Capital Kings - Upgraded Lyrics


Yea, we in the clear
Put it in drive, we outta here
But beware, I can smell the demons in the air
Uh, one life, that's right
So Imma keep goin' till the day I die
Try and stop me now and it's over
Imma shine brighter than a supernova

It's everywhere that I go
It's everything that I see
Yea, I've been transformed
By the K-I-N-G
I feel like I'm in my zone
Lighting up, they never can face it
No way that I will disgrace it
I've been upgraded

I've been upgraded

I've been upgraded

I'm starin' through a clearer lens than yesterday
Everything I've known is just in memory
Am I willing to loose it all for a glimpse of what I've seen?
My eyes have turned towards the sun

It's everywhere that I go
It's everything that I see
Yea, I've been transformed
By the K-I-N-G
I feel like I'm in my zone
Lighting up, they never can face it
No way that I will disgrace it
I've been upgraded

I've been upgraded

I've been upgraded

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Capital Kings Upgraded Comments
  1. silas postal

    #beatdrop #gocapitalkings #capitalkingsrule #electronica

  2. H B

    Nice lead into Satellites ❤

  3. Lizeth Sierra

    I love it 😍

  4. BUD

    I can smell demons in the air


    And they need a shower

  5. alessandro inacio

    God mi friend

  6. SFS 91543

    this can turn into a gd level

    SFS 91543

    ur cute

    SFS 91543

    jk this is me

  7. jeda edzu 222222444444444? ,:?7#782291


  8. Justin Carter

    I've been upgraded!

  9. Noemi Miller

    My song favorite from Capital Kings is:
    The paradigm
    Be a king

  10. Noemi Miller

    I loveee uuuu
    Capital Kings

  11. abraham Ayerdis

    En nicaragua suena

  12. Boaz Kalkeren

    Put speed on 1.25 for Christian Hardwell :D

  13. Vortex 504

    Jesus is in my heart.

  14. Lead Review Exchange

    One of the World's Greatest 🌠🌠

  15. Red Rally

    i love it

  16. Red Rally

    Awesome song capital kings

  17. Lucy Gaid

    I'm upgraded to a daughter of Christ

  18. maximo moschiar

    esto podria ser para just dance

  19. Gatita chan

    Algún latino? :'v
    PD: chicos son los mejores, este va mi listaaa

    ZONA X

    Aquí un simple latino reportándose :'v

  20. Mary Powley

    my friends & I r using this song 4 a camp impact talent show i love this song it is perfect 4 dancing 2!

  21. Jossean Santiago

    I'm christian and I know it.

  22. Berith Moreno

    I love them, they are my favorites 😍

  23. edduar hernandez

    Hi Guys, I want to ask you a question!
    I would like to know if they allow us to use their music to create choreography?

    BZRK Edge

    edduar hernandez depends where you use. It

    Thomas Siafa Jr.

    I will! I lol love this song to!

  24. Maxwell Fulton

    almost allthere songs are better speed up by 1.25

  25. Jeffrey Scholman

    reminds me of "deadlocked" by F-777

  26. Елисей Кияница

    Ive been transformed by the K-I-N-G

  27. Jamison Barnett

    up grade it lol

  28. Jesse Gomez

    🎶 I'm Upgraded and I know it!🎶 😎

    Chris Emmons

    Amen!!!! Sold out for Christ!!!

  29. Gina Goodrich


  30. Gina Goodrich

    these guys are amazing. #CapitalKings.

  31. Renata Rodrigues

    Bom demais! <3

  32. Sarah Leavens

    i can't help but think about the cybermen from doctor who when i hear this song.

  33. Isaac

    I met these guys... cool people.

  34. Ayla Oliveira

    Great for gym! Christian soundtrack 😎

  35. Fábio Reis

    This song is freaking amazing! Really wish that middle part from 2:02 to 2:22 could last longer though, it's so good!

  36. Norma Ramirez

    I allwas sing it

  37. AwesomeCatMeow RobloxYT

    I would think I'm unstoppable. the devil is not unstoppable

  38. AwesomeCatMeow RobloxYT

    I like this song

  39. Parkr24

    Yeah we in da clear, put it in drive we out ov heer, but beewar i can smel da deeemons in da air, UH 1 life dats rite so imma keeeeep goin tie da day i die, try too stop meee now and itz now imma shine briter then a SUPERNOVA!!!

    Tommy Charlton

    itz over not itz now

  40. W1LD GUNN3R

    My fave by them

  41. Mark Jansen Adelaide

    As someone who loves God and follows Jesus I have to say this is just about the lamest thing I have ever heard. Seriously???? Doing a "christian remix" of "Sexy and I know it". Cmon. What a joke... Get real people. Read your Bible. You either love God or the world (1 John 2:15). Not both.


    Mark Jansen this isnt a remix of sexy and i know it. also, pay attention to the lryics. if you follow it, its basically talking about how "ive been transformed by the K-I-N-G" and then later says "ive been upgraded". hes talking about how hes changed and how life is better and "upgraded" now that hes a christian. also, if you dont care for remixes, this is supposed to appeal to teenagers and young adults anyways.


