Capital Cities - Venus & River Lyrics

On an island, stuck together
You're the vinyl, I could play forever
Down a mountain, through the desert
Chase the water, and change the weather

You remind me of a soundtrack
From a movie, a throwback
Don't keep me waiting, don't make me wonder
Don't alert me about the spoiler

You got this sweetness
My body needs this
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix
Be my rock and never move
I won't dance unless you do
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix

Don't you know me, the last crusader
I need a lover, no not a hater
Let's save the forest, 800 acres
In Costa Rica, I wanna take you

You got this sweetness
My body needs this
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix
Be my rock and never move
I won't dance unless you do
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix

Rising like the sun 'til sunset
A shady bar on the boulevard
Rising like the sun 'til sunset
A hazy star, you went too far

Rising, rising like the sun
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix

Rising, rising like the sun
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix

Be my rock and never move
I won't dance unless you do

Rising, rising like the sun
You are my Venus
I'm River Phoenix

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Capital Cities Venus & River Comments
  1. Nicky Chacón O

    Welcome to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🇨🇷 🇨🇷 pura vida 😘

  2. 38 Rulez

    "Im River Phoenix"
    This was a young actor that died of a drug overdose in 1993. He was extremely talented and was/is greatly missed by many.
    "Do you know me, the last crusader"
    Many people knew/know young Phoenix from his role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as the younger kid version of Indy.
    "Lets save the forest"
    Phoenix was a heavy save the planet, vegan, stop killing meat supporter. He didnt want to take part in the slaughtering of precious animals, and strongly believed in taking care of our beautiful planet...our home.
    This whole song is basically (if not completely) a dedication to the young actor. Rip.

  3. Janice K

    awesome song!! thanks for this tribute song to river. means alot. hugs xoxoxo its addicting and catchy too!!

  4. River x

    So glad they are remembering River Phoenix ♥️♥️

  5. อุ๊งอิ๊ง ง.


  6. Roddric Cabigas

    Can't wait for the remake of this song I keep hearing on Instagram.

  7. Stian 1349

    @2:17 what an awesome feeling...

  8. Gaston Chaves

    River Phoenix Aprobes!

  9. Syd B

    It sounds like he's saying "you want my penis"

  10. Roddric Cabigas

    Did Instagram bring anyone else here? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  11. Khaled Chaki

    costa rica ?

  12. Rafael Rodríguez

    Lots of love from Costa Rica!

  13. Lilly

    Costa Rica es mencionada en esta canción <3333

  14. Beel Cozbee

    gay ass song

  15. Beel Cozbee


  16. Fenrir Ragnarok


  17. Miguel Serrano Rojas

    The best part is when, mentioned "COSTA RICA", definitly, they know where is the best country in the world.

  18. fl0yd4li

    thats good bro

  19. NasTy Empire

    Lovs this 🎶❤💗💗💗💗💗❤💗❤💗

  20. Alex Deizeppe

    Guys you're really great... Keep doing these fantastic songs
    Greetings from Brasil

  21. Steven Vercetti

    Sounds like the 80s hits

  22. Reexy Chan

    Это великолепно

  23. Rosie HK

    I’m sad you guys got rid of the trumpet part that you did in the live version. This sounds completely different :(


    Its synth stab brass probably

  24. Wander Perez

    I could listen to Capital cities all day man


    you should

  25. Manussavee Si-in

    River Phoenix ❤️

  26. MrPotato987

    Quien elige la música de Movistar + es un puto genio

  27. Craig Olsen

    Saw them perform this at a concert a few years ago and have been waiting for this to be released! So happy! Such a great track!

  28. Rodrigo Lango

    Melhor banda ❤

  29. Tyler Mauldin

    What's with the static in the background at the beginning?

  30. bluestrife28

    Yaaas that is what he’s saying. I’ve Loved this band ever since day one. Even moreso now that they showed love for my gen’s James Dean.

  31. bluestrife28

    Why do I keep hearing “River Phoenix” in this??

    Carla Alexander

    bluestrife28 Because he is actually saying River Phoenix 😍

  32. Gregorio Alvarez


  33. silungwe pine

    how can I download

  34. Senile elineS

    Great song,great duo! And thanx 4 the tribute to River Phoenix!

