Capone-N-Noreaga - Bodega Stories Lyrics

{Ayo aki man, I want a turkey and cheese man "oil and vinegar"
Hold the tomatoes Bee, extra mayonase ya'll niggas be cheap on the mayonase
And I'm a take some chips and this muthafucking Sunkist I'll pay you later}

Yeaa! See I don't see eye to eye with niggas
I kill em fast I ain't gotta say goodbye to niggas
Noreaga the office is a bodega
Ask pancho hit em with the hancho
All I really need is baking soda and the blanco
Bullet proof glass selling loosies on the late night
Got big work kind to cut it with a snake knife
The homie paco work on the morning shift
That's my man uncle put in work for a morning sniff
Yea! we done switch the whole operation
Humptu ala prey we lost to observation
They know I'm the shit but I had constipation
Right hand damaged again and I ain't lefty
Put the razor right by his chin right where his neck be
My new York niggas wolverine chlorine
Wild niggas from fort greene roll like a ball team

[Chorus x2: Noreaga]
Bodega dreams bodega nightmares
This my hood I grew up and had fights here
And you protect it so when you get arrest it
They ask you to speak without a lawyer you neglect it

Ahaaaa!.Yo Steal it if you can't afford it
Shoot it out or either sort it
The war still gotta get reported
Coke will get snorted niggas will get slaughter
Spots get raided shut down and boughted
I really owe papi half of my stash
For letting me set shop up in the back by the trash
This here is the get back I can just kick back
Cop and go thou move traffic by the chip rack

"Donnie" Na is Foxy and Mega Street Fighter or Sega
Corner store vanilla dutchy the bodega
Use to have the hammer that shoot crooked
Fell asleep drunk one night moms came home and she took it
Look it boards head turkey fiends coming thru with bootleg burkies
Tell my lil workers to chirp em
Donnie white hoody white 4 door Porsche ku klux looking
Here my source in Brooklyn

[Styles P:]
Use to move C and D in the bodega
12 gauge pump nine mill and the 0 raza
Weapon by the video game never one by the cold cuts
Niggas get stretched over here for acting so tough
This our hood consider it a wolf den
Tryna run up in and fucking with a wolf then
Get a bullet in your tooth then
CNN and Lox hood niggas salute them.


Aiyyo Mo from the candy store use to sell a nigga bullets
And he from Pakistan hit em with a half a gram
He get you anything no matter the gun size
Throw it in the bag with the chips and the loosies
Papi on the ave got the connect on the bootsies
A stroll outta 40th me and my nigga snoopy
Yea what up papi dimelo un minuto let's polly thou
Walk me to the basement I was startle by the rody bark
Flash the 8 on me musta thought I was from cali park
Na pa I need something that fit on my nike boot
He laughed at me in Spanish and said this will bite troops
Grab the lil 25 next to the gold riffle
This is etiquette I'm on my berretta shit gave em the bread and split
I heard that 24 got the re-up
That's the all night store the hood ikea
You can get it all from the baggies to the leaks
Ak said is a drought come and see em in a week
Fuck that this is my hood my niggas gotta eat.


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