Capital Cities - My Name Is Mars Lyrics

My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets
My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets

I wear my shield
I step outside
I grab a meal
Then I pick a fight
I lay it down
No right or wrong
I go to town with a bomb ass song

My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets
My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets

Bulletproof vest
I'm well dressed
I start the car
Then I start a war
I throw my spear
You come near you pay it dearly

My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets
My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets

Sun, moon and the stars
Don't worry about mars
Rome wasn't built in a day
It wasn't built in a night
Romulus, Remus, it's okay
The stars are gonna shine tonight
It's gonna be okay
Alright, bad man, friday night
Bad man
Friday night

My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets
My name is Mars, the god of wars
Covered in scars
I have no regrets
Bad man
Bad man

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Capital Cities My Name Is Mars Comments
  1. -Fuwaketsuu-

    People are obviously going to disagree with me here, but I think the lyrics are alright. I interpret this as being able to walk out and not give two sh¡ts about what people think of you, although the lyrics might sound really random. Actually, the randomness of lyrics sometimes gives me Stuff Is Way vibes, which is something I dig.

  2. Francisco C.

    I love the Solarize album, recommended!

  3. Michael Bean


  4. Kishin Slayer

    Wait the lyrics are somehow bad...? This song is pretty plain to me lol, it's catchy it rhymes it's experemental and best of all it's super capital cities

  5. sodapop8

    I want to like you guys I... Just... Can't. Not enough substance, over-processed. You're like the t-shirt rack at TJ-Maxx.

  6. The CIA

    *_My name is Mars,_*
    *_The Cod Aboard,_*
    *_Cupboard in stars,_*
    *_I have Snow Egrets._*

  7. Daysi Jackson STREAM IM OK -iKON


  8. The eternal klansman MAestro

    Most people : the lyrics arent good/ they make no sense.

    Connoisseur of philology and philosophy : YES

  9. ChivoMateo

    How can y’all complain about the lyrics
    Y’all no big brain time
    You need some IQ to understand this

  10. Jackson Fackler

    I’m imagining Steve from Minecraft kicking ass to this song, going from pillagers to zombie pigmen to the ender dragon as the song goes

  11. Miriam Galicia

    ¿Por qué no escriben en español? (Jajaj bromis)


    i don't think the lyrics for this song like... suck? but i think they aren't finished. the chorus is too repetitive, and could have some more variety, like another bit. i do not know music words good but right now it feels like it's missing another half to its chorus

    probably too late to go in and make this shit longer though, huh? this isn't songland so its not like we have more opportunity to change it up lmao

  13. maichka15

    This should feature in a movie

  14. Isaias Quezada

    It's verry cool song but verry funny un they other

  15. Afro Chill

    My name is Lars
    The god of whores
    Covered in stars
    I have no regrets

  16. Tommy Golding

    Holy fuck that baseline

  17. :v David

    2019 y sigue siendo el vídeo tan mis pinche mamalon :3

  18. FRANCOSOUND Servicios Profesionales

    yo when gano una partida de fortnite.
    my name is mars
    the GOD of wars

  19. Victor Ribas

    One year later and this song is still amazing!!

  20. Braulio Ramírez

    My name is Mars!! only dota 2 fans joke.

  21. Lionel Melvin Juarez Ruiz

    Good music!

  22. TheMehgend

    Mars is actually the god of war

  23. norciak1

    I was been in theater and when i bought ticket hear it, i so suprised.

  24. Sad Dobby

    Why,why,why I'm very love this song❤❤❤

  25. The Ghost Mall

    This was 100% love at first listen. How many times can one man listen to the same song on repeat?? We're about to find out...

  26. El Demon Otaku xdxd

    Like si ablas español

  27. Sujith G

    Sons of Mars.. 🤖

  28. Ban

    Sounds psychedelic when you play it at .5x speed.

  29. Andriana Ferguson

    Not really understanding the hate for the lyrics? Mars is literally the god of war, it makes sense for him to be covered in scars. A lot of this is describing what life would be like from the god of war's perspective. It all fits together thematically while also drawing comparisons from the god of war to the singers. They see themselves as the god of war. Not only are these lyrics offering a a good picture of mar's life it shown how they feel going through life is akin to being the god of war. covered in scars, constantly ready for battle, but having no regrets.

  30. Armend Nocaj

    people who made this has to be roman

  31. Darren

    Está bueno este grupo, no lo conocía, por la visto tiene más seguidores latinos que angloparlantes.

  32. CallMeKirin B o i

    Okay yeah but can I have a shirt of each picture shown in the video like now? They all look so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing!

  33. elcrak elcrak

    Yea my name is mars

  34. Max

    video producer: "Which effects do you want?"
    Capital Cities: "Yes"

    Forest Diver

    I smiled for a few minutes because of your comment. Thanks.


    he is picsart

    Willer Sander Van

    effect Hipster


    Also "what's the song called? My name is Mars? I gotchu fam, lemme cluster it with saturn and jupiter"

    Gerry Collins

    I fail to see how this dead meme format is even remotely funny. Lame

  35. Tomas Antonio Marquez Lezama

    karl marx?

  36. DOIT

    do u know songs in a similar style?

  37. theo del vallin

    i like the music but the lyric is kind of weird


    My best lirics have ever I seen

  39. 쫄깃한찐빵

    I'm Korean. But this song is good to listen to when I English study. The song helps to concentrate! I like this song.

