da Air Comments
  1. Uptop215

    This whole album is just a timeless classic

  2. C. Griff

    Love this...Nore flexin with that Queens-Hot Boyz style lol

  3. Juss Okc


    Frank Lopez

    not that classic dam whats dmc, rakim and marle malle then? lol, ill say in the 2000s only, cnn, nas and mobb deep were good, i dont like the new shit at all!


    Frank Lopez *Marley Marl


    Frank Lopez the new shit is sometimes good, as long as it’s made by MC’s and producers from the 80’s and 90’s.