    Mark Jansen not a remix dumb, is way different, don't you notice???

    Thomas Siafa Jr.

    This is not a remix of the stupidest song on earth, you dope!

  42. IJR

    no it doesn't......... it sounds like upgraded

  43. earl cornell


  44. Slowbob

    Yo, just saw these guys in a Toby Mack concert, It was so dope!!1

  45. Watermelon Lover

    ╭━╯╭┫┃┃┃┃┃┃ I (----) I
    ┃┃╰━┫╰━╯┣╯╰--I (----) I

    Mireya Salmeron

    Watermelon Love

    ruth spitsen

    IT says like if YOUR watching in 1016.... it's 1018 now, BRO!

    Coleman B

    It’s 2018 bruv

    The Zazzie Bin

    im watching in 2018... sorry no like for you

    silas postal

    That lettering is sendy!!!

  46. Lía Ponce

    im sexy and i lnow it... very similar :c

  47. Noeline Clark

    I was in jazz class and my teacher played this song, and she must'ave known that the song sounds like I'm sexy and I know it, so she had to explain that we only listen to Christian music.

  48. Nick Bispo

    best music live for the drop

  49. Kevin Martinez

    this song is sick

  50. Josh

    Doesent this sound like im sexy and I know it


    YES!! i thought i was the only one! it also sounds like the person who sung it!

    Hildegard Kompton

    oml it sounds exactly like it

  51. Annalee Sweet

    talk about bass drops

  52. 00: 00

    Dope xx

  53. happygoluckymidevil

    go into the bass setting for your speaker/headset and raise it high
    totaly ignore the fact that you may need a replacment in a couple days after doing so XD

  54. Gacha Squad Girl

    go fullscreen then type awesome (if you want it gone type awesome again.)

  55. fantasic dancer 123

    Hushed j nj jack n kx

  56. Belly Santtos

    love you

  57. alex shorts

    a song about cybermen????

  58. Gary Croll

    Yeah boy love capital kings!! :)

  59. Gerson Kenedy

    for good

  60. Katrin Jatki

    The full armor of God. . .


    i love your comment there!


    Sami Irish If anyone challenges us and our powers then we blown them a way with music. 100%win.

    Norma Ramirez

    The songs make me smile 😀😂😐😇

  61. Andres Zuleta

    gringos no me entienden

  62. kari we :v

    Amo esta canción 💚
    Son los mejores ❤
    Saludos desde Costa Rica. ✌💕🌴

  63. kari we :v

    Amo esta canción 💚
    Son los mejores ❤
    Saludos desde Costa Rica. ✌💕🌴

  64. NinDill

    0.25 speed XD

  65. Graça josé

    It does sound like "I'm sexy and I know it"

  66. fercho barahona

    K mal no. Pude ir al. Concierto. En Honduras

  67. fercho barahona

    Han sido. De. Muchas. Bendiciones. Para mi vida

  68. Black Prodigy

    sounds like data singing

  69. CarnivorousCashew

    Put this song on 1.25 speed, thank me later :D

    Kilroy Was Here

    I dare you to put it on 0.5 speed. :.(

    Matthew Roberts

    dang, that was amazing


    so good

    Home Cactus

    At 0.75 it sounds like it could be in a movie at an awesome scene

  70. Deborah Sumo

    They kind of sound like 2am club

  71. ShadysXCrazy

    Help me I'm addicted

  72. Majin Nathan

    I love this song and I can use if for my video games :D

  73. Dioclesio Silva

    sou fã número 1 do capital kings top

  74. Luigi Snchz

    Capital kings 👑🎧 Is Nice!🌌❤️

  75. Joelito Ruano

    Yes I An upgraded Ohhh Awesome song all the songs are awesomes

  76. Michelle Rodrigues

    muito bom esta música

  77. Raquel Fragnan

    I'm a fan of you love more ... you guys live in Brazil the Brazil loves you guys too

  78. Araujo Araujo

    qm e br fala aew

  79. Ameliek#1

    I'm sexy and I know it ;)...

  80. Lea Turner

    Awesome song my kids love it

  81. Tanya Vargas Craft

    I looooove this sooooooong ok baby And I Love this guys
    I'm just as mad at them hahahahaha are very beautyful very tender 😱
    love those two lunatics
    Jon + Cole = party

  82. Isaac Kings

    I LIKE!!

  83. Andressa Costa

    God Bless !!!

  84. Airsoft fan the beast

    your music sounds similar to others.

  85. Airsoft fan the beast

    WOAH!! You guys can play.

  86. Nelly Diaz


  87. preethi gudapati プリシー

    Imma downloading the whole album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Zabdi Sarahi Olmos Sanchez Olmos Sanchez

    No son cristianos?jaja

  89. Jon La Joy Jr.

    heared better

  90. Chrisanisota

    This give anyone else "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday" flashbacks? Or "Nightmare in Silver"?

  91. Maniclike Mike

    my friend told me this song is AWESOME!!!but i'm kinda disappointed

  92. Moisés craft

    Muito top

  93. Michael Bakker

    700th like

  94. Moisés craft