Capone-N-Noreaga - Black Gangsta Lyrics

[Tradegy Khadafi] Niggas scared to pull a hit
for shit, my team will know a bitch sniffer
pyriamid off a dollar bill, she will, 97 to the hill
get ill, do your thing, I ain't mad at you son,
it's how you feel...
[Noreaga] Yo, blood scene, bloody my vision can't see
straight off top, me ral and Mussolini
was tied up, connect thinking that we wired up,
once these ropes get cut I'm getting highed up
slow it down, you moving to fast
kid it's the halves, you ain't know,
it's illegal life shit, bring bloody cash
so what you do, in due time, come back in view
that's why niggas can't relate to L.A., they stick you
As long we map this, revolution is a bliss,
keep the world in fits, my clique avoid death lists
black gangsta, 2 5 I co-perfect this
CNN, iced out piece, italian necklace
stef bauer, you and L, yall work the hour
you all dirty, like the clique don't take shower
there's more to get, hit the fuck up, taking power
100 channels, turn station, operation 140
earthquake would bring glory
Noreaga, but for short just call me Ore,
catagory, point-blank end of the story
[Chorus: Tradegy Khadafi]
[Capone] I never sweat these, I let trees blow
get bent on benches, hopping the fences
here they come in long trenches, crack
chase 'em, lace 'em, let the chef bake 'em,
jake, taste 'em, take 'em, wonder where we make 'em
roll dice, and break 'em on the street corner
betting stacks, holding packs,
hoping police don't run deep on us
peep the third floor shade that never rises
for jake, our whole weight, plus gat and great disguises
bullet proof down to my Nike's now we the livest
survivest, open up after I contact, combat
twisting yer cap, and listen to rap
postion to mack , to blow out your back
ho's across the map, foe's eat a dick in fact
I'm a score, flip and roll like Dominique Dawes
Yea flip that
[Chorus x2: Tradegy Khadafi]
Yo black gangsta, where they at, where they at
Queensbridge and Iraq

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Capone-N-Noreaga Black Gangsta Comments
  1. Prasanga Perera

    Fuck you Nazi boys.

  2. ira wilson

    Leaving Staten island NY with CNN blasting. Once in Michigan this played good memories 🚬 tree whole ride.

  3. jumpoutatree

    Anyone in the comments know about CNN, want to tell me the name of this song in this video here:

  4. Nyborn Funk

    Maaaa SHIT!!!

  5. ashy knuckles

    The hook crazy real

  6. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    BG 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Kyle Robilliard

    Who still rocking this classic 2019 !!!!!👊🏻💯


    Me... from France... since day one ✊✊


    Pure heat, gonna be bumping this shit untill the day I die

  8. Archibald Bunkaire

    Hook is wild

  9. Bryan Morgan

    Black... Gangsta

  10. yung kari

    mix cette merde comme a QB

  11. K Platt Jr.

    Most slept on jam on dis album. Hook is crazy!🏆💯

  12. MaximusX45-1911

    This track so dope I sill have this on CD....

    Adedamola Odutayo

    MaximusX45-1911 yep, he is dope , I still got CD....CNN one duos ever

  13. Joel Widgins


  14. Joel Widgins

    [email protected] Cliff High,🤑💨🎲🎲🎲,

  15. Adedamola Odutayo

    one the best tracks on this album...capone kill this track,

  16. Joel Widgins

    Proud penning, High stakes, and Wise wares,

  17. Joel Widgins

    W#th insense, 10¢,

  18. Joel Widgins

    W#th Supreme Dollar,

  19. Joel Widgins

    W#th Marvelous P,

  20. realdeal139

    Death to the 12 who disliked

  21. Joel Widgins

    [email protected] Lebenon PA bologna.

  22. Joel Widgins

    [email protected] Richard Lewis,🧜💎🧜, and Boston chowder wit My cousin Meech,

  23. Joel Widgins

    [email protected] the real Saunte, @nd Butter own Warnock st.

  24. marlon fowler

    Southside Think Killers Kare Family gang !!!

  25. IlikeGoldchains00

    “We all dirty like the clique don’t take showers” 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Hamac Fly

    Ol dirty bastard

  26. realdeal139

    Betting stacks, flipping packs, hoping police don’t run deep on us. This is my shit.!!!

  27. esti lud?



    Noreaga i swore was the greatest rapper in those times..with Nas..Prodigy amd Raekwon

    lit kid

    #Facts.... Nore was dat nigga for a sec. I was in SC bump'n CNN... n im from Chicago.


    NoLodge TheMOST

    Raekwon, Prodigy, Nas, my list.... War Report still one of my greatest albums 4ever!

    Adedamola Odutayo

    lol, Noreaga is not even the best on is CNN , capone is much better rapper

    IceMan 33

    @Adedamola Odutayo LoL capone wasn't even on the album as much as Nore. I think Tragedy was writing some of his rhymes cause he was spitting harder than Capone.

    Alvin Scrotum

    IceMan 33 swear Capone got locked up whilst making the album

  29. JK number5

    I bet the New Breeds luv this tracc{Black G27gsters!!!!}

  30. Walter Austin


  31. Bear Hughes

    I remember buying this cassette in Blockbuster music I still rock this album n 2028

  32. Satnam Singh

    Sick shit!

  33. Joe Whitaker

    Top 5 hiphop album of all time for me classic shit.🚬🚬

  34. DoGon Supreme

    Capone laced this track

    Adedamola Odutayo

    DoGon Supreme yep, Capone is an underrated rapper. of top 20 lyricist of time

    Michael Breton

    DoGon Supreme fuck right he did.

    Prasanga Perera

    That is why it is a funeral feeling. Smart dead ass nigga.