  40. Adriana Honorato

    Que vibe mais energizante sinto quando ouço as músicas do capital cities, consigo me desconectar de tudo que não é bom,continuem fazendo músicas assim 😍😍😍

  41. pvyuki

    I heard this at uniqlo. this has to be one of the worst songs i've ever heard. i was gobsmacked by its awfulness

  42. Susana Dominguez

    Este vídeo me hace llorar porque cuando no me escogieron en la escolta, maldito maestro . y oí esta canción en la radió

  43. alliloul50

    Subtil lyrics, like a kangoroo in levitation

  44. spencer hastings

    bad man
    friday night

  45. spencer hastings

    bad man
    friday night


  46. Dr Bottlecaps


  47. Tomás Barilari

    Mis temas favoritos de Capital Stiles son:
    1 Safe And Sound
    2 My Name Is Mars

  48. spencer hastings

    ¿Por qué estos tipos son tan geniales?

  49. Raster Frack

    My name is Juan

  50. Gloria Rua

    Vvhhjhgg7ijlkiooopññlñk hkkjkkiki..... Pero ni jjjkiii. Nbhunomjyuuiikkklk......

  51. Hh Hh

    Will play it all day every friday during WW3

  52. Ronaldo Araujo


  53. Douglas Dourado

    Ptbr 🇧🇷

  54. Nazi Pepe

    I remember old Capital Cities - Safe and Sound... try to make a song like that

  55. Meddykey

    *this is the coolest lyric video i've ever seen in my entire life ❤*

  56. Meddykey

    song: 10/10
    video: 1000/10 :o

  57. Alexys Lake Mcclain

    My aestheic

  58. TDK Legend

    My name is jeff :3

  59. Kendal Ramirez Bravo

    My name is Mars
    The god of wars
    Covered in scars
    I have no regrets

  60. Fernando J. Foster

    Jason Grace liked this... (and Perry Jhonson)

  61. GinoBrazen

    1:48 that’s how i am in Fortnite

  62. Will Moreno

    el mejor lyric video que he visto

  63. erika diaz

    my powersong!!! =)

  64. Belinda Gagelman

    Mars was anciently known as The God of Agricultural. Humans fashioned plows into weapons of war --- Not any Deity. Humans do thus currently carry a Mars complex become a violent warring lower alien entity.

  65. Lais Xavier

    Adorei essa musica e muito espiradora para mim vou ouvir ela sempre que der d++ continuem assim 😝

  66. Tatiana Hernandez

    Love it!! Interesting and colorful 💕😊

  67. Jet Ardeshna

    I LOVE THE EDITS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Graved

    Not sure if I want this song covered by Bruno Mars or by Mars Argo.

  69. Murillo Cezar

    The best pop duo ever!

  70. spencer hastings

    Los amo

  71. Jennifer García

    I don't understand all the people complaining about the lyrics. I think the song and its lyrics are great. I also believe that the lyrics can have different meanings depending on who listens to the song.


    This song sucks ass

  72. Paola Lucho

    Woah this is so magic, I love this music video

  73. señor bolainas

    My name is jeff

  74. Mettaton Ex

    Somewhere, the Roman God of War is getting turned up.



  76. Alice Nine Brasil

    Capital Cities ❤ bem vindo!

  77. purr maid

    Bad man friday night 👆👌

  78. Fabien MAHIEU

    Ho putain ! Excellent ! Je kiffe grave 😍😘😘😘😱

  79. Frankie Teardrop

    I work at H&M and I hear this song everyday, I'm musician, trying to earn money for our first EP and I'm in love with this song, thank you guys <3

  80. ChivoMateo

    Lyrics are kinda bad they sound like they were put together to just rhyme

  81. salsberry ._.

    This song is so catchy love it <3

  82. Orkus Abiniz

    Come back ?

  83. Ángel Garcia

    Tenemos que levantar a los capital cities. Son muy buenos

  84. ayoub Gaming

    Very cool

  85. Maca Ahumada

    Me encantan!!! Siempre cool sus canciones y videos!!! 👌✨🤗

  86. HeyNow Productions

    I'm so ready for the capitalcitys comeback

  87. Hat _

    I just wished that they use the same rythm, beat, and tune, but improve the lyrics... like a lot.

  88. Petalos dorados

    Un guerrero no usa chaleco antibalas, ajajjaja que te pones en la cabeza mostry??? ajjajaajjja la blindas también xD?Me molesta el que diga que es guerrero.. pero con chaleco antibalas... un cobarde tiene que decir, no guerrero.

  89. Jav Gro

    My name is mars 💚🎶🎵

  90. Frenzio Alberto



  91. Markus Vinson

    H n m brought me here

  92. Helping Myself

    You guys say the lyrics aren't nice but to me it's pretty freaking catchy

    Safeno Rodriguez

    The music is catchy, the lyrics aren't

    Pascual De la Cruz

    I like the lyrics

  93. J. Murdock

    my name is mars
    the god of smores
    covered in smores
    i have no regratss

    J. Murdock

    i ware my shield
    i stap outside
    i grab some smores
    i smash it on me

    J. Murdock

    dripping milk everywhere

    francis k

    milk chunks

    francis k

    my name is milk

  94. Juan Sanchez

    1:52 best part

  95. Prathamesh Derle

    Nice song n also photo editing

  96. Suleyman Eryuruk

    For me it's start at 1:54 ... Try it

  97. Hgjjjcgj Bguj ki

    Kratos is not going to be happy about this....

    His next rage against the record company?