Capital Cities - Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast Lyrics

I want it all and nothing less
I want it all, I want the best for you
I'm telling you the truth

You are the one that makes it real
Even the sunlight doesn't feel this good
Whoever said it could?

Patience gets us nowhere fast

I want it all and nothing less
I want it all, I want the best for us
I'm telling you to trust

The world you see is on our side
Take a chance and take a ride with me
From sea to shining sea

Patience gets us nowhere fast

I don't want my patience to last

Follow me, follow me somewhere
Follow me, follow me somewhere
Follow me, follow me somewhere out there

I want it all and nothing less
I want it all, I want the best for you
I'm telling you the truth

You are the kiss I don't expect
Remind me never to forget my youth
I'll leave it up to you

Patience gets us nowhere fast

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Capital Cities Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast Comments
  1. jfkbj

    When i was 20 working at Loehmanns before they filed for bankruptcy

  2. Brooks Blair

    The official song for speed runners

  3. Lacey Moni

    JCP brought me here 😂

  4. b e a e x o l

    Waaa ya paso tanto de esta canción :0 me sorprende el tiempo...

  5. Green Hornet

    This is the whitest song ever. I love it tho

  6. Nicole perry

    I know this song because i work at pep boys werehouse

  7. GK S

    nice !!! classic

  8. blah idc

    it's crazy bc i think im the only one here in 2019😅

  9. wow

    This song is sweet and melodic

  10. Your next line is-!


  11. Andrew Guerra

    8 bit remix of this awesome song ASAP!

  12. Kitty Kat

    Smh this fell on the sleep.

  13. Toniiiee P

    Thumbs up if Hollister brough u here

  14. Smoking Henry

    This is my mind when doing a test

  15. Myles432

    This song is amazing. It needs more recognition

  16. Kyra Douglas

    I love that picture of those two guys from capital cities music band because they are two handsome guys with good voices for singing.

  17. Sickboy Mashups

    why do I have feel good inc vibes here? whatever it's great song

  18. swordandgunandsteel

    shit song

  19. Juan Padilla. Mr. Roo

    Any Target Workers here?

  20. Mayerly Lara

    I have been picking this exact video since the 7th grade haha

  21. Bruno oliveira

    Adoro Capital Cities

  22. Giovan95

    Just heard this while at work at Target today lol.
    I just typed in
    "Patience patience patience song" on the search bar 😂😂😂

  23. Amara Daniece

    This song plays everyday in JCPenney

    King Eazzy360

    Amara Daniece I swear

  24. Sarah Jasmine M

    This isn't my genre but it reasonate with my personality so much. The whole album does. It has a happy upbeat dreamy rainbows vibe to it. Makes me feel high and ecstatic.

  25. Katherine Balanta Estupiñan

    1:55 - 2:05 que notas¡

  26. Tyler Mauldin

    Perhaps the best Capital Cities song of all.

  27. Bryan Corkins

    I work at JCP and get to hear this on an almost daily basis, and it's one of the few songs there I don't mind hearing over and over. :)

    Kodo Cookson

    Dude same here, I work at a JCPenney too and this one is one that somehow doesn’t get on my nerves


    It literally plays like 4 times a day....

    Moses Agar

    Lmao I literally heard this in JCPenney that’s why I looked it up

    Carl Brutananadilewski

    What is 1986 like?

    Henry Nelson

    I love you!!!!! Totally same!!!!

  28. Qwless

    Sounds like Empire of the Sun!

  29. Jason N

    This song speaks to me! I love it!

  30. Veskr


  31. Yasmine Ramos

    I only know this song bc I work at Target !!


    Same here

    Brooks Blair

    Yup I’m part of the target gang too. Sup fellow employees

    Mason Baker

    Me as well 😂

    Fun Pazion

    Lol I just heard this today at target XD I dont work there

  32. TheGreatGambino

    This song actually about doing coke.


    @gatsan I'm joking, but if you listen to the lyrics it really could be about drugs if they wanted it to be.

  33. Maritza Mendez Sirens

    Buen Disco, Buena Música Capital Cities sigan siempre así saludos desde México.

  34. drag force

    Amo esta canción!

  35. Choclate Cuppycake

    I love this song so much

  36. Ana Lucia

    1:48 my favorite part :3

  37. Rodrigo Pessoa

    outro BR corte capital cities

  38. Pg -13

    great song

  39. Leslie

    This is so underrated


    Agreed. Got much less air-time than Safe and Sound

    Jacob Salgado

    I would say not so much but in comparison to their other songs, it is.



  40. Benja Vasquez

    Good playlist m8

  41. picasadeluxe

    LOL, Very stupid songtitle, good for nothing !!!

  42. Kuchikopi

    Not just hollister, ROSS PEOPLE

  43. ÃBøÜT Games

    the fifteen people who disliked this can go die in a hole.

    Garrett Hunt

    If whenever you leave a comment like this, people will just dislike the video just to spite you and change the number of dislikes, falsifying your comment.

    ÃBøÜT Games

    oh well, point is its a great song!