  35. Gabriela González

    I heard you say River Phoenix so I'm dancing & crying at the same time.

  36. Gesliel

    Oh mierda que hermoso :'')

  37. vitoria Harumi

    Amei ❤

  38. GabrielGiovanni

    It isn't summer unless there's a Capital Cities song playing.

  39. Rockmen


  40. Manuel Calizaya Cartagena

    More song's please

  41. Johnny Three-hats

    Okay, we got Mars, now we have Venus. Should we expect Mercury soon? A new album with a planets and Roman art aesthetic perhaps?

    Really great to hear this song in studio form so long after its live debut. I kinda miss the faster tempo and more heavy brass presence, but hey, maybe we'll get an alternate version like that.

  42. pickelkilla

    More people need this song in their life

  43. BlazeATG

    I get that they have other good music but would these guys be considered one hit wonders with how popular safe and sound was?

    Johnny Does

    At this point maybe. Kangaroo Court was kinda big too though.

    Craig Olsen

    Love away and one minute more got some airplay but nothing like safe and sound...they are too talented to be one hit wonders in my opinion

  44. W. Marden

    Much better lyrically and beat wise than (cough cough My name is Mars)

  45. Empy Piñe

    OMG 😍

  46. Clever Wendel

    BRAZIL <3

  47. Glenda Robles Russell

    Wonderful!! Thank you

  48. riricky815

    new album?

  49. Renzø Rk

    Sick Beat♡♡

  50. Edgard Reyes

    full great

  51. Franz Ramos Carbajal

    Es la primera vez que me gusta una cancion a la primera escuchada :o !

  52. So Sick And Tired Of All The Needless Beating

    You are my PENIS
    I'm river PENIS

  53. J. Vidal


  54. Gaby N


  55. Dead Man

    YES, you’re back, it’s been to long!

  56. Marcos Antonio

    This was the soundtrack of my day

  57. CapNallim

    is exactly what we need

  58. Alex FC

    Me likey

  59. Óscar Jiménez

    Tardaron bastante! 🕺🏻

  60. Mary Ugeniia

    Like si eres de ECUADOR ☄

  61. Jacob Scesney

    The best are back!!!!!! Love these guys!

  62. Arias Francia

    So cool!!

  63. Andrea Rodriguez

    He esperado por años!

  64. Luis Téllez

    They are gods! 🇲🇽

  65. ¡Dias


  66. Dave Galindo†


  67. Tyler Mauldin

    Who else wants them to make a song for every planet in the solar system? :D

  68. kyensa beh

    Holly sht disnis genius

  69. Klaus Viper

    Finaly ❤️

  70. Luis Tomas Rodea

    De luxe!!!

  71. Wyatt Bluecoat

    I miss capital cities

  72. 88antomi

    Aún existen? :v

  73. Kevinoide 7u7

    Nice sing👌❤

  74. Daniel

    It only took them a lifetime to make.

  75. quack

    i love this song! Capital Cites, vocês são incríveis

  76. Beth Luna

    I Like it! Esperé mucho porque capital cities sacara nueva música 💕

  77. Jennifer Calabrano A.

    Sus canciones siempre tienen ese toque veraniego que me encanta :) ♥

  78. samuel angel

    I need more trumpets

  79. Leonelfdez

    Great song!!!

  80. Wally .A

    Yeah Capital ❤❤

  81. joseluis Lucio


  82. Jesus Fajardo


  83. Dj Morsa

    C mamut ;(

  84. JulianchoPlay

    suena genial un saludo desde colombia!!!

  85. Dedezinho Fazendeiro

    Beautifull and amazing 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  86. CydonianGuy _91

    I love the song ♥


    2 0 1 8

    Emmanuel Calderon

    Mexico 2018 (0)_(0)


    @Emmanuel Calderon "Hola hola";-)

  88. Aldo Jimenez

    Hello the Best video 👍👍👍

  89. Luiz Siqueira

    *ALGUÉM AI EM 2015?*

  90. Yoel Sebastian


  91. LRCOM stfw

    Obrigado por existir, capital cities

  92. los primos

    Eso Pano visou wat year

  93. Vaklen Kottlyn

    A like from ARG, América. Homecoming