    Jose Gonzales

    They had no patience

    Robert Alexander

    It's hypnotherapy, best music

    Robert Alexander

    Yea i mean if you dont like it just dont listen, no rate, no reply

  44. Torbjorn Lindholm


  45. Breece

    really cool!

  46. William Durazo

    Yeah I boned to this song!!!

  47. Dean Raven

    Who still wears hollister except skate boarders?

  48. Nnedix

    Favorite. Song. By. Capital Cities. 


    +Nnedix My 2nd, after Safe and Sound


    Awesome! I seriously wanna hear another album from them. 

    Maris MM

    I agree, this and kangaroo court

    Gg's Destroyer

    My second favorite,I like lazy lies the most

  49. dE3R3ckaN3rd

    this is a great song like the rest of the songs in the album and deluxe album just keep listening to the lyrics
    all the lyrics are amazing and vibrant

  50. Jake Ripp

    "Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast". So true......I love Capital Cities!!!

  51. Col L

    Capital Cities came to my college and gave a concert, it was fucking awesome, they really know how to give a show

  52. Mariana Suarez

    Amo cada estrofa de esta rola! 

  53. Sofía Bastin

    holy crap, I saw them live, they're fucking awesome

  54. VictoriaWasHere :)

    Love it. Thank you XXI

  55. Abdi

     i cant stop listening song
    i can see minecraft

  56. Abdi

    I LOVE THIS SONG <3 :D :D patience gets us Nowwhere

  57. Gregorio Ganesh

    The Hall and Oates of indie pop

    Yung Tarantino

    Gregorio Ganesh you're sooooooooright

  58. 2swaggy4u

    This and love away should be singles :D

  59. Daniela Quitian M

    Muy buenos


    buenos dias amigo...thats all the spanish i know,,


    and Me llamo Leslie. Soy de Canada

  60. Fabrizio Caligiuri


  61. J Mill

    im a hardcore rock n roll fan and im definitely diggin these guys. they are talented!

  62. Dabin Anino

    why Capital Cities songs are so nice,,,,,,,,,,,,i cant stop listening

  63. Candice Leung

    How you guys came to be a band is amazing.  Doing something that you love, not intending for it to be recognized . . . and when it does . . . your true talents are shared with the world :D  Thanks

  64. Stoner Kween

    <3 this song!! :}

  65. Lorena Valdés

    I really love this song ♥

  66. S F

    i love i love i love this song i can't stop!!我好愛這首歌!!

  67. Selina El-Sarrag

    love this song (stuck in my head)

  68. WildWoody42

    if it isn't yet, it will be shortly

  69. alex robainas

    wow 6 people dont like it well shame on those 6 people

  70. Matt Macken

    I wish I could grow a beard

  71. miriam garcia

    why is this song not on the radio? wake up world lol

  72. theAf341

    iron man 3 brought me to this magnificent Band

  73. Valentine Gelcys

    la musique du magasin Hollister aux US! **

  74. Victoria Lau

    Wanna buy this song on iTunes ……

  75. angieb210

    People! Stop talking about Hollister! For the love of Capital Cities! Please!

  76. arry starrk

    was random clicking videos here on youtube til i found this gem

  77. Aveon H

    Hollister :)

  78. Glitchy

    Clothing store, based off of Hollister, California, USA.

  79. juancithow todalavida

    gracias a el ya eres mas reconocido



  80. zybereqwilfish

    Eso!!!! UUUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!

  81. Alex

    Excuse me?? Beards have always been awesome

  82. David Noble

    I've just come across these guys a half hour ago and can't stop listening to every song that pops up. Such great, upbeat, feel-good music.

  83. Derrick Ward

    What the fuck is Hollister?

  84. SpartanAxel48

    i think they already are

  85. Aveon H

    Hollister all day. my job!

  86. spam4unmeee

    Got here from Hollister lol

  87. Jonathan

    I can't find a problem with this song, except the fact it always has to end.

  88. William Boyle

    omg! i swear i saw ryan (big beard guy) at hot topic and we combined out purches to get 50% off our jeans lol!

  89. Keithider

    you should check out safe and sound, kangaroo court, and nothing compares 2 U!!! Those are the crown jewels of capital cities!! :D

  90. Haxxxo24

    Went to Hollister for the first time last month, and pretty much Shazamed/ Soundhounded every song that played, this popped up too :D

  91. Marianna Bedoya

    Thank you Hollister for showing me my new favorite song! It's so great!!!

  92. Glenn Grant

    thought i was the only one who thought that lmfao

  93. Sarcasm24

    I was walking past Hollister and this was blasting. I stopped so I could tag it and then kept it moving :-)

  94. Leticia Hernandez

    Heard this while I was talking to the hot Hollister guy! Great song!

  95. gamefan6219

    i heard this in Hco too, not one Hco store, but several.

  96. gamefan6219

    i heard this holister arlington, douglasville, buckhead, and columbia.

  97. PyramidHead

    them or the brothers riedell

  98. PyramidHead

    i shizamed the song LOL

  99. Misio0o0

    Heared @ Hollister Chicago, came through a long way to find it :) Awesome!